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  • Aug 21

    Quote from hherrn
    Just curious-
    What kind of nursing do you do?
    Not quite sure that Dany102 actually IS a nurse. In reading his/her posts, just seems to be someone who likes to answer nursing questions.

  • Aug 12

    Quote from scottdennisonsr
    I went to the ER for kidney stone. (I am a frequent sufferer of them.) I'm doing the KS dance. The nurse asks; "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?" With a grimace I say "eleven." Honest truth...with a straight face the nurse says, "Sir...the scale only goes to ten." I shake my head and say "OK then ten."
    Are you a nurse? If so, that "eleven" was a funny thing said by a nurse. The pain scale goes to 10, and in many cases the computerized charting only allows you to enter a number from one to ten. You may have thought the "eleven" was hilarious, but most nurses are over it.

  • Aug 12

    For those newer members who don't know Daytonite was an active member passionate to assist new nurses and students. Sadly she passed away a few years ago leaving a legacy of advice peppered through this site.

  • Aug 12

    There's a WORLD of difference between a nurse and a first responder. My DH is a police officer, trained as a first responder. He arrives FIRST on the scene of 911 calls. Not nurses, not even flight nurses.
    I did EMS for almost 20 years, nursing school was SO different than we I did as an EMT

  • Aug 12

    No, I do not consider nurses first responders.

    First Responders

  • Aug 10
  • Aug 8

    Quote from lavenderskies
    Well, having been unnecessarily eviscerated on this site for not sugar coating I can feel and appreciate your pain. I don't think we should have to thicken up.....but alas.....seems to be necessary.
    Well, my answer to "what book should I study for nursing calculations?" could have been "bowing to you, and plus sugar plums, please read Algebra 101, which is easy-to-read and will solve all your problems because you're a Special Snowflake."

    Guess I've learned my lesson

  • Aug 8

    Quote from tara07733
    Therein lies the difference. I am extremely careful, almost methodical with my word choices. There's an internal censor in me that lets up very rarely so it is very hard for me to imagine being the polar opposite. Sure, there are times when directness is needed (dealing with my young son, dealing with people who seem to want to be overbearing, etc) but otherwise, no, I think about my words and/or delivery always.

    FYI, having seen posts of yours you were on of those few that I dedescribein the second para, I think, of my last post so it's interesting that you replied.

    You think about your words always and you STILL think it was appropriate to ask if the OP had her fingernails pulled out as a child? At first I was thinking you just had an extremely nasty moment. Now I'm thinking that you must be an extremely nasty PERSON.

  • Aug 8

    At least your reply was succinct, to the point and answered the question.

    I've spent literally hours thinking about a question, figuring out the best way to phrase my answer without being rude, dismissive or (wait for it) young-eating and then typing in a thoughtful, coherent and comprehensive answer only to be told that it's clear I hate all new grads or students or young people. Honestly, if I hated them so much, why would I spend so much time and effort trying to answer their question in the most helpful way possible?

    When someone posts a question on an Internet forum, they don't get to control the responses they get. If they don't like the response, the LEAST rude response they can give is to say "Thank you" (meaning thank you for taking the time to think about my question and type a response) and then scroll on. All this other garbage thrown at us is rude, hateful and deliberately hurtful.

  • Aug 8

    Oh, yeah. I almost forgot the most important thing: It has struck me that the people who have the most delicate feelings, who are the quickest to take umbrage have NO qualms about unloading raw hostility on others.

    Double standard?

  • Aug 8

    Quote from tara07733
    I'll bite. That was me who posted that response. As an FYI, that response wasn't just about that particular post as much as what I see is a recurring behavior from you. It has nothing to do with 'new nurses/students these days', as I'm neither young, naive, not entitled. I took that response of yours in the way that I see many of your responses and, honestly it chapped by hind parts. Yes, algebra is an excellent place to start but I'm old (and smart) enough to detect snark when I see it.

    There are obviously times when many others here have been very tough love. There is a time for all of that; it's needed often. But sometimes it's all about the delivery. Maybe it's just about bring able to decipher tone in the written word but there were too many examples and too much history in this case. Maybe it was uncalled for but people get annoyed by things every day on this site so my response to you was no different than any other 'Mary Alpha-Nurse' response so...
    1. I have not said anything whatsoever about "new nurses these days." And the only reference I've made to students is that they ask us questions.

    2. If you can detect snark from "Algebra 101," when Algebra 101 is a perfectly appropriate answer, then you have indeed provided an outstanding illustration for this thread. Thank you for that.

    3. No one should attempt to decipher "tone" from the online written word. That will get you into trouble every time.

    4. If you truly believe that asking me if someone tore my fingernails out as a child is "no different than any other response," then you honestly have my sympathy. I am sorry for anyone whose mind goes to such extremes over a one-word answer. I am sorry for anyone who even thinks of those things.

    5. Please do us both a favor and refrain from reading any of my posts, given that you don't care for my "recurring behavior." We will both rest easier for it. I will indulge myself in some snark and say that I'm not sure who made you the judge, jury or parent of anyone's "behavior" on an online forum as we have sufficient moderators who do that in a much less judgmental way. At any rate, that is a topic for another thread......

  • Aug 5

    You are a badass who put a gracious old nurse back in her garden. That is what you need to take on your well deserved vacation.

    The daughters have their own junk for whatever reason, just like anyone else who copes poorly under the pressures of fear and guilt and finds a scapegoat.

  • Jul 29

    In the most recent CDC Blood Stream Infection Guidelines, 2011, it says on page 12 it says to wash hands or use hand sanitizer, category 1B.

    If you like to wash you hands then wash your hands. Most people I know use hand sanitizer simply because hand washing can be hard on the hands. I personally prefer washing because I hate the residue most sanitizer leaves on the skin but after washing a bazillion times I have to be careful that my hands do not dry out too much which would lead to skin cracking.

    Hand washing or sanitizer, do either or but at least do something. Better than most Docs can say.

  • Jul 29

    That made me smile Congratulations!!!

  • Jul 29

    I was a CNA for 4 years while i was in nursing school. It's not just *new* nurses. A better way to phrase it would be "Why do some nurses think it's below them to take a patient to the bathroom?"