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    Congratulations!!!!!...good luck on you job!!!...i hope u can share your notes...thank you!!!,,,my email is

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    Congratulations!!!!! good luck on your job!..if u can share you notes, i would really appreciate email

    Thank you!

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    Congratulations! Important lesson here is we don't give up on becoming RN..well not for me yet..but I recently passed for my LVN..and yes I've been through the same thing ..3 yrs journey..issue being a foreign student and stuffs!..but we did it..I scheduled for my RN test next hopefully in Gods will I can make it too!

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    Congratulations !!! So you think Exam Cram type of questioning helped u answering on the actual NCLEX? I'm doing it this week plus ATI book..

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    Quote from SWM2009
    Yes to ATI helping me but not so much the books because I didn't really read those after the individual exams honestly. Mostly the extra practice exams that I had access to from my school. These were not the usual Practice A or B tests for each subject but a bunch of extra comprehensive tests. These were part of my curriculum for my last PN class role transition. During school, I was so busy with everything I did them but didn't spend as much time as I would have liked reading rationales and understanding everything but I took time do that when prepping for NCLEX.

    I used the Lippincott PN 250 New Format Questions book for SATA. Here's a link.

    NCLEX-PN« 250 New-Format Questions: Preparing for the Revised NCLEX-PN« (Nursing Review Practice): Springhouse: 9781582555348: Books

    Thank you! Yes I'm planning to purchase that book after I finish my content reading..I alternate ATI book (coz I find it just short and direct) with Kaplan Book..Saunders was too lengthy for me...yes the ATI 180 qs we had too..but yeah any kind of Q/A practice would do..thank you very. Uh for the reply and information..

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    Hi...Congratulations! Just a question, u think the ATI kind of practice assessments/questions helped u too? Coz I right now, I'm still reading the ATI book and would on practice assessment after each chapter...What did u use for SATA questions to review?

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    Quote from samantha2174
    That seems like a lot of study material and u don't want to get confused here my study plan for nclex pn:
    Saunders 4 the edition
    Kaplan q bank only
    Pn 3000 online (3000 free questions)
    And the Saunders CD
    yes, exactly my now im reading most for PN books (ATI and KAplan), doing Q/A Saunders, PN 3000,exam try to finish the book and read through all the rationale on the Q/A...
    thank you all..

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    Quote from angelavenice
    Are you international grad?
    thank you for your time ..really appreciate it...
    yes, RN Grad in Philippines way back 2007,.

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    Quote from angelavenice
    It should say lippincott LPN.mine was the purple one before .Its really close to nclex test
    You think I should still give time for La Charity PDA? Or il focus that book for RN?

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    Quote from angelavenice
    hi i used lippincott pn before,a little bit of saunders and i kept on watching hurst video.i also failed rn before and tried pn and thank God i passed its just almost as hard as the RN test goodluck
    hi..thank you for your response....which Lippincott PN book is that? (coz im reading some in here but its the new one for RN) basically, im just thinking that RN & PN content book are the same (as i download both Kaplan RN/PN book,same but different pages ) but the Questions on the actual test would be different format,,,thats what i want to practice that i will be more on LVN level of thinking..

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    Hi everyone,

    i'm planning to take NCLEX-PN but idk what good source for Q/A reviews 'coz most posting here talks about if anyone can advice me if i have good enough resources for my review..

    as of this posting my current/stock up books with me are:

    • Saunders Comprehensive Book (RN), 4th ed
    • Saunders Q/A Book RN & PN, 4th & 5th
    • Kaplan Book with Online access to Q-Bank (RN)
    • Exam Cram Nclex-PN
    • La Charity PDA
    • ATI Book and access online
    • NCLEX PN 3500 and NCLEX 4000

    yes, it looks like i have a lot of resources (Hint, Hint: just make yourself resourceful in the internet and u can find them for Free)---'coz for some instances i flank RN test long time ago so i decided to better do first PN in case i pass then i can find a job.

    but i Want to know --which ones are Good for NCLEX-PN type of Q/A that can help me prepare for the test??? 'coz mostly i have RN Q/A..

    Thank You for reading this!

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    hi..can u send me too those review materials you had that's been circulating on this thread! i would gladly appreciate planning to take my test end of email:

    Thank you!

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    hi guys,,did u all go through the processing?..i am looking also for any state i can apply which i hope to be less strict with their requirements,since CA have been asking all this crazy paper..

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    [font=serif]hi everyone..
    i have some inquiry regarding the process on hawaii state..will i be able to apply though im a resident of texas? and just take the examination here in texas?
    is the state requiring any english proficiency examination before be legible on the nclex application? such as ielts, toefl for foreign graduates?..are they requiring work experience?

    thank you in advance who will get notice on this post!..
    god bless everyone!

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    Quote from sallyp911
    My overseas friend that I have been trying to help get her ATT, just sent me this e-mail, not sure where she got it (see below large bold headings). She also heard from another friend (yes, I know, it's only rumors) that has been doing some fact finding mission that more and more states are going to require a SSN not only in the very application process part but also for all license renewals, even in those states that didn't require them before.

    She said that it's possible there could be a federal law making all states with the SSN requirement a standard practice. Such a federal law would make every states comply with that requirement if it does happen. She said that some states are already making the SSN changes now or very soon.

    VERMONT BON (May 15, 2012) requires SSN effective May 15, 2012

    MARYLAND BON (January 27, 2012) requires SSN effective January 27, 2012

    ARKANSAS BON(June 2011): is requiring SSN for license renewal

    MISSISSIPPI (July 2010): Now requires SSN in order to Apply

    ARIZONA (February 2010): Requires proof of Citizenship or Legal Residency in order to Apply

    CALIFORNIA (April 2010): Now requires SSN in order to Apply

    MISSOURI (June 2010): Joins Compact States

    VERMONT (2009): Requires CES

    SOME STATES: Changes CGFNS-CP Requirement to CES

    NEW MEXICO (February 2008): Requires CES

    I'm not sure this answers the OP's original question.
    THANK YOU! this is more of an information,,but my issue is not about SSN..