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  • Oct 16

    You still have time to practice and get to know how to tackle nclex like questions with the help of UWorld. Il be retaking in 2 days so hopefully it will for me! But what I do is 20qs-content focus (like started with maternity/peds coz these are my weakest) rationale why I got it do 3-4 20qs/day so still meet like 75qs/day; then il answer some incorrect type and read rationale as well, doing it slowly but sure enough I understand what's it's asking me....i don't look on the numbers score but on the Rationale of each questions!

  • May 5

    Is the 48hrs quick result..after the Time you Schedule your test or After you Finish the test? Sorry to ask ✌️ thanks!

  • May 4

    So how to do the trick?,,,we should not get the Credit card page?

  • Nov 23 '15

    Congratulations!!!!!...good luck on you job!!!...i hope u can share your notes...thank you!!!,,,my email is

  • Nov 23 '15

    Congratulations!!!!! good luck on your job!..if u can share you notes, i would really appreciate email

    Thank you!