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Hello, I'm v. I've been working as an RN on telemetry / PCU for about a year now, and am enjoying the challenge. My journey as a new nurse has definitely been full of of ups and downs but I'm so thankful I've chosen this career and am grateful to have a job. I'm currently studying for PCCN certification and would someday also like to explore the ICU, and perhaps pursue my education as an Acute Care NP.

Cardiac Tele/PCU nurse, BSN RN.
Recent grad, started working in Feb 2011 =)

For those job hunting, check out my FB page: www.Facebook.com/NewGradRN

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Staff RN - Cardiac tele / PCU
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Cardiac Telemetry/PCU
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1 years
Reading, graphic design, technology, snowboarding, camping, making new friends. My goal is to obtain my CCRN, possibly CMC; I would like to become an APRN (CNS or critical care NP), and perhaps pursue a DNP in the future
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