PCCN Certification: Study/Prep tips?


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Hello ! I'm nearing my 1750 hours' worth of experience in the PCU/tele setting and am studying for the PCCN (progressive care nursing certification) exam . Does anyone who has taken this exam have any study tips as far as books, resources, classes to take, and/or experiences to share ? I would really like to pass it the first time ;) .

I don't have a goal date yet but I would like to take it as soon as possible once I'm ready . Thanks in advance !

P.S. I'm a member of AACN and have read most of their info on the PCCN cert, and have completed some of my CEU's from their collection. I also have a few colleagues that have passed/are planning to take the exam as well, so hopefully I can get their input too.


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Hi Vanessa!

I JUST passed my PCCN yesterday (2/21) .. and as i am bound to the contract i signed with them, i can't say too much - but! i can tell you that to study i used the DVD series that the AACN produced (it has Barbara Pope, Cynthia Blank Reid, and Eleanor Fitzpatrick as presenters) - "The PCCN Certification Review Course on DVD" and the book that goes along with it that my staff education department had provided for our use. I am so thankful that I had access - so see if your education department has a copy to lend. If not, are you able to go to a TRENDS conference? They have PCCN reviews there that are fantastic (it's a 2 day review course). Everyone on my hospital unit has passed the first time using the DVD's or sitting at the 2 day course, the book, and our huge critical care binder from the class we had to take when we were hired. I also purchased a book of questions from Barnes and Noble that seemed to help, i would just sit and do questions everyday for the week leading up to the test (and i studied 10 hours a day for the 5 days prior to the test). I wish you the very best of luck.. it's a hard trail to navigate but man, it is so worth it when you have that paper in your hand at the end of the exam that states that you passed - i'll admit, i totally cried (probably from sheer, utter exhaustion mixed with happiness!) as i stared at the paper lol..

All the best!!



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hoping to test 5/2013; read that the pass rate is 60%; so happy to come across your post; gave me some much needed encouragement.