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Joined Nov 5, '10 - from 'Vatican City'. pockunit is a Director of production, delivery, and education. He has '5' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Emergency; med-surg; mat-child'. Posts: 634 (45% Liked) Likes: 1,016

ED RN. Experience as Med-surg float covering burn; CV surgery; adult/child BH; uro; peds/PICU; L&D; NICU; PCCU; general surgery; rehab; neurotrauma; MICU; ortho.

Previous RN experience in a public health clinic.

Do you have a patient? I might could take care of them.

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Director of production, delivery, and education
Vatican City
Nursing Specialties
Emergency; med-surg; mat-child
Nursing Experience
5 years
I like pie.
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