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  • May 3 '14

    Quote from miggs73
    I agree that a nurse should be paid more than a UPS driver simply because of the education. However, don't tell me lives depend on your work. It doesn't. The ultimate responsibility falls on the Dr., not the nurse. Yes I work at UPS and my wife is a nurse. I made $81,573 last year and she made $62,126. But, she is home at 230 everyday and all she does all day is hand out meds and take blood pressure. Is 4 years of college really required to do that? To make the $81K I'm away from the house for 13 hours everyday.

    And to the nurses who want to become UPS drivers for the money, think again. The first day your sent out with 195 stops with the 2nd stop being some guy getting 15 90lb. packages of computer equipment that needs to be 2-wheeled up his 1/10th of a mile driveway, you're going to quit. Then you can go back to taking blood pressure and handing out medication.

    Trust me, you have a good job and good pay. I'm not going to be able to walk or play with my grandkids at age 70. You will.
    Seriously? You really believe this tripe?

    Who is is that notices the subtle changes in the patients respiration rate, before the patient goes into respiratory distress? Hint, it isn't the doctor. Who is it that assesses the need for additional medications to prevent the patient from going into hypertensive crisis. The nurse. I tell the doctor what meds the patient needs half the time because I know my patients better than they do. I am with them more. They spend 10 to 15min with them. I am NOT a pill pusher. My 4 years of college taught me a helluva lot more than you seem to understand about nursing.
    I have an idea, close your mouth, open your ears and learn about nurses.

  • Mar 14 '14

    Good luck!!

  • Jul 1 '12

    Quote from JZ_RN
    We fit in a van down by the river or a cardboard box because there are no decent jobs for us. I am happy I finally found something besides LTC (which I was miserable in because of the overwork and understaffing plus rude doctors) but it took over a year.
    Well la-dee-frickin-da! We got ourselves a nurse here! From what I've heard, you're using your med-surg book not for writin', but for ROLLIN' DOOBIES!

    Livin' In A Van Down By The River - Matt Foley Motivational Speaker - His Full Scene - YouTube

    New ASN grad here. Graduated in May, passed the NCLEX June 14th, started working as an RN on Monday on a med-surg floor. It seems like most of the hospital nurses 'round my parts have associate degrees. I don't think most places give a hoot, with the exception of the bigger university-affiliated hospital in the more populated area of the state. Some places say 'BSN preferred', but there aren't a lot of BSN programs in the state.


  • Jan 29 '12

    "Can't fix stupid"? I'm sorry, but that's a judgemental statement. Some women, for whatever reason, may deny they are pregnant. They aren't "stupid" they are often scared, uneducated about their bodies, victims in unhealthy relationships that could lead to abuse, if not already abused. The list goes on why women would live in denial about pregnancy.
    Now that I've vented---what can we as nurses do to help better educate women/empower women?

  • Jan 28 '12

    I wanted to make sure it was offical before I wrote this post.. On Friday Jan 20th 2012, I tested for the last time. My 6th time. And I passed with 75 questions in less than an hour.. I've posted on here a few times, looking for advice, giving advice, complaining, crying.. And now I couldn't wait to write this post to maybe help others.

    Every other time I took this test I never did horrible (either 265 questions or in the 200's) so I knew I was just missing something. I also had a lot of things going on in my life and for whatever reason, I didn't truly commit to studying like I did this time.

    1. I changed my attitude and the way I did things. I became so focused even my dad said I was in a different zone. I studied day in and day out, every possible minute I could for about 3 months.

    2. I've used Kaplan in the past, obviously didn't work for me. I truly believe you can pass this test by using different resources and not spending $500 on a review class. I used
    --Saunders 5th Edition - read the whole book and did as many questions as I could on the CD.
    --Exam Cram - read the whole book and did all the practice tests along with looked up online older versions and did those tests.
    -- Lippincott Q&A - did a few practice tests but I didn't really like this book and it didn't help me that much.
    -- The LaCharity book - awesome book. Helped so much when taking the Nclex. Did all the questions on the CD though that it came with.
    -- Made flash cards of things I didn't know including lab values and meds.
    -- Saunders Strategies - didn't really help, more of a book for people who have never seen the Nclex before.
    -- NCLEX 4000 ... the BEST source I think. I felt like the nclex was most like this and I flew through the questions on Nclex because I felt like I was just doing another practice test.
    -- Allnurses.. You guys are awesome! I've went through the Random Fact throwing thread and also have been sent many other great reveiw threads. Thank you so much to everyone who has posted, responded to me, and just gave words of encouragement. This is truly a wonderful thread!

    3. I prayed ALOT. I'm not a very religious person but I started to believe and have faith in myself that I was capable of passing this test and I walked in that room ready to pass. I draw RN after my name on pieces of paper and left them around my room. The day of the test on the white board all I wrote was "I can do this". I NEVER said that any other time that I tested. I knew in my heart this was the time for me.

    The key is to do THOUSANDS of practice questions. I would say I at least did 5,000 questions (with repeats in the mix). I had a ton of SATA and I was HAPPY to see them because I knew I was doing good. I prayed to get 75 questions and I did. I felt so confident when I left that room.

    This test really isn't out there to trick you, it is actually pretty straight forward and if you prepare like I did this time then theres no way you can fail. And if you do, try try again. Never give up!!

  • Jan 28 '12

    it worked!!!!!! whoooo hoooooo just got my quick results and it says PASS!! it's official I am an RN!!!!!!!! I just cried tears of JOY! Thank you LORD!!!!! now I can OFFICIALLY celebrate!

  • Jan 25 '12

    I started mine yesterday, as soon as I walked on floor I got to see a delivery it was awesome!!! I almost got to see another one before I left for the night!! This is also what I want to do when I graduate. Hope you have a good clinical!

  • Jan 25 '12

    Good luck! I hope you get to see some births!!!

    I like to find out what appeals to other nurses about their specialty. How did you come to choose OB?


  • Jan 25 '12

    Me tooooo, I start my OB clinical next week

  • Jan 22 '12

    95% average when i left HS, went to one year of religious school post HS. both places studies tons and tons. but i still had a social life.
    went straight to Adn program from there, currently a 3.36 gpa. i study all the time-after class, during my commute, all weekend, at parties with some down time-dropbox on my ipod touch all this studying leaves very little social life.

    the only time i'm not studying is when i'm sleeping, driving, or at a wedding (not kidding). i'll even study when i'm eating. nursing school is my priority right now. if it wasnt for parties, i don't think i would leave my house and even parties are less than 1x a month. first thing out of friend's mouth when they see me? "OMG abi!!!!!!!! where have you been????????????" my answer? STUDYING! yup im a self proclaimed nerd and very proud of it!

  • Jan 22 '12

    I the end many of us are proud of the GPA we obtained (3.92adn + 4.0bsn ) however does it really matter?
    As long as we are passionate about what we do and are making a difference in peoples lives I call that a winning situation..
    No employer has asked me about GPA'S or what kind of student I was before hiring me. I have been asked how I get along with others and what are my career goals in five years.

  • Jan 15 '12

    Oh hunny of curse you should get BSN it stands for Brilliant Sexy Nurse!!LOL

  • Jan 15 '12

    Quote from alxndria.mrqtt
    Hi. I'm currently on the waitlist for nursing school and I've wanted to be a nurse my whole life...but I have emetophobia and am quite afraid of vomit! I'm sure I could suck it up and deal with it, but I'm just wondering if there are any areas in the hospital that have minimal vomit exposure?

    Man, I really want to take this and run with it making funny vomit jokes.

    But, I understand phobias can be crippling for some folks, so I will refrain.

    Phobias are a psychological disorder that manifest with varying degrees of unwanted physical reactions.

    Go find a therapist that specializes in dealing with phobias. From what I've "heard" immersion therapy is the quickest route to overcoming them (I'm not suggesting you take a bath in vomit, but perhaps instead of running from your fear, choose instead to face it head on with guidance from a therapist).

    I have a pee "phobia" but I deal with it. I don't like it, but I will empty a urinal if I have to.

  • Jan 13 '12

    I attended nursing school at 33 after being home raising children. Certainly there were lots of highly motivated 20 somethings in my class, with lots of plans for higher education. Some made it, some didn't. I did feel a little envious of them, with no children or families to take care of they could go to any school they wanted, work any hours in just about any hospital they chose (if one got a job she would get her friends in too), and have lots of fun on their time off .. I am friends with some of them on Facebook and I still get to hear about how far they have gone since nursing school..Even though I still envy them a bit, I know my life is different and I am proud of my own acomplishments.

  • Oct 30 '11

    Oh my! You must be one of those nurses who were born with R.N. after their name on their birth certificate!

    A rare breed indeed!

    Honey, with an attitude like that I'm sure you have annoyed your fair share of people!

    Judging from your previous doesn't look like it has been to long since you were a student nurse.

    Get over yourself.