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  • Jan 29 '11

    I'm only able to post one or two at a time. More notes for your learning pleasure!

  • Jan 26 '11

    Please do not consider these notes to be the "end-all-be-all". I am human and YES, I make mistakes. Also, I urge you to take your own notes during lecture. These are provided as supplemental information only. I have also included here my top 10 tips for getting an A in A&P.

    1) Read (at least skim) the chapter before going to class.

    2) Take your OWN notes.

    Even if the professor provides notes...take your OWN.

    3) As soon as you can, rewrite or type your notes.

    Supplement your notes with your professor's notes and your book. Anything you don't fully understand then GOOGLE is your friend.

    4) When writing up your notes, write them in your own words.

    Try to paraphrase and use language like you were trying to explain this stuff to your best friend.

    5) Utilize additional resources.

    My Marieb and Martini books came with online goodies such as art labeling, crossword puzzles, flashcards and quizzes. THEY HELP!

    6) Practice lab exams

    To practice for lab exams I did two different things (aside from staying in lab until the end of the period every single time) and they both require an atlas or printed diagrams. With my atlas, I put little post-it tabbies over the names. I then numbered each tab. Then I made an answer key and repeatedly quizzed myself until I could get them all right. Another method is to white out the names on your diagram and put it in a sheet protector. Now you can label and relabel using a dry-erase marker.

    7) Re-organize information.

    Sometimes it helps to think of things from a different angle. See my list of muscles for an idea of how I did this.

    8) Condense Notes

    Every week or at the end of every unit, go back through your notes and try to condense them down. Do this again until you can get ALL the key concepts onto ONE piece of paper. I used a sketch pad that measured 11x17...draw pictures, make lists...whatever you need to do to trigger access to the information.

    9) Talk Talk Talk.

    Yes, anatomy is pure memorization, but physiology is all about understanding. Sometimes the best way to understand is to talk it out. If you have no one to listen to you, talk to your cat or talk to yourself. Talk through the concepts from beginning to end.

    10) Have fun!