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By decembergrad2011

I am a recent graduate of a BSN program. I am currently working on an oncology floor.

The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Black Friday, Code Blue

As soon as I hear her son call out in the hall, "We need a nurse!!!" I know that it's my patient and I know that it's something bad. I run into her room and see her seizing. Of course, our medicine Pyxis has chosen that moment to be on the fritz and claim that we need to close a drawer that is definitely not open. I know I have to run over to the other side of the floor and override Ativan in their Pyxis. As I'm running down the hall, I encounter a group of doctors doing rounds and I... Read More →

An Outsider Looking In: My Student Experience at AA

Meeting at a church on a Friday night is not usual for most college students, but it is for the members of an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) women’s group in my hometown. A square room with windows, two couches, and an odd assortment of chairs, the space is the home for a vast array of women who meet weekly to discuss their addiction journey, as well as to both provide and receive support for their decision to remain sober. My experience at the AA meeting began with a mix-up, not to be confused... Read More →

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