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  • Nov 5 '13

    I guess you're going to have to live with being disturbed then. Obesity is a huge issue in western society and as all nurses know, there are many patients out there who take inadequate care of themselves. I don't believe that obesity is always 100% fault of the person, because I do believe that as a society we have been lied to by the government and media about obesity for 50+ years, but I do believe ultimately in personal responsibility being taken for people's own weight and health.

    The best thing we can do as nurses is be professional and provide good care to these patients regardless. Protect ourselves, protect our patients. But as far as how we feel about doing it, you simply can't police someone else's thoughts.

    And I hope you're kidding about obesity not causing a higher mortality on its own. There's tons of documented evidence stating that obesity leads to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, spinal problems, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. You're a nurse right? Don't make such intellectually lazy statements.

    Quote from Esme12
    I think what disturbs me the most I hear "Oh my aching back" "Me, me, me" and "it makes me hate fat people" and not "Oh My God....that poor patient with a unstageable wound" to her backside from those who feel they deserve less care because they are obese and they can't pawn them "no one wants them"..... although....."I don't inherently dislike or hate someone for being fat but in most cases, I do see obesity as a general sign of laziness and lack of self-respect"

    It's all great at age 25 to judge the world when it's lying at your feet.

    How HORRIBLE! How sad.....

    I'm beginning to believe that Obesity doesn't have a higher mortality in and of itself....... it's the lack of care they receive because they are obese and deemed lazy and unworthy.

    I mean really they brought it all on themselves.....didn't they?

  • Sep 28 '13

    Quote from GrnTea
    Note that I do not use the word "victim," because nobody can make you a victim without your consent.
    For the first time ever, I am going to completely disagree with you...didn't think this day would come.

    My best friend's brother was raped repeatedly by their father before he reached puberty. He is considered a sexual abuse survivor; however, a lot of children (and adults) die as a result of abuse. They are victims. There is no other word for it. And they didn't consent.

    Am I being drastic with my example? Yeah, I am. But as someone who has been bullied excessively by her peers (not hassled...having stuff thrown at me on a daily basis, for example) as well as sexually assaulted (by a boyfriend, no less) in her past, I can NOT ignore blanket statements such as this.

    The oft-quoted phrase is that nobody can make you feel INFERIOR without your consent.

    And that is a horse of a different color.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, GrnTea, but I'm disappointed that you feel this way. I've always looked up to you so much.

  • Sep 28 '13

    Quote from GrnTea
    2) Note that I do not use the word "victim," because nobody can make you a victim without your consent.
    Totally disagree. That sounds an awful lot like victim-blaming to me.

  • Sep 20 '13

    I would join the ANA if they were actually on the side of the bedside nurse. Unfortunately, the ANA upper leadership, is composed of managers, etc, who ALL WENT BACK TO SCHOOL TO EDUCATE THEMSELVES AS FAR FROM THE BEDSIDE AS THEY COULD GET!!

    They look down on the average peon nurse like we were dirt. That is why, the California Nurses Association, left the ANA ten something years ago. It was recognized that the ANA did not care about the bedside nurse, have been a party in allowing nurses to be treated like trash, and waste members hard earned money on issues to disempower the profession, and back stab us repeatedtly.

    The staffing issue is the main issue with me. With all of the credible research on the issue, it is a no brainer that nationwide stafing ratios should be enforced. But the ANA sides with the insurance companies, hospitals, etc, whose main goal in life is to disempower the nursing profession. They could care less about us.


    I also refuse to pay any of my hard earned money to and organization that does so much agains nurses, and does so much to groups who are working hard to eliminate the entire profession.

    JMHO and my NY $0.02
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN (ret)
    Somewhere in the PACNW

  • Sep 20 '13

    I would buy a ticket to attend a 1,000,000 nurse march!

  • Sep 20 '13

    The ANA wastes it time on BSN and DNP and not on improving or advocating for nurses at the bedside. Only in a few states does the state ANA such as NY, MN I believe actually get involved in negotiating better staffing and working conditions. I'm not going to waste my hard earned money for an organization that doesn't have my back. I want practical things like a patient ratio mandate like CA has a and a "no lift" work environment that has the necessary lifts including ceiling lifts to protect my back. This is so very important considering the growing obesity in America from 200 to 300 to even 400-500+ pound patients that we are expected to move and clean and care for. We are being put in impossible situations, and I will only support an organization that actually helps us in the trenches! Now give me the National Nurses United! That is a wonderful union that I would gladly pay my dues for. A real union that is proactive and actually helps the nurses improve working conditions, not the many weak unions that exist now!

  • Sep 20 '13

    You know, I generally really enjoy and respect the contributions of GrnTea & BlueDevilNP, and tend to agree with their points of view across the board. I value the wisdom imparted by experience, but I think they (and others like them) have lost touch with what it means in 2013 to be a rank & file, med surg floor nurse or LTC laborer. Or a new grad, for that matter.

    With all due respect, you both sometimes oversimplify for the sake of sounding sanctimonious. Yes, we are ALL too well aware of your superior intellect and years of experience, but be careful of veering into the territory of insulting your minions here on AN for doing exactly what online forums are really for - venting and sharing feeling amongst peers. Being dismissively told "quit or change it," is not only totally unrealistic and incredibly patronizing, but it makes you both look very far removed from what life is like in the trenches these days.

    If you are sick and tired of hearing the complaining, don't listen to it. Listening to it, then berating those who have a very real need for that type of camaraderie, and come here to feel safe in seeking it, isn't indicative of a "mover" or "shaker." It's indicative of the "young-eating" nurse stereotype no one wants. It does not reflect well of people who are leaders in this forum.

  • Sep 18 '13

    Good for them, go California Nurses!

  • Sep 18 '13

    Yea LCMH NURSES,,, I was a Travel nurse there & saw FIRSTHAND how much stong representation was badly needed. Good for you!!

  • Sep 18 '13

    YEAH!!!! Thanks for the post!

  • Sep 18 '13

    California Election Called Biggest RN Union Win in 7 Years

    In what is believed to be the biggest U.S. election win for non-union hospital registered nurses in seven years, RNs at a Los Angeles area hospital Wednesday night voted to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. With their hard fought election win - by a count of 279 to 261 in secret ballot voting conducted by the National Labor Relations Board - RNs at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, Ca. withstood what CNA characterized as a furious anti-union campaign by hospital management and its high paid anti-union consultants.

  • Sep 17 '13

    disappointed as well... I made more as a student intern in CA ($23), than I do as an RN in Louisiana ($20) the whole cost of living thing is cheaper is mostly untrue (my rent here is $988). sigh... underpaid and overworked is the norm in the south. can't wait to get back to cali with pt ratios, better pay, and unions.

  • Sep 15 '13

    You really need to give it more time. 8 weeks is nothing. If you feel like you will need more orientation time talk with your manager and preceptor about what your specific concerns are.

  • Sep 15 '13

    You've been there 8 weeks, this is really normal to not feel comfortable with everything yet. Are you still in orientation, do you have the support you need working the unit?? It takes time. Acute care is a different ballgame than what you are used too. If your depression and anxiety is holding you back, please seek medical attention..

  • Sep 15 '13

    You really need to give it a year. ICU can be so over whelming at first....I think it took me 6 months to not cry every day into and home from work.....I ended up LOVING it and stayed critical care/emergency medicine for the 35 years I have been a nurse. It takes least a I would hang in there and know that you aren't alone.

    As far as you year will not make you vested in any plan. Usuaqlly it is 5 years before you are vested. I have a family member that just started there in another specialty area of the clinic. I ti over whelmiong but yo are working at one of the premier facilities in the country! They must have seen something in you to hire you! ((HUGS))