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  • Jun 29 '17

    San Francisco is the best city in the world for nurses. First of all, it's an inspiring place to live. It is so beautiful. The vistas are breathtaking.

    The pay is fantastic and staff ratios are adhered to because of heavy union presence.

    San Francisco has Major teaching hospitals/universities with fantastic learning opportunities available for nurses.

    The public transportation (BART) system can take you anywhere very efficiently. San Francisco is a walkable city. (You don't have to use a treadmill at the gym, just walk up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco.)

    Granted, the cost-of-living is high in San Francisco, but nurse salaries are high. Besides rent (or housing), San Francisco is not expensive. The food costs (especially inasmuch as there are so many healthy and cheap foods available), plus no smog/air pollution, makes this my # 1 choice as a healthy city and optimal environment for nurses.

  • Feb 21 '17

    I agree with samadams8. Being challenged is key to loving nursing. Med-Surg is the worst, especially in 2013, because it's boring. Nurses run-run-run from room, to room, to desk, dealing with pharmacy, dietary, etc.

    You have enough experience to transfer to ICU. It's a whole new world. The patients are typically intubated and no-one gives you, as the nurse, a hard time. You have two (2) patients per shift and learn a tremendous amount. It's never boring.

    I suggest that you find a critical care position and put in your notice. Two weeks prior to starting your new job in critical care, go to Hawaii and soak up beautiful air and energy.

    When you start your new job, you'll be refreshed.

    Best of luck to you. Don't hate nursing.