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    Do you have monthly staff meetings? Maybe you could do a mini-debrief at that time. If you have a social worker on your staff, perhaps s/he could prepare some sort of exercise in grief management.

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    A $0.55 raise for going from a PCT to an RN?


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    Quote from AmyBeckKeeneyZeiler
    Absolutely if you are planning to go to nursing school and you have to take a drug test you need to provide a prescription for any controlled substance before you take the test they generally ask you do you take any prescription drugs and if you do you say yes number two it's illegal to take prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you which if you're getting your BSN maybe you already have an LPN or an RN you should know this obviously if you're going to college you should know this you're not a baby they could absolutely deny you entry for a positive drug test I doubt you would have criminal charges but they could very definitely did not you entry to the program
    Holy run on sentence!

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    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    That would be a titch illegal. Even if they write the rx for pre-drug test, she didn't have a script filled pre drug test.
    I know.

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    Quote from Jensmom7
    Unless OP can somehow convince the provider to backdate the script to a date BEFORE the drug screen was done, that won't help.

    And frankly, a provider who would do that...not good in my book.
    LOL...great minds think alike. Just posted the same thing.

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    Quote from sallyrnrrt
    It it is against TOS to recommend, but I might sugest to me, to seek RX fom my provider

    I don't think that would work unless you could convince the doc to backorder the Rx. Otherwise, the original date of the Rx would be after the date of the UDS.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    I do. It's too overplayed.

    Well, I don't listen to the radio, so I avoid that problem.

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    Quote from RNINIA5
    Unfortunately my request has been denied I was informed today due to the other employees being on maternity leave. I have the vacation planned and paid for so I'm not really sure what to do next.
    That is so unfair. You have seniority and your request was approved before their maternity leave. I would be raising Cain.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Pssst, SBE, I'm trying to send you a PM. Clean out your messages, please! [emoji173]️


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    I've read some of your other posts. Honestly, no one should be making work his/her life, nor thinking about patients all the time during "off time." You mentioned that you were having problems with depression recurring. If you don't have work:life balance, you are going to continue to have issues with mental health.

    I remember reading that you were a junior in high school; that's very young to be working with people who have serious health problems. It's a stressful job for adults, let alone someone your age. Hopefully if you continue to work there you'll begin to understand your co-workers and patients, and you'll be able to learn how to balance your responsibilities with work and your personal life.

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I was lucky, let's say. It was boys from high school who offered me a ride home and well......were not trustworthy unlike I believed. But I fought my way out and got away.

    Long story I don't want to tell here. Suffice it to say, I spent years feeling "dirty" and like it was my fault. Afraid to tell my folks cause I just knew they would say I should have known better. They still don't know today.

    I don't feel that (dirty or to blame) way anymore, so thanks for caring and being so kind. I really am ok, but still get "triggered" now and again, which I wish I could control!

    You guys are the best.

    We're like a family here.

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes

    That is a fine essay but................

    I don't need a lecture about sexual assault and survivorship. Been there done it. Lived it. The whole horror of it.

    He (Jimmy Durham) said those comments referring/comparing to rape and they were offensive. IF he were a victim of sexual assault, I am sure he would have told me. As I *SAID* I don't like a male OR ANYONE making such callous and light comments when referring to rape. Not just males ....ANYONE. Since the situation I refer to involved MALES, yes I am sensitive to males making light of rape/sexual assault.

    This thread is not about rape. The word should not have been brought into it at all. I am not going to discuss this further with you here.

    You have no idea my experiences.


    Hugs to you. I can't imagine what you've been through.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Oh. No.
    I thought I liked you, Shane.

    You don't like Adele? That woman has a fantastic voice!

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    Quote from ShaneTeam

    Oh, man...I really love that song!

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    This song still gives me chills.