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  • Jul 19

    Quote from cracklingkraken
    I wouldn't say I have a phobia of clowns. I certainly hate them and think that they are the creepiest things ever, but not to the extent of a phobia. I HATE spiders though. If one was on my windshield while I was driving, I might crash. No joke.
    One night when I was working in the ED, I went to walk into the med room, when all of a sudden this spider bungee-cord dropped right down in front of my face. I started screaming, and the ED doc came bolting out of the doctors' lounge yelling, "What happened!" I said, "A spider dropped down in front of me!"

    If looks could kill. He said, "I thought someone was out here killing you!" Then he had the audacity to ask me where the spider was. I said, "I stomped it!" He got mad and sad, "I would have released it outside if you hadn't killed it."

    To this day I believe he cared more about that stupid arachnid than me nearly dying from fright.

    ETA:That is probably the most exclamation point filled post you'll ever see from me.

  • Jul 19

    Quote from ixchel
    You people need normal, well-adjusted, reasonable phobias. Like midgets/dwarves and identical twins.
    I'm afraid of clowns, spiders, mimes, heights, enclosed spaces, and Donald Trump's hair.

  • Jul 19

    Quote from CelticGoddess
    I do care. When a non-nurse uses the title nurse and does something egregious, it reflects on the profession. And in SC, it's illegal to use the title nurse (and all variations) unless you are a licensed nurse. At the end of the day it isn't about wether they get the same amount in their paycheck or not. It's about integrity and how this can reflect on the profession.

    A woman in Upstate South Carolina was a clinical instructor and an ED "nurse" without a license. She was finally caught. She had failed out of nursing school and decided that was enough. The amount of harm she could have caused was substantial, and it did reflect badly on the nursing profession. So does the MA/CNA/Tech who tell people they are the "nurse" and screw up. That is what matters at the end of the day.

    It really ticks me off when a "nurse" does something serious that makes the news. Later, it's found out that the "nurse" is an MA/CNA. Of course, news stations never bother to make the correction.

    MAs/CNAs are helpful, but the bottom line is they are not nurses and should not pretend to be such.

  • Jul 19

    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    I have to agree. When I worked in LTC the CNAs would love to pretend to be nurses. I remember one time, very distinctly a CNA came up to me telling me about a resident who was constipated. She told me to give said resident MOM. I was so irritated that she was telling me exactly what to give the resident.

    I I would have said "Why don't you give it? You seem to think you're a nurse."

  • Jul 19

    Quote from pct333
    you all take yourselves way too seriously
    You're right. I do‚Äč take my profession very seriously.

  • Jul 19

    Quote from AcclrtdBSNstudent
    Back to the point though about nursing assistants calling themselves nurses, yes there is a legal issue, but if we can do what we can to let them understand what we are doing and why and what our role is then hey, cool. What harm is there in that? We are a TEAM. Without the nurse aid there is no NURSE. Without the nurse there is no doctor etc.

    While I agree we are a team, there are many units that function without nursing assistants. Without nurses, there would be no nursing assistants, since it takes a licensed nurse to supervise the CNA.

    CNAs are definitely helpful, but licensed professional nurses can and do function without them.

  • Jul 19

    Quote from futurepsychrn

    This thread truly scares the crap out of me! I think it's called "illusions of grandeur" and it's scary how many people know someone that is trying to pass themselves off as a nurse.
    Delusions of grandeur, not "illusions."

  • Jul 19

    I think it's laziness. Laziness if they want to be nurses but don't put the effort into going to school; laziness if they don't take the time to correct doctors/patients who call them "nurse."

  • Jul 17

    Yeah, having cancer is so much better than having to work. I'm so glad I got sick so I don't have to work.

  • Jul 12

    There's no reason to get a pass from a police officer, since you (global "you") should be following the rules of the road. We aren't special; drive safely!

  • Jul 9

    There is no shortage of RNs; just a shortage of hospitals willing to hire RNs to staff their units appropriately.

  • Jul 8

    Quote from SuziQ63
    Should I have told the new job the truth? I was afraid it would hurt me
    Yes, you should have told the truth. The fact that you're stressed out about whether or not the new job will find out about what happened at your current/old job should tell you that you should have been up front.

  • Jul 5

    The thing is, if someone has spent six months in orientation, it's going to be almost impossible to pretend at the new job that they have no experience. At some point, it's going to show, one way or another. If it were me, I would still let the person interviewing me know.

  • Jun 30

    Do the bioterrorism one now. You may be able to skate on that if you say you thought you did it, but you didn't. I would never encourage someone to lie; you have to do what's in your conscience.

    Nursing Spectrum has free CEUs. Some of the courses are worth 6-8 CEUs. You have 30 days. If you knuckle under, you can get those CEUs done.

    Good luck. I guess this is one of those mistakes you'll never repeat.

  • Jun 29

    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Thanks for this thread. I work hospice and we have patients with ports at times but not enough to feel comfortable when you do get one. I always think that I need to re-educate myself before trying.
    ONS has a virtual course regarding accessing CVADs. You might find it useful, plus you'll get CEUs.