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  • Mar 16

    The key for me to get resps counted in the volunteer clinic that I worked in, was the old thermometer. It's an ivac, but it used to take a minute or so to read. No one wanted to use it but me. While the pt's quiet, I look at 'em, smile, look at watch, and when done, resps are correct.

    I dunno if the providers even looked at the resps in the VS section, but hey, I was a student, and it got done.

    Another method: if you're using manual bp cuff, you're probably taking a radial pulse. Simple: just hold the arm after or before you are done and look at resps while they still think they gotta be relatively still.

  • Feb 3

    I've tried ultrascopes, and they sure are cute. I've tried master cardiology too, they feel so nice... I do have to correct you though; something that does not amplify the actual sound beyond normal steth acoustics (i.e., something non electronic) will not help a person who's really got a hearing problem. I tried quite a few non electronic ones and I heard two things: jack and squat. My left ear is conduction-style deafness and my right ear has a combo of conduction problems and nerve damage.

    Basically, what that means is the bones are trying to grow together in my ears (those cute little suckers whose names I forget) plus some old people used to like to call me up and scream at me when I worked at a call center for over a year. Fun. So no, ultrascopes aren't the answer to everything. But they're prettier than electronic scopes.

    By the way, if you're just a little hard of hearing, do be careful with the volume setting on the thinklabs (or any) scope! Keep it as low as you need to hear, so you don't get used to a volume that will ultimately damage your hearing. I'm having this argument (discussion) with my husband lately. He likes mine, I let him have my old one which barely works, he thinks louder is always better. Okay, so he does have to listen through dog and cat fur, sheep wool, etc. so he may have an excuse.

    I don't let people with normal hearing use mine - except for my husband because he talks too much, it's easier to give in. One exception; I have had a couple patients who were older, hard of hearing, and had interesting sounds to listen to, so I let them. :-) Oh, with the electronic, also watch out for verifying NG tube placement. Turn the volume on down further than normal 'cause if it's placed correctly, it sounds like a harley cranking up.

  • Apr 10 '16

    Oh my gosh. Yeah, there hasn't been a night since I started orienting that I haven't had work show up in my dreams somehow. Night before last, I had Santa Claus as my patient. He was in fluid overload and was busy having a pulmonary embolism. Oh yes, hx of diabetes, HTN, CAD, the works.

    This AM before waking up it was some kid... some important kid at his high society birthday party, and me and some doctor were there just in case his monitor went off. (he was turning 18 months old. Not one, not two.) Sure enough, he starts having pvc's a little too frequently. The monitor is this fancy thing I've never seen before that will DIAL 911 and call a code for ya, and it kept trying to do this. The doc kept reaching over and cancelling it. Until the kid has some other funky rythym, and he starts barking out orders for ... I don't remember what. I woke up sweating.

  • Apr 10 '16

    Saturday night I dreamed I had a patient named Tom Brady. No, not kidding. I helped him to the bathroom and he coded on me. I woke up asking my hubby who the heck is this guy... well at least I'm done with the nightmares about the drunk pulling his chest tube out.

  • Mar 27 '16

    You know the trick where you put your hair in a ponytail, but the last turn you don't pull it all the way through? That's my current favorite, makes a sort of sloppy bun that winds up as a loose ponytail by morning. Quite a few nurses that I graduated with did this in school. They didn't want us to have a lot of clips, etc. in our hair, have it off the shoulders, out of the face, natural hair colors (no pink or blue), etc.

    I've tried to wear my hair cute like I would when off work but it just drives me bananas. It's nice to just not have it in my way at all.

  • Mar 26 '16

    Sending the contents of the foley baloon down to the lab for a UA.