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    Congrats on passing!! I'm so jealous

    could I please get the study resources as well? I'm really nervous!

    my email is

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    Unfortunately if you're that big of a germaphobe, a public gym probably isn't the place for you to begin with. You can either be content by wiping off the equipment before using it, or just get some workout equipment at home so you know where it's been and who's been in contact with it. I wouldn't have approached the guy, but I'm also very non confrontational. :3

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    Obviously you help people where you practice nursing. I feel like you are twisting the original posters words a little bit here. Personally, I can relate to what they're saying. It has less to do with "receiving appreciation and obedience" and more-so to do with genuinely feeling like you made a difference in their lives.

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    What perfect timing, I am also in Nursing School and I've been very heavily considering Pediatric Oncology.

    My friend that wants to work in Labor & Delivery or the NICU said I was "crazy" for it. I think she believes L&D/NICU is all roses and sunshine?

    Anyways, thanks for the motivational post!

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    I'd be a marine biology major and work for the conservation of manatees. I'd swim with large marine animals every work day and take samples, track little baby manatee's and record their progress. ^.^ Stuff like that. Or maybe Sea Turtles too, they're pretty nice.