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    The only ethical reason to take such a photo would be by police or investigators who brought an unknown person to a facility. There is exactly zero valid reason for the actions of the CNA.
    It's HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act. And yes HIPAA privacy rule survives death with only legal & public health exceptions (such as criminal death or death from a reportable communicable disease)

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    Refunds are for students who withdraw before school starts.
    Incomplete is not for students that fail the same clinical skills exam twice.

    I'm stuck on enema bag forced to work as primary IV. Way to kill someone.

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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    That's not true in every state. In California, they're actually two separate boards. I'm not sure where the OP is located, though.
    In any case, I agree that it's not going away. Even in California, with separate boards, application instructions state: Although we are making every effort to process cases as quickly as possible, if you have previous criminal conviction(s) and/or discipline on another health license it will take longer to review your application.

    That sounds like these things are reviewed on a case by case basis which may be why the OP is unable to get a firm answer.
    OP, you may not get your answer until AFTER you graduate and AFTER you apply for a license.

    Considering the original post is from 2011 I suspect the OP has a definitive answer now.

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    Just say no. Not a HIPAA issue but may violate hospital policy. Ignore requests.

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    Quote from Mini2544
    Have you found out about your particular states safe harbor rules yet?
    Safe Harbor is unique to Texas though proposed in New Mexico.

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    Ask your instructors for guidance. Use the practice exams and the targeted study plan produced after you take the practice test.

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    Quote from gabby0416
    Hi, I passed NCLEX 2009 (California) but wasnt able to get SSN. Any ideas on how to have SSN? I'm residing here in the Philippines by the way.
    You need to be a US Citizen, legal permanent resident ("green card") or have a visa with work rights in the US to get a SSN from the SSA. In general, only noncitizens with permission to work from the Department of Homeland Security can get a Social Security number.

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    Quote from mitcheml98
    I'm not sure what state you live in- but in PA, you can qualify for Medicaid if you make under X-amount in the last month. I have insurance through my parents bur no one in PA accepts it because it is Wisconsin insurance. I am going to wait until I start school and apply for Medicaid so I can actually be seen somewhere and not pay out the A**! I would consider looking at the Medicaid options in your state. I would apply now, but I make too much money

    Good Luck to you!!
    check first. Many states have waiting periods if you quit your job to become a full time student. They can and will look back at previous income when you apply. States frown on individuals quitting work to attend school full time and accessing Medicaid benefits. Check "look back" requirements (which can look back 5 years of income & assets) and other eligibility criteria

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    Quote from Micahg
    Is it legal to sell ATI ebook online though? If you buy the whole package including the Hardcover book?
    Not permitted per the end user agreement.

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    Quote from OpinionatedCNA
    I guess you could use a headlamp

    I would be concerned if the room is so dark you can't see where you're walking, that's a safety hazard for you, and that's not ok. The patient is at the hospital because he needs care, which you can't give him if you can't see what the hell you are doing, or trip over the trashcan and break your leg on the way to his bedside
    No. This is the PDN forum. Our patients are in their home. This is a pediatric trach/vent client that the parent wants an unreasonable amount of darkness. A flashlight is not sufficient. I'm not wearing a headlight as a night shift nurse. Period. There are other cases with more reasonable caregivers

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    Quote from paigeNS
    Hello there! I am actually a fellow nursing student. This is, in fact, a HIPPA violation sadly. Even though it is you patient file, they are still the hospitals records and you should only access them through your patient accessibility. I know this seems silly, but it's just the law; however, I'm sure that if all you were doing was quickly glancing over it, then I'm sure everything is fine. I'm not sure how strict your program is, but mine would never know I logged in to see my information unless they went looking for it under suspicion, but reporting it to your instructor is a good idea. I wouldn't fret too much over this!
    Please cite your source. The HHS administration (agency charged with the HIPAA information and information responsibility) indicates that your statement is wholly inaccurate. Your spelling of the HIPAA acronym was already corrected. Patients are given explicit rights to access, view, and correct their healthcare records. Accessing your own information is not a violation of the HIPAA privacy rule

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    Possibly bonus at hospital but you can also subcontract. If you can translate accurately AND interpret you can work for a language line, international translation services or even the courts. Medical interpreters and translators are highly valued if credentialed.

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    Quote from ruby_jane
    Review your BON's practices for filing safe harbor. If you really feel unsafe, follow those practices.
    Unfortunately safe harbor does not apply to all states. However the BoN may be able to guide since their job is to protect the public

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    Quote from turtleki
    If you live at home and you have no income, you should be able to qualify for state medicaid.
    Not always as a full time student who quit their job. Quitting and becoming a full time student is often exclusionary for Medicaid

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    Quote from KelRN215
    Schools usually offer insurance because they usually require it for their students. It's usually not a great plan but if you don't really need anything, it may be sufficient for you.

    Also if you lose your health insurance because you resign your position, you'll be eligible to continue it through COBRA.

    Many schools no longer offer insurance plans since the market place started as the laws changed quite often eliminating this option.

    COBRA is often 3-5x the subsidized premium you were paying to your employer.