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    You apply for a nursing license by endorsement as long as you graduated from a VN school not used equivalency/method 3 Texas only licenses LVNs who graduated from nursing school

    Texas Board of Nursing - Endorsement

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    Easy call 911. You aren't a first responder, EMT or paramedic. Basic first aid and calling for help. There is no "emergency nursing outside hospitals". There are prehospital RNs that work on ALS ambulances though.

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    I first thought you are a solution a problem solver. You can fix anything well enough for the student or staff to make it through the day. (Just a different perspective. )

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    Do you eat southwestern food, food grown in the ground like strawberries you may have already been exposed. Try a titer. Unlike HepB the titer for HepA does not differentiate between immunity due to exposure or vaccination.

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    Tuberculin Skin Test
    Infants and children who need a tuberculin skin test (TST) can and should be immunized. All vaccines, including MMR, can be given on the same day as a TST, or any time after
    a TST is applied. For most vaccines, there are no TST
    timing restrictions.
    MMR vaccine may decrease the response to a TST, potentially causing a false-negative response in someone who actually has an infection with tuberculosis. MMR can be given the same day as a TST, but if MMR has been given and 1 or more days have elapsed, in most situations a wait of at least 4 weeks is recommended before giving a routine TST. No information on the effect of varicella-containing vaccine or LAIV on a TST is available. Until such information is available, it is prudent to apply rules for spacing measles vaccine and TST to varicella-containing vaccine and LAIV.
    There is a type of tuberculosis test known as an interferon- gamma release assay (IGRA). Even though this test improves upon the TST because it is less affected by previous doses
    of BCG vaccine and less affected by previous doses of tuberculosis diagnostic testing, it still may be affected by previous doses of other live vaccines so it is prudent to apply the same spacing rules as for TST

    This document from the CDC should answer all your questions regarding PPD and spacing vaccines based on current recommendations

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    Quote from Bo3939
    Yeah i know I don't even know why that is on there too...

    But can you please read my first post and advise on which scenario to go with and how to squeeze in the Tdap and Hep B please...thank you.

    Check with your county health department the public health nurses will know the current protocol. Last I read it was you could do the ppd before the live vaccines or with the live vaccines (MMR, Varicella)

    MMR can be administered same day as PPD but not after PPD according to the CDC evidence based practices (see table #4)
    Source: General Recommendations on Immunization: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

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    There is no vaccine for HepC only HeoA and HepB

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    CPR/BCLS is basically expected to be current with your nursing license. Not all jobs need IV skills or ACLS/PALS/NRP etc

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    Look at long term care
    Surgical centers
    Nursing homes
    Subacute rehab
    Rehab like health south
    Long term acute care (ltach)

    Your chances are slim for hospital.

    Do you know what you call a nurse who starts out in rehab or LTC? Employed.

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    Someone posted they were for fraud

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    You can't. My sisters license expired 20 years ago and it's still on my BoN. My father died and his professional license is listed as status "deceased". It's a matter of public record. If your license is not active you can't be called nurse in many states

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    You need to file an incident report and be seen by occupational health. Period

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    What part of NY? NYC is extremely impacted. Most employers will offer required trainings such as IV skills as part of facility orientation.

    If you graduated 3 years ago and haven't worked NYC options will be limited

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    There are dozens of threads in nurse registration forum regarding applying for an LVN license by examination using method 3 (equivalent education/experience) I believe CGFNS is now required

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    Quote from GaryRay
    Set limits, remember he isn't being an ass, his behavior is a result of a disability. They typical methods with kids aren't appropriate here. Aspergers kids do really good with structure, work on a schedule for him or see if child life can (play time, tv time, nap time, dinner time) and put it on a poster for him and everyone to stick to. Make a behavioral contract, this is what happens if you do this, this is what you get if you do this... You would be amazed when you change your tacticts
    Child life rarely gets involved in pediatrics private duty/extended care home health. Behavioral contracts are generally out of the scope of HHA (like the OP) however the RN supervisor can coordinate & create such a contract with parental consent or if their is a BCBA/behaviorist involved