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    You can't. Canada is a different country.

    You determine if elgible to immigrate. Determine which province you will relocate to (most have minimal opportunities for nurses due to funding and economics). Review the requirements of the college of nurses for the province. Apply to NNAS for your credentials you've assessed against the Canadian minimum competence and educational requirements for registered nurses. (Be aware this can take up to two years and is not cheap). Then depending if your nursing educational and licensing credentials are considered equivalent, somewhat equivalent, or not equivalent to Canadian standards you then apply to the provincial college of nursing as an international candidate for a nursing license. They will advise if you need to undergo competency assessments

    Having a TX license with no plans of living or working there is a huge expense. A TX license is invalid in Canada and has minimal impact on your credential assessment. Your entry to practice nursing education and licensing in your country of education plus recent paid work experience as a registered nurse are primary to determine eligibility.

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    If you were ineligible for licensing by examination in CA and have yet to remedy your academic deficiencies you remain ineligible for a nursing license by endorsement. You could always move to NM to work as a nurse

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    Quote from Tiarat15
    If it's possible can you please email me the pratice exam at would greatly appreciate it.
    no one can. They are online and you must pay to access them. They are copyrighted and licensed to a single user The only "free" item is the exam content guide from the EC website

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    Quote from jbunch2016
    Rennie248 could u email me
    that person hasn't been here since March 2016.

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    Medicaid rates in NJ are extremely low. That was in a published article 1-2 years ago as the contracted rate offered when agencies were dropping one Medicaid HMO because of the rate they wanted to contract at.

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    Quote from krc92880
    I would also like to know the answer to this question. What other options do you have if you cannot get past this test? Also anyone recommend options for really how to take this test? Just frustrated as I know the material but cannot get past this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kaplan is known for teaching test taking strategies. Work with no license? Any job that does not require a nursing license??

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    Quote from rawenergy
    I know this thread is old but, I am having a horrible time getting my monthly membership cancelled. They have now charged 80 dollars that I hope will be refunded. I am so upset. I do not recommend the monthly membership to simple nursing. I don't know what else to say. They don't answer emails and I can't get ahold of them on phone.
    Contact your bank or credit card company for assistance

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    The college network is nothing more than a publishing company. They are not a school nor can they grant degrees. They are not affiliated with or endorsed. Y Excelsior.

    The study guides are (unauthorized) materials to prep for challenge exams likely from Excelsior. You are also responsible to meet the admission requirements of Excelsior and pay all of their tuition, fees, etc

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    Contracts and negotiations are confidential. Last published rate for one was $14/hr for RN or LPN they do not differentiate in most cases.

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    Quote from Dina M.
    Hi just beach nurse,
    thank you for your reply. It's not the F1 that I am worried about. You can have it for vocational school in the US and Canada. It is the fact that it doesn't qualify for immigration visa unless it is some 2 years + program. And it is not on the list of skilled occupations. Thank you.

    You can get the F1 it's just that the majority of practical nursing schools don't participate. Especially the proprietary schools. Good luck

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    Plus LPN does not qualify for a work visa in US or Canada. US and Canadian practical nursing programs are not equivalent. Most US LPN programs because they are vocational in nature are not authorized to accept/sponsor F1 student visas.

    There is no nursing shortage in the most populated areas of US, Canada and Australia. It's always recommended to obtain nursing education in the country where you wish to live and work. Practical nursing often does not meet standards for an international student visa

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    You have definitely crossed the professional boundary line. The parents are okay with it...until they are not.

    Simply having a current client in your home can be grounds for termination and an ethics complaint with the BoN.

    Contact your agency corporate compliance officer or your supervisor.

    You Ms y get a warning and be removed from this case. You also need to be prepared for termination if zero tolerance for ethics violations as this can also affect payment from government sources. Nurses got warnings for giving expensive gifts to patients for birthdays and holidays when a "thankful" parent was uncomfortable enough to complain to management. I think each was shocked. We only know about it as the affected nurses told others.

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    What does your physician recommend?

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    It appears that the opinion is based upon your work performance including chronic tardiness. Working 16hrs does not negate your tardiness That's based on fact not opinion or discrimination. Consult an attorney. But based upon what you posted you don't have a case for discrimination in employment

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    Quote from grazie12
    hey i got my license, all that u have said is not true, the 8year retake is for those who already have a license. Dont give information that you are not sure of, because you are not helping. For those who have same case as mine, do the same steps apply again, pass the ssn, nclex letter, application forms, school reqts. Never lose hope. Dont be discourage.

    The NCLEX still isn't updated annually it's updated every three years.