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    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    Can't even get our school board on board for Narcan...
    It was a decision by the county district attorney to require and provide narcan to all high schools and middle schools. Every school must have a certified school nurse

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Any kid that falls asleep?
    The teachers must send to or call the nurse. Nurse uses her judgement. Sadly 3 narcan uses in schools this academic year.

    They don't want to miss the kid that's "sleeping" because of respiratory depression due to opiates. The one school is called "Heroin High" issues are so rampant. They'd rather have the nurse call than miss a kid that could have been saved. At least it's the nurse'/ decision what to do next not teacher, coach, or administrator as it's considered a medical/nursing decision.

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    Considering the strong majority of my patients are not Christian...not much as it would offend the family and likely cost me my job

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    They test any student grade 7-12 who falls asleep. Always interesting when a kid actually has narcolepsy. Fortunately the nurses have the authority to use discretion. They have a screener (bed time? Ate breakfast/lunch? What was going on in class..darkened room with movie, or bright lights for a science experiment.) then an algorithm for suspected drugs of abuse use (personally, physical appearance, mental state, vitals, pupils). They can do a seven panel screen in the nurses office (only athletes are subject to random drug and steroid check right now. But the county is looking for a county wide policy for random checks with the increased overdoses & issues lately).

    the nurses were also all given narcan by the county prosecutor for staff student or visitor use at no cost. (County will replenish).

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    Start with what you think and know and we can guide you

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    Graduation from nursing school is a pre-requisite to apply for a nursing license by examination and take the nclex.

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    Yes. There have been incidents where a candidate claims to have been in class but their passport indicates they were out of country at the time. You can't be in two places at once so now the agents must ask for this information also

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I understand the compassion but there ARE serious boundaries being crossed here if these are indeed your actions. If it's just prose, then it's beautiful.
    Well said.

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    Quote from smartnurse1982
    So saying "Ok" is general terms and thus not protected?
    If you indicate to a third party that you know someone as a patient. Such as "hey smartnurse are you taking care of John Doe on bond street? How is he doing?" Being asked by a neighbor and you saying ok is identifying.

    Another nurse you were explicitly told by your employer not to discuss patients. How do you know if that nurse isn't fishing to see if you will break policy to complain? If you both know John Doe is a patient it's not revealing much except you were told to not discuss patients.

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    Quote from BSN16 what does posting this here accomplish? People online are stupid and say stupid things...this includes all professions. As far as thinking about notifying her employer...

    A friend of mine who worked at a school district and coached there as well made a dumb comment on another friend's political post. Somebody screenshotted it and sent it to his school. He lost his job and coaching position. Totally ruined his life because somebody felt it unprofessional enough to send it to an employer.

    So yes, moral of the story you should always be professional online and not say anything that could jeopardize your career. Do you think this young women deserves life altering consequences because of what she said. Just some food for thought

    I wouldn't think to notify an employer. I'd just be curious if someone so free with trolling and bizarre commentary like sexy CPR would freely share personal info in a public profile. They usually set up their own demise without help from others.

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    Yes and it would likely violate your employers policies. Other family members might object. Just don't do it.

    Keep social media and work separate

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    Wearing it around your neck is a good way for your skin oils to rapidly degrade the tubing

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    This isn't FB/twitter/instagram hashtags are meaningless here.

    This reads like serious professional/personal boundary issues. We are not surrogate family to be kissing "old as (explicative) patients". Especially in Geri-psych.

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    Almost no schools accept transfers especially short programs like PN . Exactly zero methods to become an LPN in NJ without graduating from a school of practical nursing. Almost finishing is not sufficient The only state might let you challenge might be CA but the license would not be endorsable to any other state.

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    This is better discussed with your PCP, facility ID dept and likely reportable to occupational health. I hope you get the answers you seek