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    As a student you go to your clinical instructor.

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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    Am I the only person that finds it odd that she came back after 2 years specifically to revive this dead thread?
    Nope and the answer is still the same if you don't like public policy then homeschool or send your kids to private school. Case closed. Good luck using G-d as your antiviral anti vaccination protocol. I hope you stay healthy.

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    In CA yes it means you passed

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    There is a dedicated forum here for EC

    No all pre-requisite courses must be finished before you can start the nursing classes.
    TEAS is now required
    you also must be actively working as an LPN and your employer must verify every 3 months. At least 200 hours per year.

    Current admission here:
    Excelsior College | Admissions at Excelsior College: Requirements

    Students enrolling in the Associate Degree in nursing program on or after January 1, 2016 are required to complete the following general education requirements: Written English, Sociology Core, Life Span Developmental Psychology and Mathematics prior to registering for any nursing theory series component (examination, course or nursing theory conference examination). The reason for this change is to support your success since these general education courses enhance the development of your nursing knowledge. This change is in addition to the existing prerequisites of Human Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology.

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    GN status is dissolved after your first nclex attempt. Either you pass and you are an RN or you fail and you are a general citizen until you pass the nclex. She's unlicensed assistive personnel. If she acts like anything more she is out of line. She is not a nurse.

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    CA will need the credentials that initially qualified you as a nurse, so your Ukraine education and credentials would be required

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    Quote from rnmsnmd
    I read that priority dates leaped 10 months ahead for the last 2 months. If this will be the consistent move, i think i can manage to go to ireland while waiting for my EB-3 visa. Thanks everyone for reaponding!
    It's never consistent in one direction. Last year it was almost current for a month then the next month the date retrogressive 7.5 years. The only pattern is that there is no pattern

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    Quote from Chelseap320
    I have been trying to do research and really the only thing I have going for me is that I have a BSN and have worked over a year in an ICU. From what I've read i am very aware that the working conditions/pay are much different. I also don't have most of what I would need like the knowledge of language, or work rights (and believe me, I know these are huge blocks). Is an Italian/EU passport necessary? I haven't come across that yet. Have you ever done travel nursing internationally or know anyone that has?
    There really isn't an international travel nursing need or industry. EU regulations require preference for in country then EU passport holders. Licensing, education, scope and language are so different there is not always equivalence between countries. Add in visa issues , work rights and costs to trave plus extensive training in language, culture and workplace expectations it's not simple. A travel nurse in the US is an experienced nurse that needs minimal orientation and training, one who can walk in and get to work regardless of environment.
    NedRN is active in the travel forum he did some traveling as a nurse bit not in the same sense as US travel nursing (13 week assignments, agency does a lot of the background work)

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    It's the truth since you have no license.

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    Quote from pjsrav
    Thank you so much for your input on this question but as far as I know there are plenty of agencies recruiting international nurses to the US. Being so there must be space for them in the US hospitals. The fact is I have an agency but I've done all the process by myself so far that I did not want to use the agency. But seems to me that this will be the only possible way
    That's quite simply not true. There is no shortage in any major metropolitan area of the US. There is a surplus of nurses in major areas. There are agencies recruiting for jobs that don't exist and charging for their "services". Even a year is too long for an employer to hold open a job.

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    What is your country of birth as if they have the potential to sponsor they aren't likely to hold a job if the nurse's home country has a 6-12 year wait for visas due to retrogression

    do you have a valid nursing license?

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    Do you have an Italian or EU passport?
    Are you fluent in Italian/medical Italian?
    Do you have a traditional BSN (most countries entry to practice minimum is BSN/equivalent hours)?
    Do you have work rights?
    are you aware nursing in Europe is not similar to the US and the pay is often relatively low

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    Quote from Blackcat99
    Does anyone know if there are any non-nursing positions available for LPN's in the Peace Corps? I want to do ANYTHING except nursing lol.
    Generally LPNs can't work overseas as a nurse since the qualification is not recognized. Most jobs require a four year degree but there are some jobs that accept experience education


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    You mail them to the board of nursing address on the application. Simpler route (and quicker) is to apply and pay online.