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    Quote from Alex Egan
    New York is pretty unique in that the requirements for the state Medicare billing include independent nurses to a much easier and greater extent then just about any other state. To my understanding.
    But does that extend to high tech pediatrics and Medicaid?

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    Quote from nr92
    I was thinking spending $450 for a accredited ekg tech course I found in my search. Those guys have night shift right?

    Most hospitals have techs or nurses do ECGs. I've not seen a dedicated EGV tech in decades

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    Are you a current employee? Then contact HR. If not most employers don't usually reveal this publicly

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    Why you would take pictures at work and post with unprofessional commentary while TAGGING the facility!! Tagging a location alert can be generated to the business/facility

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    And if BP is needed it's provided by DME for consistency in reading. The $2 personal pulse oximiter aren't designed for clinical or pediatric uses

    and absolutely if it is not ordered you do not do it. Period. Have you ever worked in home with a fresh trach vent kid? Do you have training on the typical home vents? Trilogy and CareFusion LTV?

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    I've had dozens of new pedi & infant trach vent discharges. Exactly one had BP ordered and only because of comorbid cardiac & renal issues due to a congenital/genetic condition. One. BP is not a standard assessment in respiratory pediatrics. Temp, apical heart rate, respirations, SpO2 and pain. DME provides the pulse oximiter and initial emergency supplies. First trach bag comes home with the client. My agency supplies the back up once DME has extra trachs covered by insurance

    Honestly you sound way over your head and very inexperienced to be working alone. I've never seen a hospital agree to discharge a fresh pediatric trach to a solo independent nurse always to an experienced agency that can staff the 16-24hrs x14 Days typical for fresh trach.

    Are you taking the case because you know the parent or because you have experience in direct care pediatrics and pediatric home case management?

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    No but agencies get the discharge orders to initiate the 485 but standard orders usually aren't included. And if not signed by the physician the discharge orders can't be use as initial orders . And the home care nurse provider creates the 485 for physician signature not the hospital social worker. Vent orders are usually conferred with pulmonologist and the DME respiratory company

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    Quote from olivelucy
    Hopefully you will see this and reply! I have been an LPN for two years in the state of Washington and recently have been looking into ISU. I guess I'm holding back because I can't tell if it is a scam or not. The application process seems rather odd to me, how was the application process for you? How did you know you got in? Thank you! I have a lot of questions haha
    It's definitely a legitimate accredited alternate route program. Have you contacted the school directly?

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    Quote from KathrineB
    The education is pretty specific to psych based nursing. There is clinical hospital experience in the program but I won't be going for my RN, I'll be graduating as a psychiatric nurse.
    Psychiatric nurse/RPN is not recognized in the US like it is in western Canada and UJ.

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    Yes. You don't get issued a license if you fail. Congratulations!

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    Quote from MsBrazil
    Problem is i did not take the licensure exam because i don't have enough time. I'm just graduated from BSN.
    The policy of the Canadian colleges of Nursing has been how can you be a nurse in Canada if you aren't licensed in your country of education? The trend for years have been is that you need your local license. Saying you didn't have enough time to take the licensing exam after 4 year BSN won't matter to the College or NNAS as you will be deemed ineligible for a Canadian nursing license if you do not have a nursing license from the country where you earned your degree. As there isn't much of a shortage of new inexperienced nurses it's unlikely the College will waiver the requirement.

    if you are determined to earn a Canadian RN license consider returning to the Philippines to take and pass the NLE

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    Consult an administrative law attorney experienced in license defense. This is likely to go before the BoN and require professional ethics training at minimum. The association of nurse attorneys has a directory of attorneys. TAANA Executive Office - Home

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    Most universities international tuition is 2-4x what is posted. To get a student visa you must have proof of funds for tuition, housing, meals, living expenses, medical insurance and expenses plus incidentals for your entire stay in the US.

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    No that would be workers comp