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    You still need to follow the internationally educated nurse:

    Nurses Licensed in Another State

    If you are licensed as a nurse in another state, you must submit the following:

    • Application for Licensure (Form 1) along with the $143 fee;
    • Certification of Professional Education (Form 2)(if you are foreign educated please use CGFNS. See Verifying Education Credentials From Non-U.S. Programs above for additional information.); and
    • Verification of licensure in another state by using Nursys or submitting a Verification of Professional Licensure/Certification (Form 3) (See below).The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) handles verification of licensure for a majority of states through their Nurse System (Nursys). You can check to see if the state(s) where you are licensed as a nurse participates in Nursys by visiting their Web site at [IMG][/IMG] or by calling them at 1-866-819-1700.
      If the state(s) where you are licensed as a nurse participates in Nursys, you must request verification of your licensure from Nursys, not the state(s).
      If your state(s) of licensure does (do) not appear on the Nursys list, you must use the Verification of Other Professional Licensure/Certification (Form 3) to verify your licensure to New York State.
      Please note, if you hold any other professional licenses in states other than New York, you must also use Form 3 to verify that licensure to New York State.

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    Quote from Denise Alessia
    Hi. I graduated BA Social Sciences Major in Social Anthropology - Minor in Political Science. Will US residence rates not applicable for me even if I will get my green card?

    Is BSN a four year course?

    Thank you

    residency (living in the local area for 12+ months) not immigration status determines in county/in state/out of state/international rates. This goes for everyone from someone born in the US to green card. If I lived in NY for the past 15 years I don't qualify for instate tuition in PA until I have resided there for at least 12 months. The benefit of a green card is you don't have to apply as an international student needing a student visa and the associated costs and restrictions

    BSN is a 128 credit hour program. There are accelerated BSN programs that are highly competitive and cost the graduate school rate not undergrad.

    You can look into if your credits apply to a graduate degree in social work and perhaps consider a social worker or case management. Best bet would be to pick a school and contact the admissions department to find out your options, an estimate of tuition, and what majors might be the most efficient and economical for you to pursue.

    Good luck

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    Quote from Denise Alessia
    What would you suggest, to take LPN-RN or ADN? I have read a lot about nursing in the US, however, I am still confused with the different nursing curriculum. Feel free to give me advices. Thank you very much, SmilingBlueEyes

    You are not an LPN therefore you are ineligible for LPN to RN.

    Whether ADN or BSN depends on where in the US and job competition. If you want to work inpatient acute hospital BSN is the minimum in many facilities

    As you will be considered an international student since you will not have established residency to be eligible for local resident rates you have to check with the individual schools. Most of the US has a surplus of new grad inexperienced and under/unemployed nurses. You did not state what you initially studied but may want to look into options and the local market.

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    Quote from Lalex619
    Can u then transfer your license to a different state
    No. The LVN license by challenge is only valid in CA. The BVNPT is very specific about this.

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    You won't meet the regency of practice requirements to be licensed if you have not worked as a nurse in 10+ years

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    Quote from GuiguiFr
    JustBeachyNurse => Have you ever fill that form?
    No. I'm US educated, I'm just familiar with the terminology as it's pretty standard in US schools & BoN regulations

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    Visa screen is not a substitute for CES

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    Is your detergent rated for hot water? Most are intended to be used in warm water

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    Most schools have you apply for financial aid concurrently with admissions

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    Simulation = non-clinical areas or lab either on mannequins or other students. Where you practice skills and demonstrate competency before working with actual patients.
    patient care= supervised nursing skills in the care areas listed either under a nursing school clinical instructor or licensed nurse as preceptor.

    One must have classroom/theory and clinical/practical hours in all domains adult, geriatric, pediatrics, obstetric/maternity, and psych/mental health plus community health Theory/classroom instruction in science, anatomy & physiology (with lab), microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, sometimes chemistry, English, communications, developmental psychology and sociology.

    Acute- inpatient acute care facility usually OR, L&D, critical care, medical-surgical, pediatrics and inpatient mental health

    long term care is nursing home, subacute rehab long term facility based care

    community could be community outpatient or partial mental health, community clinic, home health/visiting nurses"

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    Seriously? Invasive procedures you are unqualified to perform learned via you tube?

    I envision amputaion secondary to gangrene or other necrotizing condition only because I've seen the outcome first hand with self inflicted invasive treatment & self-tattoos.

    i suggest you go to bed and come back and read what you wrote

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    And as an LPN you require RN oversight to write the care plan and supervise your practice. You need to account for this in your costs

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    Your nursing license indicates you passed the nclex. It's not uncommon in some states to get a license # before quick results. Congrats !

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    Quote from ReneeGA
    Khayslett Have you done your webinar yet? I would really like some info. Thanks!!
    Tagging doesn't work like FB. This member hasn't been on this site since Jan 18 when they posted about the webinar.

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    She cannot sponsor for US citizen/green card if she left the US. It does not matter where she lived or that her family hid documents.