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    Quote from BeckB
    I have taken my NCLEX-RN today and got the whole 265 questions. I tried to do the trick with the correct credit card number but wrong expiration date, and it gave me an error telling me to contact the credit card company. Does this mean that I got the 'fail' pop-up?
    It means the QC check detected erroneous information. Pass or fail isn't determined instantaneously

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    This is a biased, not evidenced based opinion piece not an article and borders on dangerous medical advice. Most of the suggestions are not founded on reality and evidence based research. The bigger risk is someone googling, as a highly indexed site, and a lay person reading only the article not the comments and believing this while putting their loved over at risk. Research show untreated ADHD can have devastating consequences whether academically. increased risky behavior, decreased self esteem & self efficacy, and more. Many need pharmacological intervention all need professional support and assistance.

    The fact there is not a single citation is concerning. This should not be a featured article but perhaps an opinion piece better suited to the break room

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    Quote from 631isa318
    Ive worked with Occuvax. You get to pick your clinic site and if awarded they are usually only two to eight hours long. I did not choose an 8 hour clinic site however if you do, you get a break in between and if its a big company you are also with other nurses. As far as NSO, I only pay around 100.00 a year. Ive only done a two hour clinic and a five hour, the most employees I did were 25. Its very easy and fun.

    There red are a few states where the premium difference for employee vs independent contractor is <$20. My state is not one and it was a deciding factor. Im glad the benefit of this job worked for your situation and you had a positive experience.!

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    Quote from nottoshabbyforyou
    Hi. Is there anyone here who was able to take the NCLEX for Saipan but failed? I failed in my first take but I don't know if I can still retake it. After sending all the requirements last year, they sent me a letter of eligibility that is good for a year. The expiration of the letter is last April. I took the exam a week before the expiration. Does that mean I have to resend all the requirements so I can take the exam again? Or can I still retake the exam even if it is almost 5 months past the expiration of the letter? Please enlighten me. Thank you.
    For all US states and territories authorization to test is valid for a single attempt at the nclex. Since its been >year since you were authorized you will need to reapply to the BoN and await authorization before getting eligibility to register and attempt the nclex again

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    Three to consult:
    1. Hospital pharmacist
    2. Occupational/employee health
    3. Your obstetrician.

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    Quote from BoyOBoy
    I have been told that you can register for a license through endorsement if you have passed the NCLEX-RN in Canada. That being said, it looks like my next steps would be completing and mailing in the endorsement form, getting a credentials evaluation, criminal background check, fingerprint scan and finally writing the jurisprudence exam. It seems like quite the process and there really isn't much online to go off of

    The website is very clear that only US nursing licenses may be endorsed. You should not have to retake the NCLEX. This is the application you need to complete:

    you graduated outside the US step by step is here:

    Texas Board of Nursing - Examination

    International Candidates - to be eligible to take the NCLEX®, you will need the following:
    1. Each of these:
      1. a completed paper Application by NCLEX® Examination
      2. all fees
      3. a completed criminal history report
      4. proof of passing scores of English Proficiency exam (if program was not conducted in English). If your nursing program was conducted in a Language other than English, you must provide proof of English Proficiency. The Board accepts any one of these:
        • the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a passing score of 560 paper based or 220 computer based
        • the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) internet based test (iBT) with a minimum passing score of 83
        • receipt of both the Test of Spoken English (TSE) with a minimum score of 50 and the Test of Written English (TWE) with a minimum score of 4.0, or
        • the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with a passing standard of an overall score of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in all of the four modules.

      5. an original Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Full Education course-by-course report sent directly from an approved organization. The Board accepts the CES from any one of these:
        • the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)
        • the Educational Records Evaluation Service, Inc. (ERES), or the
        • the International Education Research Foundation, Inc. (IERF)
          Note: The CES must be dated within one year of issuance by the certification organization.

      6. a Verification of Licensure (VOL) form from all countries, states, provinces, and/or territories where you hold or have held a license. The VOL must come directly from the licensing authority and must bear the authority’s official seal. The VOL is only valid for one (1) year after it is signed and sealed by the licensing authority. (RN VOL form, LVN VOL form)
        *Note: the CES Full Education course-by-course report will contain your original country of licensure’s VOL.

    2. Follow the instructions provided on Criminal Background Checks (See 3 under Online Procedures, above.)
    3. An applicant must have worked within the 4 years preceding the filing of the examination application AND be within 4 years of his/her date of eligibility in order to sit for the NCLEX. For purposes of the NCLEX, the date of eligibility is defined as the issuance date for the initial Authorization to Test (ATT).
      NOTE: An applicant may be requested to show proof of working if the BON has cause to question an applicant’s eligibility. Proof would consist of a ‘statement of practice’ including dates worked and listing of functions performed, completed on letterhead and sent directly to our office from the facility in which the practice took place.
      The following document and flowchart provide additional information. FENS Refresher Course, International Flowchart

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    Quote from BoyOBoy
    Hey Silver Dragon, thanks for the prompt response. Would I need to fill out what they call an "Endorsement form"? Texas Board of Nursing - Endorsement ? Will delete the link if it is not allowed

    No you can only endorse a license from another US BoN. You would be applying for a nursing license by examination as an internationally educated nurse and indicate you passed the nclex in Canada

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    There is no exam. EEN isn't usually on the skilled visa list. Check AAPHRA.

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    This is not the appropriate forum for your query. You need to contact your medical provider for the answers you seek as you agreed to not ask medical advice when signing up for this board. Good luck. There is no way for anonymous strangers on a message board can even answer.

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    First responders are trained to search for medic alert jewelry then ICE/medical info in phone (iPhone has a medical alert button that can be accessed even if your phone is locked. You choose what to enter)

    i prefer medic alert to others as it's customizable and they will fax your record to the ED when called.

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    Not at all. I'm happy not working in a hospital. I have significantly more impact in my current role than I would in a facility

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    Quote from kjprosales01
    I don't have an SSN yet as I'm just about to start the whole process. I just want to make sure I have all the important details that I need. How do we get an SSN and priority dates?
    The credentials evaluation by CGFNS must be completed prior to submitting your application for a nursing license by examination.

    You cannot get a SSN until you are a citizen, permanent resident or have work rights via a visa. You cannot even apply for a SSN until on US soil but must have a visa status that includes the right to work.

    Once licensed and an employer agrees to sponsor you for an employment based visa and submits your file to USCIS your application will be given a priority date. So if you were licensed right now and were given an offer for work and visa sponsorship today would be your priority date. The USCIS won't further consider your application for another 6+ years until today's date is current, hopefully the employer would consider holding the offer that long.

    NJ will not accept or consider your application if not submitted with a valid SSN consistent with federal regulations.

    There are a few states left that will accept an application for a nursing license by examination as an IEN without a SSN like NY. Other states like FL will accept your application but not issue a license until you provide a valid SSN.

    NJ like most of the NJ/NY/PA metro area has more nurses seeking employment than jobs available. There is more need for experienced specialized nurses (5-10 years in a specialty such as NICU, CTICU, OR, ED, etc)

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    Nope. This is not my family. Terms of endearment is are saved for those who are dear to me.

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    CABRN requires those who haven't been licensed in 8 years to retake the nclex. It's been 9 years since you passed. Since its been >3 years since your file was abandoned CABRN removed the form to request transfer of your pass results to other states. For CA you need to reapply you will likely need to retake the nclex if applying to CA. If you don't have your original pass letter from CABRN it's unclear if CA is still forwarding nclex pass results to other states since a SSN has been required to apply for >5 years now (in other words those who passed by were ineligible due to not having a valid SSN files have long since been destroyed per BRN policy)

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    Each manufacturer has a chart listing indications for each formula many even have free nursing continuing education

    The two big companies:

    Abbott Nutrition-Your Nutrition Resource

    Our brands | Nestle Health Science