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    Quote from msannaa
    So, this is up to the school?
    The state board of nursing (NJ this is not an option) then the school if they choose to participate if the BoN deems it an option

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    Is English comprehension an issue? English is tough but nursing/medical English is even tougher especially for those who have a non-Latin based primary language. Perhaps consider ESL services at your school. There are specialty trained tutors that may be able to assist you.

    I know in Canada there are English language courses for internationally educated nurses. Perhaps consider assistance from a test taking tutoring service. Does your school offer HESI remediation? There is an art to taking standardized tests. Perhaps getting instruction in test taking strategies may help. If there are language issues (and you write quite well for a person who has been in this country a relatively short time!) consider even an online medical terminology course. These courses break down the words and may help with test taking strategies for tests like the HESI.

    You may need to take a short break to regroup before applying to another program.

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    I have no idea what you are talking about. Per your other post please seek the professional help you report that you need and hold off posting until stabilized. Good luck .

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    Quote from john snow
    How about ICES that evaluate my credentials?
    NNAS is the only valid service accepted for nurses. If you look at the ICES list CRNBC is not listed

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    No one but the BoN knows for sure. Delays in updating could be got an infinite number of reasons. Did you try contacting the BoN? Does your state participate in quick results?

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    Passing the CGFNS will not magically qualify you for a nursing license if your transcripts are deficient in all mandated areas of clinical theory for a generalist nurse. You definitely cannot work in CA, NJ, VA, NY and other states unless your transcripts show sufficient clinical and theory hours in adult, pediatric, psych, OB/GYN, and geriatric nursing. Passing the rarely used CGFNS exam does not eliminate the minimal educational requirements and hasn't for years now.

    UK nurses are specialist trained and have a significant amount of clinical hours. North American nurses are generalist trained.

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    Quote from devasena
    US Nursing system, both in the hospital, and the assessments/testing i
    are completely different to that of UK. We had to pick our specialty Before commencing our degree whereas it's the opposite here. I have seldom knowledge / experience in Paeds, OB's & Gynae and Psychiatric nursing. How are we supposed to teach ourselves all these for the CGFNS & NCLEX exams?
    But you must have hours in clinical & theory on your school transcript in pedi, OB/GYN, psych, adult and geriatric to be eligible to sit the nclex in the first place.

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    This may be a private loan not a school loan so it's not subject to the interest and collection rules as a federally backed student loan

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    Quote from devasena
    Every year, the NCLEX-RN exam becomes more tough to pass.
    Every 3 years it's updated. Not annually

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    Quote from rzyzzy
    I'm wondering where you're getting that community college nursing programs are "2 year" adn's? No such animal exists anywhere that I'm aware of, they all have pre-reqs, and the average student would be lucky to breeze through all of the pre-reqs even in a year, just due to the way they're usually scheduled.
    My area has a county college. The part time day or full time night are only accepted with completed pre-reqs. However the full time day uses corequisite and is targeted to high school students and other strong academic students. The only prerequisite is certain HS (bio, chem, algebra 2) level courses, decent SAT or college placement/accuplacer scores, and meeting the TEAS score. It's very competitive with a >95% nclex pass rate and >90% retention/graduation rate

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    Only if you let your NY license lapse. If you renew and maintain your NY license there is nothing more to do

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    Quote from bsluss
    Have you heard of anyone not getting to good pop up and still passing? i didnt get it. i got give valid expiration date and then got locked out of my account bc i tried so many times. IM FREAKING OUTTT!! i finished in 75questions and i dont think i had many sata?
    Were you charged? A valid expiration date is not needed for a charge to go through. Just hit a past date. You were so impatient which account is locked out? Your Pearson Vue or your credit card? If Pearson there is nothing you can do but hurry up and wait for your BoN to release your results.

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    First return to employee health as this is a worker's compensation issue and you were injured at work

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    Quote from esrun77
    Exactly--how do I respond professionally to such unprofessional conduct by a colleague? Ignore it? I mean, what if continues?
    What if it was the RN who felt that you were not a good fit for the unit or appropriate for the job? You are projecting and making assumptions about your classmate when you have no objective reason to know so. Did the manager say, "based upon Lisa's impressions of you at the peer interview we will not be offering you the job"? I doubt it.
    There is exactly zero indication of "such unprofessional conduct" in your description of events.

    Be professional

    Don't assume the paranoid victim role.

    Move on in search of the next opportunity

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    Just contact admissions and rescind your acceptance. Simply state a change in personal circumstance but you appreciate the offer