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    Quote from jjeziorowski
    The CNO states I need proof of residents in Canada to apply.. I can't get a work permit without my license. Do you know if they ever make acceptations?
    They rarely make exceptions. You can't apply to CNO without your completed NNAS reports

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    Accelerated BSN programs are highly competitive often seeking GPA >3.5.

    Failing anatomy 4x is what you need to evaluate and address as this is a core subject needed for nursing in addition to statistics, physiology, microbiology, pathophysiology, general and developmental psychology, pharmacology, chemistry and pathophysiology.

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    Employer penalties vary often s thorough investigation must take place so initial suspension is often the first step. Depending on the investigation results the nurse could be reinstated, terminated, reported to the BoN, named to HHS when alerting of a patient information breach. Monetary fines are generally assessed to institutions not individuals.

    Did the patient file a formal complaint with the HIPAA compliance officer/risk management?

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    Quote from sam0786
    I talked to ca board of nursing.They do there own evaluation but they accept copies of transcripts from cgfns.i asked cgfns to send them copies of my transcripts that cost me 225 $ .I am gonna send them passport and ssn copy.Gonna sit and watch...hope it will work.
    Which is exactly what it says on the BoN website. They will accept transcripts from
    cgfns but the CES is not used. Good luck.

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    Quote from shesanurse
    I didnt know that cali requires cgfns now. I just got my eligibility this month without asking for cgfns evaluation.
    They don't. They will accept transcripts sent from cgfns they still do their own evaluation

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    Are you over age 18? Do you have at least 8 hours off between shifts? If so it's perfectly legal.

    If under 18 child labor laws apply including maximum hours, mandated breaks and time off

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    HIV is not a hardy virulent pathogen and your classmate would have to work hard to contract HIV, hepatitis is a hardy virus that lives on contaminated surfaces and is much easier to contract. The only documentation I could find of a nursing student contracting HIV from a patient involved a hemorrhagic patient HIV+ and the student was exposed in multiple areas (oral, eyes, open cut, mucus membranes) by an actively bleeding patient thrashing around.

    HIV+ is not an automatic exclusion from nursing in the US. The lack of jobs & visa sponsors for inexperienced new graduate nurses is more of a barrier

    Choose your words wisely. Check school policy, facility policy and PRC/regulatory body

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    No grace for expired BLS any more than for an expired nursing license.

    ACLS/PALS depends on unit/job may result in reassignment if a regular need for those skills. For example if my ACLS card expired it wouldn't matter at this time, I'm exclusively pediatrics.

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    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    So then the CNA wasn't the school nurse. The CNA was an aide that helped out the school nurse. LVNs can't even be called the school nurse, only RNs.
    Often they are titled "health office clerk" or "health assistant" but people call the person nurse and they choose to not correct the assumption.

    Many states restrict the title of school nurse to RN. My state substitute school nurses can be any RN but a full time school nurse must be credentialed by the state department of education, and a minimum of RN + BSN + graduate level certification (most just take the extra 6-9 credits and get a MSN)

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    Only NY accepts CVS. You pay CGFNS to create a CES report and forward to TXBoN

    online does not involve manual entry or awaiting on mail therefore online is faster

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    Quote from LPN-RN17
    Thanks JustBeachyNurse. Sorry for the many questions but when you mention some interpret that the computer must be exclusive for school nothing else, then the best way would be to get something from the teacher as well I suppose? I will have to look into it. Thanks again for all your help
    That will mean nothing to the IRS. Is this online coursework? Exclusive use can mean your family cannot use the computer. No watching movies unrelated to school. The teacher can say what they want but it will have no baring on the determination as to whether you can utilize a portion of the cost in your itemized deductions. It's not a credit so for most students it's irrelevant.

    It's not a write off but potentially part of the cost may be included in itemized deductions of your itemized deductions exceed the standard deduction.
    The teacher is not with you 24/7 to ensure you only use the device for school activities.

    Are you taking online classes?

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    Quote from LPN-RN17
    JustBeachyNurse, Hi, I went to check out the online class requirement:

    Requirements for an Online Student

    • Cable/broadband/DSL internet with a minimum speed of 1.5Mbps. You can test your local internet speed at Run this test from the location you will be working from.
      Higher bandwidth and speed will greatly assist you in your online learning environment, so where possible, a faster internet speed is recommended. Cable internet tend to be faster than DSL or 4G wireless, although DSL or 4G wireless may also work depending on other factors. Your computer, other software (such as anti spyware), other users on the system, and system configurations can all influence your ultimate line speed. Many instructors use videos as a part of their instruction, as well as synchronous meeting times (Skype, Adobe Connect, etc). Having an acceptable internet connection speed will be important to your success.

    • Convenient access to a computer that has one of the following current versions of Internet Browsers:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome
      • Safari

    Will i need to print this page to show the tax adviser? Thanks
    Possibly. That may or may not qualify. Some interpret that the computer must be exclusive for school nothing else. Know very few students meet the threshold for itemized deductions. It's a % of the value that may be a deduction. Most students only qualify for standard deduction it depends on your income & potential deductions.

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    Quote from ca83548
    I see this is old but my NJ lic. Checklist is complete except for the "board/committee approval" line. Idk if I passed nclex, my 48 hours is up at 1pm tomorrow but on my requirement checklist on the BON Website next to "NCLEX-RN" it says "Completed" with todays date. Does that mean I passed the test but the board still has to review it further? I did have a defaulted student loan issue...could that hold up approval?
    If you didn't cure your student loan default you will be denied a nursing license until you fix it per federal regulations. Completed means they received the results nothing more. BoN reviews all applications before issuing licenses, including discipline, defaulted loans, application, school transcript, background report and NCLEX results

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    Agencies are not for new grads. They are either staffing agencies to place experienced that need no orientation and the facility pays the fee. Headhunting agencies seek experienced specialty nurses for hard to fill jobs. There are hundreds of not thousands of inexperienced new grad nurses seeking employment. There is no value for an agency to place a new grad. If an agency offers to find you a job for a fee run away.

    Do well. Make an impression during clinical placements. Impress your professors. That's how new grads in impacted areas secure coveted new grad placements in facilities.

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    Agencies are not designed to place new grads. They are for experienced nurses. You have a slight advantage with a BSN. But the metro NYC market is extremely competitive with hundreds of nurses applying for a single job posting.

    You are thinking about placement agencies. They charge the employer more than they charge the potential employee