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    Anybody can sue anyone for any reason. The judge doesn't have to proceed with the case but it's expensive just to started

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    Quote from mtlnurse
    Does anyone has any knowledge regarding legal issues involved in giving information on the internet?
    You need to consult an attorney for such advise. Perhaps a nurse attorney such as one from the American association of nurse attorneys (TAANA Executive Office - Home) there are disclaimers and you also need credibility.

    There are hundreds of disease specific organizations that have excellent consumer targeted information regarding the condition.

    Are you seeking this for revenue? Then you will need ads and click through which is what you say commercializes. Few will pay for access to generalist information sites when there are multitudes of free websites available on the Internet. Plus search engine optimization and other technical skills most don't think of. It's not free to set up and host a website. You need to pay for a domain name and if you are late in your domain fees anyone can grab your site name from you without notice

    Honestly when I read your description I thought of WebMD,
    WebMD Common Health Topics A-Z - Find reliable health and medical information on common topics from A to Z

    Mayo Clinic:
    Patient Care and Health Information - Patient Care and Health Information - Mayo Clinic

    Cleveland Clinic
    Diseases & Conditions | Cleveland Clinic

    And others

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    Are you a new grad?
    Do you have clinical and theory in adult, geriatric, mental health, pediatrics, AND obstetrics/maternity on your transcript? US nurses are generalist trained.

    If you are an inexperienced new grad an employer would have a difficult time proving they cannot find a new grad nurse that's a citizen or permanent resident to fulfill an open job. Nurses that are generalist trained and have several years experience (preferably in a specialized area such as critical care, OR/theatre, obstetrics, NICU, PICU, emergency) will have more opportunities

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    Quote from juddie
    Am a foreign trained nurse currently licensed in states and practicing .
    Had a friend from my country who claimed to be "a nurse" and had interest on how I made it.
    The person claimed to have attended the same school back home.
    I gave all the info but just realized the person was there for only one year.

    Now they claim to have the transcript ready for evaluation .prior to the transcript they had asked very personal questions like the name i had used in college(av changed since I got married) and copy of my transcript .

    Am scared they r using my transcript for the board.
    Av confronted the person obviously they denied.
    Av worked so hard for my career in and out of the country for one person to jeopardize it.
    Now what am i supposed to do!
    If California contact the BRN investigation unit now. You are subject to criminal prosecution when discovered. Never give your data to anyone.

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    Are you already an LPN as per your user name? In other threads you said you're a CMA. There are no guarantees in this world. The areas that pay the highest rates for nurses also have the most competition and higher nurse unemployment rate. There is not much job security, slightly more if union .

    Just like in business there is instability and unexpected obstacles the same with nursing. There is no guarantees. Reimbursement rates dwindle, budgets are cut, nurses are reduced in salary or in numbers staffed or work with higher patient to nurse ratios. There are no guarantees in anything in life.

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    If you don't want to be a nurse (and it appears you do not) then skip nursing school. Be a stripper/dancer and flip houses. You aren't likely to "make bank $$$$" as a nurse. If you live in a state with a moral turpitude clause stripping could affect your ability to be a licensed nurse.

    You seem to feel your ultimate goal is to own a house flipping business funded by your stripping so why bother with nursing school? Go in the direction of your dreams if that is your desire

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    Signs of boundaries crossed:

    You visit the patient on your break or day off
    You buy "gifts" for certain patients
    You decide no one can care for a patient as well as you
    The patient (or family member) has your personal contact (cell, email, home #)
    You are connected on social media
    You have photos on your device or tagged in social media linking you to the patient
    You feel as like you are related (The Gramdma I never knew

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    Quote from daniellemarie1005
    Well I should have checked before I opened my mouth, lol It does state it is pending.
    Applying online has its advantages...good luck

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    Does your name show up on the NJ BoN site as pending? Then you can list your NY license and indicate your NJ license by endorsement is pending

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    ISU is highly competitive only admitting 20-30 students per cohort

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    Neither school is accepted by CABRN. Some states will only license Excelsior Grads by endorsement

    ISU's distance degree is not accepted at all by CA, NY and others (map on website)

    Both schools allow you to earn your prerequisite credits by other means (local county college, CLEP exams, etc)

    Be sure to speak directly not only with admissions reps from the school's but also nursing department or academic advising. No school will not evaluate your credits until you pay and apply but both have degree planning tools on their website.

    Depending on your state WGU hybrid may be an option or Alleghaney (I think that's the name) in Maryland

    There is no fully online entry to practice RN programs. All require in person clinical assessments.

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    Quote from Slipping CMA
    Can a CMA challenge the test like we can in Il? Meeting the right conditions.
    Most certifications have verifiable experience in addition to education optiond

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    Quote from DebDebLPN
    I started working for a home health agency a month ago and just found out that they are withholding 12 hrs of overtime pay that I desperately needed on this wks check because my employer says they did not receive my nursing notes from a patient on Tues. I worked 5 days in a row and dropped off all of the notes in person. They told me that someone should have called to inform me of the missing doc but no one did before the deadline to enter time. I told them per Florida law, it is illegal to withhold pay for this reason. They said it was illegal for me to withhold a doc. I wasn't withholding a doc as I dropped it off and they admitted that they fired their billing person last week and things have been hectic (obviously paperwork lost) They have my time sheet with the parents signature on it proving I worked. My week totaled 58 hours but I am only getting paid for 46. They said they will pay me the OT when I redo the note and turn it in. Isn't this illegal? They had all of my signed time sheets. Don't we get paid for service rendered and not be allowed to hold pay for missing patient? I learned last night that they with help pay from another nurse because she wrote her notes on the wrong forms. How are they getting away with this?
    Call your state labor board for assistance

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    California requires phlebotomists to be credentialed by the state. Louisiana is the only other state that requires phlebotomists to be certified.

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    According to Medscape lorazepam is schedule 4