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    Quote from Conrad88
    Good day to all nurses,
    I studied nursing in the Philippines, i graduated it and i did not take the exam there. im in US now, what are the requirements to take the LPN exam here?
    Thank you for the help...
    More power to all
    depends on the state. You can't in PA, IN, TX NJ and other states unless you graduate from a practical nursing program

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    Generally no. Most states triage is an RN only skill

    In NY, MA's are specifically prohibited from triage

    NYS Nursing: Practice Information: Utilization of Medical Assistants

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    Go to the website for the MD BoN
    find the instructions to apply for an LPN license by endorsement
    complete application and pay fees
    if you are not an MD resident you will apply for a single state license as you are then ineligible for a nursing license compact multi state license

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    Depends on the state. I can tell you no for IN, TX and NJ since vocational/practical nursing is not recognized in the Philippines as education eligible for licensing.

    There is a specific school in the Philippines that claims to educate to US standards but it is not since the program is overseas.

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    Per NJ law you are ineligible for an LPN license by exam or endorsement. Only graduates of a practical nursing program are eligible for licensing as an LPN in NJ

    "Attendance in or successful completion of a professional nursing program shall not serve as anequivalent or substituted quali cation for the practical nursing education requirement (N.J.A.C.13:37-4.1(b) "

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    Quote from Phicha97
    Just passed nclex lpn recently, took nclex rn couple of times but have no luck. I didn't review lpn book but I think the exam is almost the same. I reviewed nclex mastery rn and uworld. But now unfortunately Pennsylvania is not accepting my lpn license since I am an rn license in the Philippines. They want me to take the course of lpn. My dilemma now is I'm planning to apply reciprocity in New Jersey since I live couple of miles in New Jersey border. Is there anyone here who has the same problem as mine, what did you do to apply reciprocity in ni? Thanks in advance!
    NJ only licenses LPNs who graduated from a school of practical nursing. RN education is not sufficient/equivalent for LPN. They are very strict on this as are other states including PA, TX, IN you are ineligible to endorse your LPN license since you did not graduate from a school of practical nursing.

    from NJ BoN "Attendance in or successful completion of a professional nursing program shall not serve as anequivalent or substituted qualication for the practical nursing education requirement (N.J.A.C.13:37-4.1(b) ". In other words for licensing by exam or endorsement only graduates of PN programs are eligible for LPN license in NJ

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    There is very little as nursing education is not universal. With only a year experience you won't be that marketable. Do you have work rights or an EU passport? Are you fluent in another language including medical/nursing terminology? MSF/DWB has limited opportunities generally requiring fluency in French or other desired language and 2+ years in a desired specialty (often APN, OB/L&D, OR, public health, primary care ).

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    Quote from edskrewina15
    I'm Philippines RN and want to take NCLEX. I live in Delaware. Can you help me what to do?
    you start by applying for a nursing license by examination as an internationally educated nurse with the Delaware Board of Nursing. Once the BoN determines your credentials meet state requirements then you will be given authorization to register, pay for and schedule to take the NCLEX.

    Start with the BoN website

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    1 in the event of gross negligence on behalf of the school or its employees (bus driver is inebriated) that waiver will not stand up in court so no worries there.

    2. FERPA & HIPAA both allow for care coordination. I sign very specific consents for school and alter as needed.

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    There is more than one facility called St. Lukes

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    The employer and their attorneys file for EB-2/3. Visas. Individuals cannot file for visas that are employment based as you cannot sponsor yourself for employment

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    Why did you wait so long to schedule? You are going to lose the $200 registration plus $100 testing fee and have to request a new ATT from the BoN plus repay Pearson if you don't take the exam by 11/1. There are no extensions and no refunds. Did you try calling?

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    Quote from Mjpascua
    Aside from the congratultion letter Should i received another letter stating that i passed
    The congratulations letter IS the pass letter. You can't be congratulated without passing the nclex.

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    Quote from Mjpascua
    Hello.i got the same letter too. I dunno if i pass or not
    Again it means you pass. You don't get a letter asking you to pay for your initial license if you failed

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    Quote from RNBoss9
    Oh please if you can help me. I did complete the RN program and as you stated he will not release my transcript because of payment. What can I do??
    Try contacting the state board of nursing but if you owe money he's not wrong