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    Some training centers prioritize class seats for providers where the skills are within scope of practice. Others anyone who can pay and show up can attend.

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    It's a new program with a 60% pass rate for this year and 2016 had 80% likely provisional status with NJBoN. Have you looked into more economical public programs? Many have high pass rates and strong community & employer relationships

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    It doesn't matter if you get it. You follow their procedure or you don't get the visa screen. Nursys is for BoN to BoN or for employer verification.

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    Your other thread offers more insight. This was an incident not a HIPAA violation.
    The nurse did NOT ask you to abandon your patient they asked you to reconsider your efficiency in focusing all of your attention on one patient while leaving the rest of your patients unattended and unmedicated. If your patient with alcohol withdrawal was so unstable they needed ongoing one to one nursing care they should have been transferred to a higher acuity unit. Leaving a stable patient's room to care for others with acute needs is not abandonment. Seeking misplaced documents from a supervisor you have a negative relationship with shows a possible low level of maturity and reduced professionalism. Once or twice is not a pattern. Even HHS (who enforces HIPAA) agrees.

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    Quote from SolsticeRN
    I didn't know it's not authorized to share because it was posted here in by the one who made it, in a pdf form, to be seen and copied by the struggling people like me to help pass the nclex.
    It was neverposted by the one who created it. It was posted by someone who decided they wanted to share it without confirming the source

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    Quote from roser13
    I don't understand the connection between your post's title and the content.
    She has hit multiple forums but is attempting method 3 to challenge LVN licensing in CA as a CNA which requires specific experience in units from pediatrics, maternity, med/surg, psych doing specific skills over a total of 60 months. She's upset her employer/managers won't sign off on what cannot be verified as there is no record of the OP working the minimum time in each unit over 5 years as it's not tracked (extremely few attempt to challenge lvn licensing without attending school & graduating. However it's ironic that CA permits this but denies consideration to Excelsior graduates)

    HomeApplicantsMethod 3
    Method 3

    Qualification Based on Equivalent Education and/or Experience, section 2873 of the Vocational Nursing Practice Act and section 2516(b) of the California Code of Regulations


    Qualifying for the licensure examination based on prior education and experience, often referred to as "the equivalency method", requires the applicant to provide documentation of a minimum of 51 months of paid general duty inpatient bedside nursing experience in a clinical facility and completion of a 54-theory-hour pharmacology course. If the applicant has successfully completed additional formal nursing education, that education may be substituted for some of the required bedside nursing experience.

    The equivalency method permits unlicensed individuals who have had extensive inpatient bedside nursing care experience, plus a limited amount of formal education, to demonstrate that they have acquired sufficient basic nursing knowledge to be eligible for the licensure examination.

    Please note that achieving licensure via the equivalency method may limit the licensee's ability to be hired as a licensed vocational nurse or psychiatric technician. No other state accepts licensees who have been licensed via this method. In addition to licensure, some health care facilities within California require that their potential employees be graduates of approved nursing or psychiatric technician programs. Such facilities will not hire licensees who have achieved licensure via the equivalency method. If you have questions about licensure in another state, please contact that state's board of nursing. If you have questions about the hiring practice of a particular health care facility in California, please contact that facility.


    Pursuant to the California Code of Regulations section 2516(b), the 51 months of paid general duty inpatient bedside nursing experience must include a minimum of each of the following:

    48 months medical/surgical nursing;
    6 weeks maternity or genitourinary nursing;
    6 weeks pediatric nursing.
    The majority of the paid bedside nursing experience must have occurred in a inpatient clinical facility providing the types of patient care that will prepare the applicant for the content topics covered in the licensure examination. It is required that all experience must have occurred within the past ten years, with half of the required experience occurring in the past five years. The experience must have been recent enough that the applicant is knowledgeable regarding current types of patient care equipment, policies and procedures.

    When calculating work experience, the applicant can substitute up to a maximum of eight months of the required medical-surgical clinical experience with experience obtained outside of the acute care setting; however, a minimum of 40 months of medical-surgical experience must have occurred in an acute care facility. Paid work experience in the following areas will be applicable toward the eight months that can be substituted for acute medical-surgical experience:

    Communicable Disease Nursing
    Public Health Nursing
    Occupational Health Nursing
    Office Nursing (M.D.)
    Psychiatric Nursing
    Operating Room Nursing
    Private Duty Nursing (Performed in acute care facilities only)
    Emergency Room Nursing
    Out Patient Clinic
    Post Anesthesia Recovery Nursing
    Hemodialysis Nursing
    Rehabilitation Nursing
    Gerontological Nursing
    Emergency Medical Technician Service
    [Please note: The following types of work experience will not be accepted in this category; home health aide, in-home care provider, in-home hospice provider, board and care provider, residential care provider, unit secretary, ward clerk, transport aide, phlebotomist, monitor technician, field paramedic. This list is not all-inclusive, but is offered for clarification purposes.]

    In the application packet, an Employment Verification form is provided. The applicant must provide a copy of this form to all employers. On the verification form, all paid bedside nursing experience must be verified by the applicant's employer(s) indicating specific dates of employment and the number of hours worked in each area. The employment verification form must be mailed directly to the Board by the employer in an official business envelope.

    The verification of experience must also include certification from the Director or Supervisor (must be a registered nurse) that the applicant has satisfactorily demonstrated the following knowledge and skills:

    A. Basic Bedside Nursing

    Ambulation techniques
    Urinary Catheter care
    Collection of specimens
    Diabetic testing
    Administration of a cleansing enema
    Feeding patient
    Hot and cold applications
    Intake and Output
    Personal hygiene and comfort measures
    Positioning and transfer
    Range of motion
    Skin care
    Vital signs
    Communication skills, both verbal and written, including communication with patients who have psychological disorders
    B. Infection control procedures (may be demonstrated in classroom, lab, and/or patient care settings.)

    Techniques for strict, contact, respiratory, enteric, tuberculosis, drainage, universal and immunosuppressed patient isolation.
    Method 3: Qualification Based on Equivalent Education and/or Experience - Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians

    If your employer can't verify you are out of luck

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    In my state CNAs can't work in home care unless they take the CHHA bridge and get CHHA credential. Homecare aides are assistance with daily living: toiketibg, dressing, bathing, meal prep, shopping, assist on errands

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    Reportedly it's since been copyrighted and not authorized to be freely shared. Take care in posting your email address in a public forum you just gave the copyright owner a means to contact you

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    Quote from Isacam
    I finished the 54 hr pharmacology class and now I'm in the process of getting my paper work filled out ... but I have hit a road block supervisors from the hospital I have worked at for 16 years so not want to fill out my work experience for because the hospital has no way of varifying the floors I have floated to or the patients I have worked with..
    The only paper I can get is from Human Resources which is proff of employment .
    Not sure this helps at all .....
    If they cannot verify specified experience then you won't be eligible

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    No, especially since you admit limited English proficiency. IELTS and TOEFL are the only acceptable proof

    CGFNS International confirms required English competency in oral and written, based on passing scores from either:

    Test of English as a Foreign Language, Internet-Based Test (TOEFL® iBT) or
    International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
    The minimum required score varies depending on the profession of the applicant.
    CGFNS International, Inc. | Global Credibility | 44 Error (Page Not Found)

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    We do? In what context? What has your research shown you.

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    Quote from heystudentnurse
    I was wondering does that also apply to those that failed? I wouldn't have to to send the paperworks to them such as transcripts, ect.
    Depends on the state. Some you just return the re-test application others require full application

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    Quote from elizandajd
    that the body encapsulates it in collagen... But under what parameters make it positive (10mm vs 2mm?), and why?

    I was hoping for more information.

    Clearly you didn't bother to look at the resources as asmscience article specifically addressed your pathophysiology query and why the size of induration is not random.

    You can lead a student to research but....

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    Why were you blocked? One nurse was blocked for presenting fraudulent licensing documents--difficult to recover from getting caught committing fraud