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    This may be grounds for deportation. Consult a criminal and immigration attorney for advice.

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    I presume you applied as endorsement?
    Do you have veteran status? Perhaps contact your local government rep to intervene? Based on what you posted you qualify.

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    Only a select few states accept military training in lieu of formal nursing education. Are you certain VA accepts military education in lieu of nursing school?

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    Ignorance of the law is not a defense.

    Did you complain about your employer or did you post about specific patient(s)? Either can be grounds for termination. The employee handbook most likely has information about the corporate social media policy.

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    Gossip. Not a HIPAA violation

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    Quote from Annish
    Hi, do you mean you finish the whole LPN course in just 3months?

    No. They posted this three months prior to graduation. There is no way to complete a practical nursing program in less than ten month. Full time is 10-12 months. Part time is 18-30 months.

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    Never loosen or remove a helmet unless trained to do so. In the field unless you are a prehospital RN the Emt's and medics are the higher authority with field training. There was nothing to take charge of. Most nurses are not trained in prehospital care.

    The medic was correct. You do not touch or loosen the helmet. He was breathing and not blue so no risk of asphyxiation. Moving him to check pupils was unnecessary.

    When I was a tech there was a pedestrian struck in front of the hospital as the night shift left. Who took charge? EMTs & medics
    The EMT techs held c-spine stabilization, security got a backboard and c-collar. The EMTs & medics were trained in quick assessment, stabilization and packaging the patient.

    Strongly recommend not yelling "but I'm a nurse" in any scenario. Unnecessary attention and can adjust expectations and increase your liability. Don't lie but don't volunteer either

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    Without specifics such as define "leaked out" and "nurse" (most physicians don't employ nurses) it's impossible to advise

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    If you are using a predetermined checklist of criteria that was developed by a physician or RN then within scope. If you are expected to extract information and use clinical judgement/clinical decision making independently that is out of LPN scope in most states. Your employer won't advise you either way but the BoN won't care. As this can have legal and life impacting effects on the individual claiming harm from a medication I wouldn't even consider this job as an RN unless the data was reviewed and final determination made by a physician.

    Many likely failed before you as this is somewhat diagnostic and generally best left to those with an APN/MD/DO or even a PharmD.

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    No. You must be a legal county resident with valid proof such as drivers license, copy of mortgage or lease. Temporary staying will not work

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    Quote from kelseynewman100
    do i have to put my credit card information in again to get a pop up message ? or if I got this far did I fail ?
    You must risk paying $200 and submit the charge to see if the trick works for tou

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    Quote from nbergh7
    For everyone who tries this trick and doesn't get the pop up- IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU FAILED. I took the NCLEX two days ago and I heard about this trick so I immediately tried to re-exam on Pearsonvue and it brought me all the way to the payment page without a pop up. I even entered my card information and was on the conformation page to purchase it for another $200 and it didn't stop me what-so-ever. I tried this twice on my phone and computer. So the last two days I was so upset thinking I failed, and after 48 hours I purchased my quick results and I PASSED! So please, please do not trust this trick and don't beat yourself up if you don't get a pop up.
    For about 3 years now you must submit the payment (and risk $200) to attempt the trick

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    Almost none. Most countries do not have practical/enrolled nurses. Those that do have very different requirements. Such as Canada has the equivalent of the US ASN as minimum education for LPN/RPN. Most countries are BSN minimum entry for RN. US LPN is not trained equivalent to AUS EN

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    Generally it's a one time offer especially in the current fiscal climate

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    Three years? She could have attended and graduated nursing school a few times by now. This is a limited license rarely granted to aides, most are international registered nurses that are ineligible to be licensed as RN in CA. Is it really worth it? Yes they are extremely specific and picky if each required specialty does not have the mandated time and verification of skills performed by the employer. Too long since you took the pharmacology course? Too bad. Three years is usually the maximum that bvnpt will consider an application.