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    PT = physical therapist
    pt. = Patient.

    discuss with your facility HIPAA compliance officer as this will be a he said she said situation.

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    Nursing Incredibly Easy books help many. Mixed reviews if you do a search of this site for that website. Those that post the most positive reviews use the free videos

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    Yes. Failure to do so can be considered withholding/failure to disclose and subsequent sanctions and/or denial of license. The application specifies exactly what must be disclosed to the BoN by law

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    NY is 6+ months as they require CVS which takes st least 6 months to process

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    Quote from edgarandr
    Hi, just wanted to ask you if went for your BSN or ADN and if you went literally to a class during your journey or you did it all online?. I would like to go for my BSN and currently have an Associates Degree in Computer information systems from 8 years ago. Not sure if any of my credits would be transferable. Also were you taking the credit by exam on an monthly basis and what study material would you recommend?

    Thank you,
    this is a distance only program. No classrooms. If you are not currently a licensed & working RN you are ineligible for the BSN program. If you are not currently a licensed & working LPN or certified paramedic (MICP/EMT-P) you are ineligible for the ASN program. These are programs for experienced nurses to expand their education. The only class time for the ASN is the 3 day clinical performance exam

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    Quote from Maeboss3883
    I'm also in the same position. I live in Indiana (non compact) but licensed in New Mexico. Planning to transfer to Texas, should I apply reciprocity ahead since i will not be able to use my New Mexico since it is not my permanent residence? Thanks
    Reciprocity is only nclex results. There are no guarantees of licensing in any state. You apply for a nursing license by endorsement. If you are an IEN you may need to follow those instructions which may include CGFNS

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    NJ also requires a SSN. Metro NY & NJ have an abundance of inexperienced and specialized nurses so minimal incentive to sponsor overseas nurses

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    Quote from Thayer1dhc
    Hi, Can you give me your take on this: In my last advanced skills lab on Tuesday (1/31/17) my professor went up to me and asked me to draw up medications because she wanted to "make sure I knew how to do it." I was the only student she asked to do this and when I was done she asked me to program an IV pump, during which time she watched me intently. When I asked her for help on some of the heparin calculations she wouldn't answer my questions, continued asking me to find the answer, and at one point put her head down out of annoyance. Keep in mind, nobody gave us any instruction on how to do these calculations and all I wanted was some clarification that I was doing it correctly. One of my classmates who is in my group and I'm friends with came up to me after class and couldn't believe how much she singled me out. Compared to all the other instructors, **** is the only one who treats me like this and is the only one who intimidates me. The same day my previous professor came up to me and congratulated me on growing so much since Fundamentals and said I'm doing a really good job so I really don't understand why I'm being singled out by ****.
    do you not think your previous communications, attitude, and actions may have warranted the spotlight?

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    Quote from aelin76_76
    No I'm not EU citizen.. does that mean that I will have to go through their program of schooling all over again to become a nurse?
    priority for work, work visas and all benefits including education are for citizens, legal permanent residents and EU assport holders. You need to be fluent I not only conversational Portuguese but also medical Portuguese

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    Not likely as there are no ASNs in Canada. The entry to practice is BScN many US BSN-RN are deemed not comparable to Canadian nursing education standards

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    Are you an EU citizen?
    A US license means zero in Portugal

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    There is an agency nursing forum under nursing specialties

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    GA like many states requires you to graduate from an RN program whether ADN, BSN or diploma. Once you graduate and earn your Canadian LPN license you can apply to the GABoN for a LPN license by examination as an internationally educated nurse. However you will not be eligible for any work visa including TN as LPN is not on the list. You may have difficulty even finding employment as there is not a high vacancy rate and an employer would be hard pressed to prove they cannot hire a citizen or permanent resident.

    Do you have a US SSN (only citizens, legal permanent residents, and certain work visas are entitled to SSN)? Do you already have work rights or do you need sponsorship? If you need visa sponsorship LPN is not eligible.

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    Quote from Alex Egan
    Well. That's an interesting idea. Let me know how this goes if you don't mind. My camp has never considered a TN status candidate, the risk of being turned away at the last minute, as TN status is adjudicated at the boarder. We haven't been able to run any other visa plays on nurses, however there haven't been a time of opportunities
    The one camp has never been able to secure TN visa or any other temp visa for a nurse. They have been able to bring over college/university students on a summer student work program for the full camp program.

    I think you are too optimistic about your application processing, licensing for Canada and then PA. A temp ON
    license is useless for a TN visa. You need a PA license. Especially since you haven't even graduated yet.