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  • 4:08 pm

    Quote from Silver Surfer
    The state of the economy and the probability of meaningful employment at graduation with a B.S.B.A. place me in a position to have a backup plan and nursing is it. I understand that nursing is no cakewalk and deserves my full attention. I do not plan to work while taking any courses. I am still single so I can get up and work anywhere in the country. A close family member is a CNA in New England and has established relationships, and makes $17 in hospital per diem but mostly does private care at $25 and $30 as a CNA. So I would likely be in her same area or another well paying area, not states that are notorious for low wages in the field.

    This confuses me even more. You continue to refer back to CNA experience, pay rates, etc. Yet that is unconnected to your stated goal: licensed nurse. Which are you actually considering?

    To be honest, looking to CNA as a "back-up" makes a whole lot more sense than nursing.

  • 4:03 pm

    Quote from purplegal
    Learned some shocking news yesterday: The Golden Boy was fired. When I heard it at first, I didn't believe it. But, I looked at the unit's website, and sure enough, he is gone. I actually feel bad, almost guilty in a way.
    And you are STILL stalking. Get over it already.

  • 3:59 pm

    Quote from NovaNala
    That's correct, my mom asked me to look at her progress report because they're telling her nothing. She's trying to fight with THEM. We were never taught about HIPAA and having permission.
    I doubt v. much that, even if it's true (which I find hard to believe), the school will be willing to concede to anyone that it never informed you at all about HIPAA and the legal requirements of client privacy. No hospital would be willing to host nursing students from a school that doesn't teach its students about something as basic and universal as HIPAA.

    Hospitals have processes for individuals with consent from the client to access records, and it is usually that the individual must sign a Release of Information form and you can request the records from the HIM department once the individual is discharged. It's highly unlikely that, even with your mother's permission, the hospital would allow you to just help yourself to the chart in "real time."

  • 11:43 am

    It used to be that community and family would help foot the bills.

    I would say it's a SOCIETY fail.

  • 11:36 am

    Quote from betweenus64
    Thank you for that comment. I really don't get it, why have supervisors that don't want to get off their asses to help when we ask for help? I could not find a vein and poked like 3 times before going to the sup which by the way did not get up off her fat ass and come draw this blood, another RN did. I feel she is just lazy and tries to do her best to pick on someone. I am getting angrier by the day and hoping not to blow up on the wrong person. I really am trying, I do a great job, I have learned my mistakes, yet when I need the additional help my supervisor will not help out. I get responses that are nasty, and really uncalled for. I asked a question last night and the response was really nasty in return, not that it needed to be. I won't go to her any longer, I will do whatever I know and not let this person steal my happiness. I know I am learning, yet, being ugly to people is not the way to be....its just not necessary and she truly needs to blow some air out of her fat cheeks and be nice for a change....
    Your attitude toward your superior does not seem to be particularly respectful or appropriate. (Multiple comments about "her fat ass" are totally inappropriate.). If she is picking up on your attitude toward her; if your attitude is coming across in any way, it is small wonder that she is being "nasty to you" (if indeed she IS). When your interactions with a superior are constantly negative, it is up to you to examine your part of the interaction and make the necessary changes.

  • May 28

    I think a card from the unit is appropriate, if it is something you do for every patient death.

    Similarly, I think the donation fund would only be appropriate if it was a general fund for all patient deaths, not specific to this family. And then it still may need to be hospital wide, not unit wide. This one is a little more iffy.

    I have worked in units with bereavement committees where they send cards to the family after death, and at the first holiday season, and at the one year more. I think they also sent a hospital representative to the funeral when the family wishes. But it is always for all patients, not for just one family....which could be construed as unfair and favoritism and can cause trouble.

  • May 28

    You have a big heart for wanting to do this but It's unethical and could be a violation. Don't do it. Speak with your manager about something else you guys could do.

  • May 28

    IMO, this oversteps professional bounds and I would not consider it. Speak privately with a charge nurse or manager to see if the sympathy card is something that your unit would do, and don't be surprised if the answer is no.

  • May 27

    You're taking things WAY too personally and making mountains out of molehills. This is a world of people, not machines, and there will always be decisions made by people you disagree with. You need to be more tolerant and flexible if you are going to survive.

    1. About being put in Charge. Nurse Y is ahead of you in line. It is only natural that she would get to learn the Charge role first. Maybe in a couple of months, you'll be learning that role too. Maybe the Manager only needed 1 more person to be in Charge right now and Nurse Y was ready, so she got the nod. Maybe she doesn't need all 3 of your to be in Charge -- so she gave it to the one who seemed best suited for it -- nothing weird about that. Don't think of it as some big conspiracy against you.

    Maybe Nurse Y has some qualities or background that make her particularly well-suited for the Charge role. That is the Manager's call to make, based on her assessment of the situation. If Charge Nurse is a role you aspire to, then talk (pleasantly and professionally) to your Manager and ask her how you can become a Charge Nurse.

    2. As for the preceptor situation ... well ... that's unfortunate. But you apparently don't know why the Manager continues to use this nurse as a preceptor. Until you know why, you cannot sit in judgment over it. Maybe there are good reasons you don't know about. There are usually 2 or 3 sides (at least) to every story and until you have the whole story, refrain from judgment. That nurse may be the only nurse willing to do it ... or be the only nurse capable of teaching ... or ...????

  • May 26

    You didn't asked another nurse to help out and she did. Delegation involves an RN task being given to someone with a narrower scope of practice but for which you are still ultimately responsible.

    Asking another RN to help out with a task or with a patient is not delegation, it's teamwork. Why the heck is your employer doing this nitpicking of two nurses working together? Does your boss not want you all to help each other?

  • May 26

    Thread closed for review.

  • May 25

    Quote from arnoldlayne
    Btw, I'm still very annoyed because if the "accident" report form we use in school doesn't count for anything when a situation arises, what is the point of having teachers fill them out in the first place?
    You aren't trying to apply logic or reason to a government institution are you?

  • May 25

    She's done. They found out why they couldn't manage a closed reduction. When they opened it, her bone had poked through the periosteum and it was wrapped around the bone. Two pins in that they will remove in 4 weeks and she will stay overnight for 3 doses of IV ABT.

    They're doing a pain block now and then I'll get to see her.

    Thanks for all the good thoughts and love!! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️

  • May 25

    Good Luck! I got hammered by employers asking why it took me nearly 7 months to get my license post graduation. 7 years? It is going to be a daunting task to get hired in a "Hospital" with no refresher course that includes skills labs/practicum. There is a reason why job offers fly during your practicum (including mine) Hospitals consider you "fresh"

  • May 24

    I know a few people who liked quizlet - until they started finding incorrect information on flash cards that other users had created. There's no way to tell who makes those things and what resource they use. Also, yes, I've heard of people copying test questions word for word in to quizlet.

    It's one thing to use it to make your own flash cards and quiz yourself, but why not just use a validated source if you're looking up information? Even Khan Academy has NCLEX prep now, not to mention excellent pathophys review modules.

    As far as test banks go... Just no. Seriously, just use the resources provided to you or other reputable nursing resources like Mosby's, Medscape, Khan Academy, NCLEX Mastery, the multimedia supplement with your book.... etc etc etc