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  • Oct 20

    Quote from Sour Lemon
    It happens. I enrolled in a last-minute BLS renewal class once upon a time. Then, I got a call saying that the class was cancelled but the instructor would "run through" it with me if I stopped by her near-by apartment. I was over-due and desperate, so I headed over. I paid her the money and she gave me the card explaining that she was "really busy". I guess I could have refused and reported her, but I took the card I needed for work the next day and I left.
    So you are the one who cheated! You are complaining about your own behavior!

  • Oct 20

    The state BON would happily license all the people who would want to get licensed in order to come work in the state to take all those jobs ...

  • Oct 17

    I would direct this question to your OB/GYN. None of us are experts, doctors, or immunologists. Good luck and congratulations.

  • Oct 17

    We cannot give medical/flu shot advice. This is between you and your husband.

  • Oct 17

    Many people do not understand the difference between gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and influenza. Real influenza is a serious respiratory illness and kills many people each year- particularly the old, young, and immunocompromised. The flu shot does not cause the flu. Some people do have an immune response to the vaccination characterized by mild cold-like symptoms. There is no increased risk for reaction if someone has never had the flu shot before. The flu vaccine is developed each year based on what is predicted to be the most prevalent strains, but it doesn't cover everything one. If someone gets influenza after getting the flu shot, it doesn't mean that the flu shot didn't work. It means that they likely contracted a different strain of the virus.

    Encourage your husband to do some research and talk to his doctor. We can't provide medical advice here, and whether your husband should receive the flu shot is something he needs to decide in conjunction with his doctor based on his medical history and present circumstances.

  • Oct 17

    Agree with above. In the event of gross negligence, you can still sue and win. Those waivers are basically worthless in the face of true negligence.

  • Oct 17

    A reminder:

    Please post to the subject of the thread only, and refrain from name-calling and insults.
    Only post what you would say in front of a group of professionals.

    Thank you.

  • Oct 15

    Ecs268, your first post after joining just today is to denigrate posters in a thread that hadn't been posted in for over a year? People are permitted to respond how they choose as long as it is in line with the TOS.

  • Oct 15

    Quote from NurseCard

    HR at your former job are, by law, not allowed to disclose anything other than the fact that you did work there, and whether or not you are elligible for rehire.
    That is NOT TRUE.

  • Oct 14
  • Oct 14

    I've heard too many of your stories to take them seriously.

  • Oct 14

    Quote from zynnnie
    Just finished with the meeting with my manager and HR. I was terminated immediately. I have never had any write up or any disciplinary action against me, I agree to work when people bail, and for ten second of sleep by 5.30am when I have round up my shift, I was terminated.

    I was asked to write a letter of appeal which I have done, I had no defence but a plea for them to look at my impeccable track record and reinstate me. Is a long short but am really tired . no warning, no suspension just immediate termination.

    My only source of income, the only job I have enjoyed doing since after law school has just being taking away in a second.

    I have other job interview next week but theybr an hour away from me. I may have to relocate cos where I stay have only two hospital and I want to work in a hospital.

    Thank you all for listening, I didn't say anything about my co workers, i just bursted out in tears as they gave me my letter of termination.
    Termination does seem harsh if your prior behavior was exemplary. However, I don't see how you can claim you were only asleep for "10 seconds." If you were actually asleep, your assessment of time would by definition be suspect.

  • Oct 13

    I'm not putting anything on any kids without a order.

    I have standing orders for calamine, sunscreen and burn gel.
    Other than that, you're on your own, kids.

    Don't even get me going down the essential oils rampage again. My Mets lost and I'm in a BAD mood.

  • Oct 13

    Quote from nrsucee
    Can anyone assist me in understand my rights as an Independent Contractor working in the public school system? Do I have any rights? Can they just have me turn in my name badge, building keys and release me from my duties without any paperwork? When asked if I am Terminated or Fired they do not answer Yes or No? But yet if I do not fill this role throughout the duration of my contract agreement which was the 2016-2017 school year. Failure to complete then I have to pay the corporation fees for the rest of my assigned contract ? Am liable to repay the contract company who subcontracted me? When I asked this I was told that I had to follow up with them. I am not understanding this process at all. My supervisor was thee most unhelpful, degrading , cruel and by far thee most unapproachable meanest nurse that I have ever, ever experienced in my life. I did not complain. I was over worked . I made a mistake. But I did not deserve the degrading torture my supervisor did to me whenever she decided to stop in. I never received training except 10 mins here or 15 mins there over a months time. I was it for 900 or more students. Never worked as a school nurse/
    Whenever I see this type of hyperbole- my hinky-meter activates. Color me skeptical.

  • Oct 13

    Quote from wadid
    US is too expensive....
    Australia takes way too long....
    I dont really want to stay in one country, we live in a globalized world...
    Not when it comes to practicing nursing,