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  • Jun 23 '15

    Quote from ahinman
    You must be able to keep your nerves under control. You can know how to do everything perfectly and one small mistake due to nervousness can cause one to make a critical error. I think the most important thing is confidence, knowing exactly how they want things done, and performing it under pressure. A workshop can teach you the skills and such but it truly relies on the individual to prove competence. I passed CPNE on first try using only the study guide Excelsior provides. Everyone learns differently so it's per individual basis on which is the right route to take to prepare.

    You can be the best prepared and have your skills down pat, but if you let your nerves get to your you can be in a lot of trouble.
    I used the CPNE study Guide and and passed the first time. Knowing what to expect really helps with nerves since that is one less thing to worry about.

  • Jun 23 '15

    Check out Rob's CPNE. I watched his vidoes and set up a sims lab just like him and practiced daily until I could do it with my eyes shut. I was CPNE ready in 5 weeks. You can do this. Just remember once you are there just breath and remember your basics!

  • Jun 23 '15

    I have passed CPNE and have been an RN since August. Working on my BSN now. Good luck everyone!

  • Jun 23 '15

    I understand I got totally overwhelmed when I applied for CPNE finally decided I had to break it down or I would just dissolve in a puddle of tears. So I started with reading the CPNE study guide all the way through - then kept out Section 4 and highlighted and tabbed areas I wanted to review.

    Then I started with labs - got a swim noodle I cut up and used for body parts (arm for IV push, taped 2 together for thigh to give IM injection, one for arm for IV drip and one with navel drawn on it for sub q injection) and set up each lab and practiced one every day. I laminated the sheets used for the labs and wrote on them each time so I got so used to it I could do it in my sleep and sometimes I think I did!!

    After I felt comfortable with labs - a few weeks, I then started on Care Plans. I took Sherri Taylor's workshop online and each week she sent 2 care plan scenarios we had to write care plans for and send back to her. Seriously never thought I would figure them out but within a few months I could write them without the Mosby's book!! But trust me I used that book during my CPNE!!

    Finally started working CPNE scenarios, I had a whole list that I cut up and put in a bowl and would pick one each day and work all the way through, write care plan, do grid, assessments and write documentation.

    Also kept a dry erase board next to my chair and practiced my grids while watching TV each night. Also read all I could on allnurses-searched CPNE and read every post - found some great info great ideas!

    By breaking it all down I learned each step and at then end all came together. Passed CPNE and now I am an RN!!!

    Good Luck and if you have any questions just ask-we are all here to help!!

  • Jun 23 '15

    Lunah and tnmarie thank you! I have joined the facebook group. I think I will set up my lab sim and "patient" tomorow after work and start practicing. I think I just saw all 588 pages and was overwhelmed. Taking it one page at a time is much more sensible way of doing it. But at 1am it got a little overwhelming! I will get a dry erase board and I read in another post to laminate my worksheets. THanks for the advice!

  • Jun 23 '15

    All I can say is wow...I passed this exam with a B. Um, I swear I studied my little heart out on it but this B was as good as I could do. I wasn't feeling really sure on most of my answers cuz they all looked the same! This exam was extremely comprehensive and challenging to me. I read some posts that said that EC put about 15 questions from the Practice Exam(s) on their test. Well, not mine. I probably noted about 3 or 4. I had plenty of the (Select All That Applies) and I'm not sure how many I bombed on. I used Saunders mostly and will definitely say that in order to pass, you must UNDERSTAND the interventions, labs, meds, ect. For some it was very easy...for the rest of us (lol) take your time! I've got 2 exams left. Have no idea where I will get the strength to go on. I'm taking ANY advice on LS2. I can feel the burn people.
    Thanks guys.

  • Apr 25 '15

    I passed the CPNE this past weekend at St.Marys. It was a long hard road but you can do it. Don't lose faith. It can be done!

  • Mar 20 '15

    Great way to start the weekend!

  • Feb 26 '15

    With a B. I was shocked as I thought this test would be harder for some reason. There were a ton of repeat questions from the practice exams on this test though. Usually I only see 2 or 3 but it seemed like every couple questions was a repeat. (Hope it's okay to say that.) I only had 130 questions too, I know some have said there are more. Now on to the LS series and I will be done with with the nursing tests. Seems so close yet so far away still. Hoping to finish nursing exams by Dec, so I can appy for the FCCA before the end of the year.

  • Feb 25 '15

    Well thankfully my grade posted today and I got a C! Not great but I'll take it! Now on to Reproductive Health. yuck. I'm hoping to take it by the middle of this month. I've all my old maternity and pediatric textbooks and working on the outline so hopefully it goes well!!

  • Feb 25 '15

    Passed chronicity yesterday. Thought I was going to fail when I was taking it, but I got a C. I'm now officially halfway through the exams. Onto the the lifespans!

    Tips for chronicity: I had quite a few select all that apply. Know the sensory impairments. That's the only section I completely flunked and if I had studied it better I know I would've got a B, maybe even an A. The practice exams helped tremendously. I also used SG101. SG101 is enough if you just want to pass but not enough if you want an A.

  • Feb 25 '15

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I have always used this as a reference when taking my excelsior Exams so I decided that Ill start one of my own and share my experiences with Excelsior College. I am an LVN and reside in Texas. I am currently enrolled in the Excelsior Nursing ADN program. I have successfully tested out in the first 2 exams. Transitions to the professional nurse role with a B and yesterday I just took the Health safety exam and passed with an A!! Now to move on to Foundations in nursing/ Chronicity.. My advice for anyone is to take the time to study. Its especially hard when you work full time and have kids but hey we want to be RNs right? Anyways as long as the motivation is there (since its self study) we will be fine!!

    For the transitions to nursing role I purchased the books and actually read the the chapters according to the content guide. This material is VERY dry. To me it was really discouraging because the material was not interesting to me at all and I felt like it wasnt sticking. I also used studygroup notes as well and after finishing all the chapters i solely studied off that material. I used the content guide that excelsior provides and I went through the studygroup notes and highlighted and made sure the material was following. I HIGHLY recommend TAKING THE PRACTICE EXAMS. Its annoying I know, we've already paid a ton to register and to even taking the exam and now we have to pay 75$ for the practice exam too?! DO IT. Some of the questions are on the actual test. Dont be discouraged if you fail them. I got a 45% on the from A and then a 56% on Form B the night before my exam@!!!. i though for sure I was doomed but i just bit the bullet and took the exam and long behold I got a B! I cant remember precisely what was on the exam but def know the major influences in nursing.

    For the Health safety exam I Purchased the Study group notes and studied on this. I studied for 2 weeks. I also purchased the practice exams. I took Form A practice exam before I even started to study. I just wanted to see how much material I actually new. I got a 75% on that one. Then I began studying. Most of this stuff is a review, but dont underestimate this one! The exam itself was very tricking. The wording constantly made me want to second guess myself. Definitely focus on therapeutic communication! Lots of different questions on that. I had about 2 med calculations (very simple) It was mostly questions about nursing diagnoses and what would be expected outcomes for this nursing diagnoses blah blah. which would take priority ineffective airway breathing or ineffective coping. things like that. I would definitely know the nursing process like that back of your hand. Other than that there were a few questions on how you would handle a patient swallowing a poison, so study that ( its in studygroup notes) and a some questions about pressure ulcers and skin vesicles. But let me tell you, KNOW therapeutic nursing relationship. reflecting, clarifying, repression, displacement. that kind of thing. AGAIN i recommend taking the provided practice exams. I got a 71% on the form B exam the night before my test and I was so worried I wasnt prepared, but ended up passing with an A!!

    Now to take this Foundations of nursing exam! I am open to anyones advice if they have taken this exam, and will be glad to share so insight and motivation for all my fellow excelsior Nursing students!! good luck to all!

  • Feb 25 '15

    Passed the FIPN test on to reproductive health !!

  • Feb 25 '15

    Quote from xoamyx333
    Did you find study guide 101 useful for FINP? i have not yet bought it i have been debating I have been studying directly off the content guide... Anything else i should do for this exam???
    Health Safety was a very easy exam for me i got a B but i felt as if i should have had an A. (prob made silly mistakes)
    Congrats on moving one step closer!!!
    I swear the content guide covered the whole exam. SG 101 was okay...Not really focused material to me. It's so much info, you just have to relax and read the questions carefully when testing. All the answers tended to blend (IMO). Take your time! I got an A. Hope this helps.

  • Feb 25 '15

    I'm starting to study for Foundations of Nursing (was Chronicity).... has anyone used StudyGroup101's study guide for this test, and is it a good supplement? I've used their study guides for 2 previous tests, and they helped a lot, but I've also read that testers that used their guides for the 3 Lifespan tests thought they were useless. I haven't read any feedback on this study guide so far....

    Study tips and advice for this particular test?