Studying for Lifespan3 - Any advice?


Happy Easter, to everyone!

I am currently studying for Health Differences Across the Lifespan3. Do you have any advice on this one?

Of course, I do have the practice tests. I'll go over the topics in that.

I am concerned about this one because I have gotten a B on each of the last 2 exams, LS1 & LS2. I normally make A's on these exams.

There are 2 things that probably caused the grade drop. I think the "check all that apply" questions threw me for a loop. Also, I took the tests when I had some time off from work, but that's not as much study time as I'd like. This time, I want to be really, truly ready.


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I'm studying for it too, using the recommended Med-Surg book, EC Practice exams, online flashcards and vango notes. I also did some flashcards w/ sg101. I'm actually enjoying reading the MedSurg book too. I also really liked Vango notes; I use it while cooking and performing errands. What are you using?