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I love nursing. Although there are some challenging days, I can't imagine doing anything but nursing. There is always something new to learn, to experience, to be a part of. This ever changing profession feeds my thirst for knowledge, keeps my world in perspective, and helps me to be a more understanding person.

Transplant Thanksgiving

It's my turn to work this Thanksgiving. Although I am disappointed that I will not be having dinner with my husband, I knew that we would only be doing emergency cases in the OR. Expecting a relatively light working day, I swipe my badge and enter the locker room to change into scrubs. My trauma pager beeps almost as soon as I clip it onto the waistband of my scrubs. Reading the small screen of the pager, I decipher the code: "Red tag 24yo m, GSW head, GCS 3, intubated, ETA 2... Read More →

Jocularity at its Finest: A Hilarious Account of Misinterpretation

Beth slammed her locker closed, and adjusted her green scrubs. She pulled a blue bouffant cap over her hair and stepped into the OR hallway. As she made her way to the front desk, her work clogs echoed in the deserted hallway. She picked up the posting slips labeled for her room, and flipped through them rapidly. Seven trauma cases! Beth thought. Why do I always get stuck doing all of the trauma cases every Monday? It was springtime, and it seemed that everyone had lost their minds.... Read More →

Shockingly Humbled

"She's crashing!" yells the second year anesthesiology resident. His high pitched voice slices through the alarms that pierce the green tiled operating room. His forehead creases, and his eyes are wild as he rapidly glances from his patient to the monitor. His meaty hands awkwardly search for the phone. Fumbling, he can't dial the numbers in his haste. He throws it down to the floor, yelling expletives and breaking the cheap plastic into pieces. The monitor continues to alarm, and everyone... Read More →

Silver Lining

I stare at the four LED panels in front of me, each displaying cases for every OR, listed by room. I groan inwardly, bracing myself for a busy day. "Canes, you ready?" asks the Medical Director. Every morning, the Medical Director and the Anesthesia Coordinator and I meet to discuss add on cases, and the movement of scheduled cases to ensure the completion of the day's schedule. We collaborate on which cases to move, which order add on cases should go, and discuss any unusual... Read More →

Drawing the Line: Shutting Down Verbal Abuse

It's 3 p.m. The witching hour for any operating room. As our medical director makes rounds, he tallies up how many late rooms are running, and compares that to how many surgical and anesthesia staff we have available to run the late rooms. If the numbers don't add up, then cases are put on hold. While our director speaks frankly and with tact to the surgeons whose cases are being held, it never fails that the surgeons immediately call me and try to barter, beg and plead. End run at its... Read More →

Precepting new staff members in the OR

I was excited to start my first day in the OR. Full of optimism and nervous energy, I found my way to the staff locker room, looked through the lockers to find my name and started to change from street clothes into fresh new scrubs. "Um, can you please move your stuff over so that I can get dressed?" asked the nurse next to me. Nurses were chatting, some were laughing and others were complaining about the previous day's cases. Although there were at least 30 women crammed into the locker room,... Read More →

Working during the holidays

The music was piping through the speakers, the turkey was in the oven, and my mother-in-law and I were sharing laughter and love while cooking dinner together for Thanksgiving. My husband was in the living room watching football (I love him for being a fan!), and called me into the room to watch and excerpt on ESPN. Chris Henry, a wide receiver for the Bengals had passed away last year after suffering injuries in an MVA. Because his mother decided to donate his organs, several people... Read More →

Mission Trip to Nicaragua

I recently returned from an eye-opening and humbling surgical mission trip to Jinotega, Nicaragua. Although I realize that I can never put into words the gravity of my experience, coupled with the need to impact and improve the lives of the people of Jinotega, I will attempt to briefly outline my experiences. Each morning at 0645, our surgical team made the 4 block walk to the hospital from our hotel. Jinotega is known for its beautiful mountains and foggy mists, hence the nickname “City of... Read More →