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  • Oct 17 '17

    TroyM, I have been exactly where you are. I didn't take my RN degree as seriously as I should have. It sucks but it is a part of life. So, I went from RN to BSN through an online program. (there are hundreds) I got strait A's during my BSN degree and I have a cumulative GPA of 3.2. I know it's nothing to brag about but some FNP programs will look at your science classes and the last 60 credits of your schooling. Get your BSN, get strait A's and then apply for NP school if you want.

    By the way, I have been accepted into an FNP program and I start in January.

    Keep your head up.

  • Oct 11 '17

    You should get your BSN first. Get the best grades you can in that program, then apply for an MSN. You don't have to have straight A's, but graduate school is harder than undergrad. You can also think about ways to improve your study habits. Good luck.

  • Oct 11 '17

    Do you really want to be an FNP, change of scene or less stress? It's OK if you want all three but reflect on what your goals are before taking action. Take a few days off so you can think logically and write them down. The answers will come. Trust me!

  • Apr 3 '15
  • Mar 30 '15

    Hello. The weight is now off my shoulders and no longer crushing me anymore..I hope you never lose faith If you are reading this for motivation that is why I posted it

    Lets go back to the beginning..

    I graduated high school in January of 2009, started college 3 days later and in that following fall semester of 2009 I started nursing school! Unfortunately I ended up failing second semester by 11 points. I did not like this school, I felt that it was more of a boot camp and decided to withdraw and find a better nursing school. The next school I found was sooooo much better. They knew your names, they knew what they were talking about and just made the whole experience a ton better. After failing from the first school my GPA dropped to a 1.9.....I started brand new at the next school, made it through every semester with an A or B and ended up graduating with a 3.7. I ended up graduating in December 2013 with my associates in nursing.

    1st time-I waited 6 months till after graduation to take my test!!!! 6 months!! That was my mistake right there. I just needed a break though. I tested May 2014 after reviewing with ATI (through my school) which pardon my language... WAS HORRIBLE. My tutor did not help me, the questions weren't helping me. I did not like the schedule they gave me. I bluntly, hated it. I felt like my life was over, just like I did when I failed nursing school before. Failed with 265 and all 8 categories near passing.

    2nd time-July 2014...I used ATI again and the PDA book and the kaplan book, I completed the whole thing and I guess it was okay... Obviously either didn't work! Failed with 265 and all 8 categories near passing..again.

    3rd time-September 2014...This time I bought NCSBN 8 week program. Hated it. The set-up was horrible. There was WAY to more information for me to handle. I was unsuccessful again..Failed with 265 and all 8 categories near passing..yep once again. Mind you I have just started my BSN program which I did not need my license for yet.

    4th time-January 2015. This time I used a tutor after begging one of my nursing instructors for help. She made me have confidence in myself again but that is pretty much it. This time Failed with 265 and 6 categories near passing, 2 below passing. Now I am nervous because I am in my second semester of my BSN program and in the summer I am taking courses that I NEED my license for. NEED. or else I would have to prolong my BSN program. (which I have planned to graduate Dec 2015 and then have a cruise booked to celebrate being done with nursing school forever!!) and this would ruin my plans if I failed.

    5th time-Desperate as all heck... Took advice from two of my classmates that failed a couple times and just passed. They went to a 4 day Kaplan live class and then did questions and videos online. They both passed. I purchased kaplans questions only and did them for about a month and a half. I have worked full time as a GN since February 2014, bought a house, tried to maintain my relationship with my S.O etc, etc. I had to pass it this time. Even with writing papers for my BSN program and living a semi-normal life...I was doing 10 questions a night out of the Qbank after I took the q-trainers. I did not take the readiness test or the diagnostic test. Or qtrainer 7. I will post my scores after. I went into the testing center on a Saturday at 8am. The test shut off around 100. I couldn't believe it. I just focused on my test the whole time. Kept my confidence and kept telling myself today is the day, today is the day. I did not think about NOT one other thing. EVEN though I had the pressure of next semester on me and my job and my relationship and my life on the LINE for the 5th TIME!!! I just focused on the moment, hid the # of questions I was on when I reached 93 and about 10 more questions my screen went blank. I checked today at work and my quick results said PASS. I can not describe the feeling you get after you have accomplished this...This has been holding me back. I have SUCH bad test anxiety. I never took any meds for it though.. I did not really want too.. I AM TELLING YOU, KAPLAN is the CLOSEST thing to NCLEX. It eased my nerves. It really did. They teach you the decision tree...this strategy WORKS.

    Qtrainer 1-56%
    Qtrainer 2-67%
    Qtrainer 3-54%
    Qtrainer 4-51%
    Qtrainer 6-56%

    Now I am going to go breathe and get back to my life!!! YOU can DO this! xoxo

  • Mar 30 '15
  • Mar 30 '15

    Congrats Troy & welcome to the RN community. Enjoy the RN journey wherever it takes you.

  • Mar 29 '15

    Thanks bro! Congratulations again and wish you the best!

  • Mar 28 '15

    Congratulations to you! I appreciate your post and I am looking into investing in LaCharity. Did you brush up on any information from the textbooks or simply Kaplan and LaCarity? I've heard that a lot of people don't study from the textbooks but I was just curious.

  • Mar 27 '15

    Congratulations! How long did you study for the second attempt? Did you do Hurst Remedial course or did you even use Hurst again?

  • Mar 27 '15
  • Mar 27 '15

    Congrats dear, happy for you and thanks for your input.

  • Mar 23 '15

    TroyM, I feel like I had the same stuff my first exam! I really feel like passing the NCLEX involves a good chunk of luck. I was surprised by even seeing community type questions. I've heard good things about LaCharity and I'm still a little mixed (in a positive way) of Kaplan. On paper, everyone that I know that took Kaplan passed which was like 5 classmates excluding myself. Im glad to hear that you will take longer breaks! Definitely don't walk in that exam room unless your head is more clear. You CAN PASS this exam! I believe in you! Make sure you drink some water, have a snack, and move around to keep that blood pumping! You were close the first time during the exam. Now you know what the test is like especially after taking so many questions. Do not expect 75 questions! Maybe even hide the number of questions if it helps you ease your mind! I hid my clock majority of my exam so that I wouldn't focus on time and would spend however much time I needed on a single question!

  • Mar 12 '15

    You must first analyze why you failed. My good friend failed twice and when I asked her this question she knew immediately that she just did not have enough nursing knowledge. She was super stressed in school and skated by. So, by the end of school her knowledge was in fragments. It was obvious that there was no glue in her memory that she could easily retrieve information necessary in critical thinking.

    She took a class for several hundred dollars called "Lifesavers". This was basically just a bunch of content thrown together. If one had a pretty good nursing understanding, I would say this little weekend course would help an average student pass the NCLEX, It was not suited for her. She failed in over 150 questions.

    The second time she planned to take the test she just used flash cards and tried to memorize certain illnesses with symptoms. Needless to say she bombed big time. You simply can't just remember two words together and then see them on the exam as is done in many other tests. You need a thorough understanding of the whole picture so that even if you haven't heard the name of a drug or disease you can start playing some ideas in your head of what is happening based on symptoms.
    Remember: when in doubt its airway; and be familiar with signs and symptoms of hemorrhage.

    The third time she took the test she used Hurst. It worked because it did not just throw a bunch of questions, skipping her lost nursing basics, it taught her how to think like a nurse. She said that she answered questions that were totally left- field from the concepts of what she learned from Hurst, but she passed in 77 questions.

    Usually, pass or fail does not come down to not enough practice questions, it comes down to how well you can relate symptoms, ect. I would try Hurst or Ez NCLEX. I have heard that the major crash course, EXCELL is good, but it requires several days off work.

  • Mar 10 '15

    Quote from QuietRiot
    Really her compassion should be questioned b/c she stated a FACT? No your logic should be questioned. You can have all the compassion, love and social skills in the world..and if you don't pass the Nclex you will still not be a nurse.

    the test doesn't define who you are as a nurse whether you take it once of five times