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I work as a dermatology nurse practitioner and love it! I'm politically conservative, speak with a Southern accent and live in Southern California.

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    I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm a NP and would never work there. As an ICU nurse I worked for UAB. NP's there are not treated very well. You are correct in that your scope of practice is limited.

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    As a former drug rep who is now a NP I have a different view. I use them as a resource. These reps know more about the job market for NPs than most NPs do. They go into all of the clinics, know the politics, who has an opening and who is about to get fired. It's a great resource if you want to find out about new jobs around your community. These reps are also the experts on the drugs they promote. They spend their entire day promoting one or two products. If I have a question that I can't find the answer to online I will have them do a "medical inquiry" and have a doc from their company answer my questions regarding drug interactions side effects etc. I always make a point to interact with them if I have five minutes. It's called networking and you can never have enough of that in your career.

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    Trump has a plan to salvage the USA from the damage done by the Obama administration. He has my vote and apparently the votes of many Americans.

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    Not moving anytime soon sister. Love it here with the big melting pot of cultures and races. Variety is the spice of life! It's the liberals I can do without but you can't beat the weather. 85 degrees in February. Must suck to live where you are

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    The Princess Bride has been served!

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    Quote from ThePrincessBride
    You are either young or ignorant. Or both.

    My ancestors were slaves. They were beaten, raped, tortured and treated worse than animals for more than three hundred years.

    We share that in common. Half of mine are Jewish. They were exterminated. I don't hate Germans for what what the Nazis did. That is the past. Germans are generally good people and I would surmise most white people born it the US are good people too.

    My grandparents were segregated. Black people were lynched openly and their murderers weren't punished. They were barred from opportunities for the color of their race.

    I am a college graduate. I went to school with every race imaginable. I have opportunities that my grandparents could only dream about and my ancestors couldn't even imagine.

    You and I also have that in common. As a white guy I was one of only a handful in my school. I agree I have more opportunities than my ancestors.

    I have to work twice as hard to get half as much as my white counterparts. But at least I have the ability to do so. My forefathers? Not so much.

    I have to work harder than my counterparts too. It's called competition and only the elite win. It doesn't matter the color of your skin or where you came from, all that matters is your attitude. Quit playing the race victim card.

    Quite frankly, your posts make you look rather ignorant and foolish. Did you not take any history classes during your schooling or did you just happen to skip them?
    I took many history classes. One of my hobbies is to research The Holocaust. Be careful with the words you spit out. As you prefer not to be judged by your color I prefer you not to judge my education by posts I write.

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    He took a million dollar loan and turned into billions. I'd trust him with my retirement fund any day

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    Yes really. Did you watch the superbowl as Beyonce celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Black Panthers. A group that advocates for the murders of any race but their own to advance a political cause?

    Have you seen the Black Lives Matter movement where no other race or life matters unless you are Black?

    Yes, I would say race relations are at all time low.
    I am offended that you characterize me as the lowest common denominator. I would expect more from a RN.

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    Specifically America was great before Obama came into office. He has made our country weak, our enemies stronger, added more debt to the nation than all former Presidents combined and became the great divider. I have never seen race relations at such a horrible level. America was great and will be again.

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    Socialism doesn't work. Look at Greece if you need a prime example. Larry David's cousin Bernie is a socialist.

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    The percentage of Americans working is the lowest is has been since the 1970s. Do some research and find out for yourself. Too many Americans sit at home collecting government checks. The liberals love it that way. 5% unemployment is about as factual as Obama promising I could keep my health plan if Obamacare passed.

    Government is a business. We collect revenue and spend it.

    Our navy and army troop counts are at some of the lowest levels since WWII. That has to change.

    Nobody will be kicked off of insurance. You need to open up state borders so insurance companies can compete and rates will decrease. More affordable that what we have now.

    Trump is great, a self made man. I wish more of us could be like him.
    Kool Aid is for the liberals. I prefer single malt scotch

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    First he will get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something better. Anything is better than what we have currently. He will make our military stronger and make our enemies fear us. He is a business man who knows how to WIN. We need to start winning again. I'm out of hope and most of my friends only have a little change in their pockets after 8 years of a dismal economy.

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    I can't imagine voting for Monica Lewinsky's ex boyfriend's wife for President.

    Make America Great Again! TRUMP!!! is my vote.

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    Oh, if anybody is looking for a FNP position in rural Southern California, I know one that will pay $90 a hour plus all housing and travel expenses provided. Trust me, there is money to be made as FNP.

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    I enjoyed reading all of these responses. I was former ICU RN who went to anesthesia school. I had great grades but decided anesthesia wasn't what I wanted to do. The stress got to me. I finished up as a FNP after dropping out of my SRNA program. My classmates thought I was nuts. I currently work in a dermatology practice in Southern California doing mostly bread and butter general dermatology. When I feel like it I do some cosmetics ie Botox, fillers lasers etc. The cosmetic patients are a pain in the ass. I get paid $200,000 a year in base salary plus benefits working in La Jolla, California. Its a low stress very interesting job. I work with 3 MD dermatologists and 1 surgeon. If you want to make a good living and have a low stress life outside of anesthesia I suggest dermatology as a FNP