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    I just realized after passing my NCLEX almost two years ago this month, I didn't care to give an update. Well, many things have changed. I went back to school for my BSN last year of August; I got hired as a full time Ortho nurse in one of the best hospitals in Central Valley. October of this year, I graduated with my BSN with honors. Presently, I am working two jobs, but I am planning to continue on with my masters sometime next year.
    I am glad to be back on Allnurses

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    Quote from Esme12
    Lets say this didn't happen...the inmate got the story wrong or was stirring up trouble...the employer is still obligated to remove the nurse from the situation immediately to protect the patients while the investigation is going on.
    Hi Esme12,

    Definitely. Any nurse who is a threat or even suspected/accused of committing any forms of abuse should be removed from the premises ASAP; it's for everyone's safety. I'm sure we all know that.

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    "A different nurse who was making insulin rounds learned about the error from an inmate and alerted Corizon immediately. Talboy’s license, which she received in August 2012, has been suspended due to an impending investigation."

    I honestly find it hard to believe that this nurse would do something like this. How did we know if that individual (IM) was telling the truth or just fabricating? It's kind of hard to pass judgment prematurely while an investigation is being conducted. If it's true, then all I can say is...WOW!

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    a recently hired nurse at Corizon Inc., the private health care provider for the Arizona Department of Corrections, used one needle to stick the fingers of her inmate patients to test their blood-sugar levels, cleaned it off with alcohol and then used that same needle to draw insulin from the vials to administer the medicine. This error potentially contaminated the remaining insulin and exposed her patients to blood-borne pathogens.

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    I checked mine fifteen minutes after taking the exam and got the good pop-up.
    Good luck!

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    @Nursingbro: Congrats dude u passed!!! I had the same "pop-up" when I checked 15 minutes after taking the exam.

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    Quote from Nursingfem007
    First and foremost i will like to thank God and St Joseph of Cupertino. I prayed the whole way to the exam and receit the St joseph of cupertino prayer before walking thru the door saying to myself in as a Gradusate Nurse out as a Registered nurse. I have been studying for 3 mths because my school took forever to send the school list..I did kaplan felt like the question were way easier on the real test.Pda lacharity on point seen alot of similiar questions.Saunders was the best thing Study guide going around read that up until the last minute...I hope this good pop is true or i will be devastated...Good luck... believe in yourself if no one else does

    I just took the exam this morning as well. Fifteen minutes later tried the trick and got the "good pop up." Four hours later still the same." I'm hoping it's accurate (crossing my fingers and toes lol). I also prayed and attended a mass yesterday and went back to church to pray again pre & post exam. I thank God because I couldn't do this without his guidance.
    My chosen testing area was 2 hours away so I decided to get a room the night before. My nerves were so bad last night that I slept for 3 hours only. To make the situation worse, I slept thru my alarm but luckily I was awaken by an older woman next door screaming on top of her lungs, (yes, she was fine, I realized she was arguing with someone on the phone), bless her lil heart!
    I am in Cali and I hear its take about 48 hours to show up on the BRN website; we shall see. Good luck to all future nclex test takers and don't forget to pray.

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    Congrats!!! Will be taking mine on Thursday; just a little nervous

    Quote from Mysweets
    I have been on this site multiple times and found many encouragements from it as I study for my nclex and wanted to share my story. I only used kaplan qbanks and the trainers, my scores ranged from the 50s and 60s. I reviewed ever qbank and looked up anything I did not know or understand. I passed nclex on November 20th 2012 with 75 questions. I did the PVT about 15 mins after the test and got the good pop up. I called Virginia BON verication number the next morning and it was confirmed that I was officially a RN. The nclex had very basic questions, the kaplan in my opinion seemed harder then the nclex. I hope this helps anyone who may have had doubts about kaplan as I did at first. Good luck to the future nclex rn test takers.

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    Hello everyone:
    I am scheduled to take my exam this coming Thursday (11/29/12). I graduated last August but didn't start reviewing until 6 weeks ago. Here are my scores and please let me know what you all think. Thank you in advance...It's okay, u can be honest I promise it won't hurt my feelings hehehe
    Kaplan Qt:

    Qbanks: Lowest 58%(right when I first started); highest 88%
    Didn't have the diagnostic/readiness tests.

    Nclex 4000: 59%-82%

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    Congrats qamarriaz!
    I honestly prayed for you last night and to all future test takers...
    Hopefully I will have the same outcome this coming Thursday. Anything else should I be doing for the remaining four days?

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    Oh heck, let's call Aunt Marlene (Hurst)! LOL

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    I ran into this kind of question before....the answer is 2. The scenario is, Morphine was given via I.V. and we all know that if we give Morphine, one thing we have to watch out for is resp. distress. I probably need to start doing something right away with that resp (12) because I don't know what's going to happen within another 5 mins.