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  • Dec 23 '12

    Nothing, Jack, nada, zip, zilch, zero, nietz.

  • Nov 17 '12

    OMG I got the good popup!! I thought I didn't because it took me through most of the registration form before popping up to say that I had already registered and please call blablabla.....

    I'm so tired, nauseated and headachy but happy. I got 200 questions before it closed on me and a two hour drive home thinking I failed because nothing I studied seemed to me on that darn test.

  • Nov 16 '12

    It's easy to be an armchair critic...or manager.

    It may not have been impressively eloquent but it conveyed her meaning...she means business and is fed up with the embarrassingly unprofessional behavior of the nursing staff.

    I am distressed that the OP read the email, laughed, and thought it should be posted on AN...makes me wonder.

  • Oct 21 '12

    I'm not an experienced nurse, but in our area, most care facility policies require a 9-1-1 call and have EMS determine if CPR should be ceased, unless very obvious rigor is present. Other cities may differ. Our EMS protocols are very specific to what criteria are required for halting CPR, and the ER physician is just a portable radio transmission away for any concerns or unusual situations.

    If you initiate and continue CPR until we arrive, the responsibility is now on our (EMS') shoulders with the continue or halt decision. One of the things I am *required* to document is whether CPR was in progress when I first stepped foot into the patient's room. I also have to inform police about this information when they arrive. Much easier if I can attest that CPR was performed and keep the nursing staff in good light. You folks have a tough job as it is, and have my respect. You don't need any additional headaches.

  • Oct 20 '12

    Have you caught someone sleeping on the job? Have you ever found yourself sleepy at times? Share your experience and tips on how to stay awake.

    Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more nursing cartoons?

  • Oct 10 '12

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    HIPPA Who?
    Sorry, I can't tell you that.

  • Aug 23 '10

    Hello all,

    I last posted here back in July 29, 2009 and was about to start the program at WCC. At this point I am in the 3rd term (out of 4) and I can really look back and say for the most part it has been a wonderful life changing experience for me.

    I dont have your everyday story, being as of 05' I was homeless so I look at everything different from your student who has mommy and daddy paying for everything, or I dont have any help from family friends or anything. I basically had to tough it out and bust my tail working graveyard 40 hours a week + go to class full time.

    From my perspective, WCC is the best route to go for everyday people that have worked thier tales off and never had the opportunity to go to college and lived the hard knock like and want to change thier lives. I had my ups and downs but it all worked out in the end and in 6 months I will be graduating.

    Talk about being thankful the school exists....


  • Aug 22 '10

    I became an LVN in 2003, spent a year taking prereq's while working full time night shift, then spent a year in a 30 unit option LVN to RN upgrade program that is available here in California. I completed that program and passed boards in 2005. I went back to school online for my BSN and completed that this past April and now I am starting a masters/FNP program in October. My point is is this- the sky is the limit, whatever you dream you can achieve. I worked full time through every phase of my education and will continue to work full time. I think most nurses tend to underestimate the quality education that most LVN's (LPN's) receive, that upgrade education (LVN to RN) is really just more of the same and is always building on your already learned knowledge base. Good luck to you!