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    Quote from Pangea Reunited experience, but that sounds like an expensive nightmare.
    Hopefully not, it's just a PRN position so I'm probably going to be working 3 or 4 times a month so it's extra money that's always welcome in my wallet

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    I'm about to accept a RN side job at a nearby Clinic and it looks like they are hiring me as a independent contractor.

    Anything I should keep in mind professionally as a independent contractor?

    Also, I heard that I will have more complicated taxes during tax season. Anybody have any experience?

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    Quote from brandy1017
    Grad student loans carry a higher interest rate and the interest capitalizes from day one so I would use the money to pay as I go for the NP. Your other student loans probably have a lower interest rate and if subsidized the interest would not capitalize while you are in school with an approved deferment.

    Also consider changing your withholding so you don't get such a large tax refund; you are simply giving the govt an interest free loan. Why not increase your take home pay and then use it to help pay all your bills now, not at the end of the year.
    I've been trying to figure that out for a while now but I can't figure out how it works. As in, should I claim 6 or 7 and guess (calculate) how much will be taken out of my paycheck and deposit it into a high yield interest account?

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    Depends on what certification. For me, I was looking into a wound care program which costs around 7k and there are other certification classes that have that high tuition. Of course, something like a Med Surg cert will cost only 400 dollars but I want to become certified in something where i might be able to expand my career

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    The second link. Just put in the hospital address and look at the score.

    I'm not sure about the mental health score. You should ask your representative to see if you can work there

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    Quote from justaworm
    Magic eraser doesn't work, and the parts I tried it on are a lot duller/less shiny than before. I have the same issue, lemon lime stethoscope. It is COVERED in markings and discolouration. Ill just have to send it in and get new tubing. Nothing works
    We can do that?

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    Quote from Tattooed_LPN
    Id put it towards buying a foreclosure and fixing it up (i know it will be wayyyy more than $7,000, but its a start)
    It looks easy on TV haha.

    California Bay Area prices though

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    Quote from Dranger
    Pay loans.

    Everyone is going to NP school at the moment.
    I was wondering about that too. NPs in city areas are plenty plus more paying dues...

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    Hello everybody.

    If you have 7k, from say, tax returns, would you use it to

    -Pay off part of your 30k student loan
    -get a specialty certificate such as WOCN
    -Apply and enroll in NP school around 25k

    What would you do?

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    Hello All

    I have the question from the cheap seats, I'm enrolling in a WOCN course for late spring/early summer and I'm hoping to get a job as a wound care nurse something by fall (hoping!!)

    My question is that if I take the WOCN course, do I immediately have to sit for the WOCNCB exam? Or is it one of those things where I work as a WOCN first and then sit for it after a couple of years of experience?

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    Quote from CrunchRN
    Not that bad lol. I make 55k and some of my colleagues make 65k plus.
    That isn't too bad of a difference

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    Quote from CrunchRN
    Well....not so good if you work at a university in Texas. However, the intangibles are amazing. Working with great people and holidays off and making a difference and having time to really get to know your participants is really great.
    Not so good? Hmm, so if I was paid say 24 dollars in Texas then would I be paid like 15?

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    Hey everybody,

    I'm thinking about getting into research as a nurse but I can't seem to find any concrete information on salary and how it compares to bedside.

    So I wanted to ask everybody, how does your research salary compare to when you worked bedside?


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    I actually just finished the nurse corps nursing scholarship program.

    If you have any questions, you can message me

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    Quote from Burphel
    (I like to ask my orientation buddy what they do when a pt complains of chest pain - I've had everything from getting an EKG/Troponin and trying SL nitro before calling the doc to calling right away).
    That's actually really good advice, Thanks!