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  • Aug 11 '10

    Oh my...another ASN vs. BSN discussion huh? In my opinion, RN is many humanity classes one took to gain their BSN over ADN means little in the clinical arena. I've worked with a lot of new grads thru the last years and I've yet to see a BSN grad that is more clinically competent than an ASN grad. They are equal.
    And this attitude that "I'm a BSN and that makes me a better nurse than that ASN..." doesn't win you any brownie points in my eyes. ASN's and BSN's take the EXACT SAME STATE BOARDS.

  • Jul 27 '10

    Well, I took the opportunity to ask a professor at KSU who is also a medical doctor (you probably know who I'm talking about) because a good friend was considering GHC. He said in no way would he consider the ASN degree/RN a lesser degree and that they are just as knowledgeable. Also, it's great because you can quickly bridge to a BSN after achieving the ASN degree and get that at night or online while actually working. I've heard that to advance you need the BSN but you could get that quickly after graduating. I didn't want to go w/ that route because I'm an older student that needs the whole enchilada, but as competitive as entrance into ANY program is, take what you get and don't pitch a fit! We can always make changes in our careers as we go, but first one has to get into a program and that's not easy!