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  • Feb 6 '15

    I did excelsior(regents) back in the stone age when they sent information via snail mail (no internet) and even *I* knew there was a big nasty clinical test at the end and I'd have to study myself for it. There's NO excuse these days. :P

  • Dec 15 '14

    I hope it works out for you. Good luck!!!

  • Dec 15 '14

    Here are my exam dates. I tested under the old curriculum, so the exam names have changed, but you get the idea:

    Nursing Concepts 1 – 06/04/2007
    Nursing Concepts 2 – 07/03/2007
    Nursing Concepts 3 – 07/31/2007
    Nursing Concepts 4 – 09/04/2007
    Nursing Concepts 7 – 09/17/2007
    Nursing Concepts 5 – 09/26/2007
    Nursing Concepts 6 – 10/17/2007

    September was a bit of a crazy month.

  • Nov 14 '14

    Hey kguill975,

    I think you can be a Great resource for me to get information. I am an OR nurse, applying for ACNP then eventually do RNFA and be a surgical NP. My question is after the education , how can I find a job? IS it through the Surgeon or through hospital? I dont see any opening for ACNP ,RNFA.

  • Nov 13 '14

    Congrats!! I start my BSN-RN Jan. 1. I have 40CU to complete and my goal is one term. I hope I can stay motivated enough to meet my goal.

  • Nov 4 '14

    Yes...don't go by what the "statistics" or anything like that .....on they have pay rate here in Fl as higher than what it actually is....I will tell you...I lived in Mass my entire life....but south of the more suburban area....was actually very nice...& safe I as an RN in 2007 was making $30.31/hr days, and on nights and weekends made shift holidays you get paid time and a half.....and this is for private duty home care...I moved to Fl and got a job doing the exact same thing...$18/hr no holiday pay and no differential for shift......kind of a real shocker believe me! And everything costs the same as up there really except houses & rents....... The area in Mass that is nice is any part in western part of state...the big cities were places like Worcester/Springfield... anything right around Boston. Cape Cod area is nice but busy in summer......I wish you luck whatever you decide to do!

  • Nov 4 '14

    Thanks a bunch for the responses so far.

    MrsReillyRN, we actually looked at Boston as a possible location (in fact we viewed it during the first day of searching...) and liked it but were afraid of the living standards (about 33% higher living standard required according to CNN's calculator), but that was with the assumption LPNs get paid around $20. When you told me they get paid $30 or so, it blew my mind!

    OgopogoLPN, thanks for the information. That's the conclusion we came to when looking at Seattle's apartment-renting market yesterday.

    My son actually looked through tons of cities in Texas and the only one we really liked was Austin. The renting market is fairly cheap (compared to other places), is a nice & beautiful town, and would allow us to live comfortably.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far and please keep them coming!

  • Nov 3 '14

    I had no problem with the schools I applied to, including University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Slippery Rock University in PA. For the record, EC has both regional and national accreditation and is a not-for-profit school.

  • Oct 19 '14

    As a PMHNP I sit on my butt in a nice office and talk to people. I go to lunch for an hour and I leave at 5 pm. I make well into 6 figures and have free housing (right now a 3 BR house way to big for me) and car allowance. There are a total of 2 RN's and 3 other staff that make sure my day is running smoothly. Right now I'm considering whether to wash my new pickup truck today and what new pistol to buy. I'd love to be back running around on the floor....right

    Zenman, My heart goes out to you having to work SO hard, and worrying about making that house payment. What a rough life... I cant wait to join those of you in the NP rankings and get to tell you how bad my day is not going. And to the Op, thanks for startig this thread. I will have to bookmark it when school starts getting tough.

  • Sep 22 '14

    Quote from ArmstrongLPN
    Hi, I know this is an old thread but does anyone know if Chamberlain takes Excelsior's A&P and Micro without issue?
    For the RN-to-BSN? They did for me, in 2008.

  • Jun 12 '14

    Once the school have contract with the hospital listed,your will have to call the education department and politely ask them to help you will clinical assignment.I just graduated from this program.It is very engaging and appropriate for working class like me with kids.You want to get your BSN and you will do the works for it and face interactive challenges.Stay close to your advisor,she is good and really encouraging too.ISU makes my dream comes true and so can yours.Best of luck to you all.

  • Jun 11 '14

    Unless there is updated information somewhere, ISU IS ACCEPTED IN NC. Go to their website and look under established contract list and there are several sites in NC.

  • Jun 10 '14

    Hello Nurses!

    I am looking to talk to students that are currently enrolled or have graduated ISU LPN-BSN program. What are your struggles/accomplishments? Is the program enjoyable and is the faculty easily accessible? Do you find the coursework difficult?

    I want to know the good, bad, and the ugly!

    P.S. I do not wish to hear anything about The college Network (TNC), as I have researched enough to know that it is not what I want to use in lieu of ISU.

    Please share any thoughts, suggestions, or words of encouragement!

  • Jun 10 '14

    Plan ahead of time is the important factor for this program.Arrange your clinical way before the start of each semester and contact the professors for guidance in reference to clinical hours needed.The program is very doable and your will graduate provided your study and work hard.I am graduating this May and i feel blessed to have program like this for people like me.Do your research as well.I don't come here often incase you send me a reply.Goodluck.

  • Apr 23 '14

    That reminds me -- this guy is also fabulous:

    Dr. C's podcast!