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  • Jun 28 '13

    Just got off the phone. The interviewer told me they are trying to finish up the calls this week and then the unit managers have 3 weeks to make decisions on who they will bring in for the interviews. So, she said, it will be around the end of July when we'll start hearing back from them.

    Good luck everyone!!

  • May 8 '10

    Hey--I did apply to PCC. I think what weakened my application was that BI232, BI233, and FN225 were "in progress." Without those grades (which have all been As), they had no idea of knowing how strong my GPA was. Next year, I plan to apply to all schools in the area, which means I'll spend the next year getting my CNA license, doing Chemistry, and re-taking Human Development (taken 7 years ago now), Cultural Anthro (for a better grade), etc. I have a prior B.A. English from PSU and wrote a strong essay, but I think "in progress" prerequisites don't serve to strengthen your application, especially when there were 900 applications for 175 spots (and only 30+ of those were for the Portland campus, where I applied!).

    I'm feeling bummed, but I have to believe that I can only be that much more prepared having had another year to prepare, although spending more $$ on prerequisites doesn't sound too appealing to me right now.

    Good luck, Katieus!

  • May 6 '10

    Since I started this thread, I thought I should give my status. In all humbleness, I was accepted and will accept as this is my only option this go around. And, it's a good one! I didn't have the math pre-req met (it had expired) so I wasn't able to apply to the community colleges.

    Hoping for the best to everyone, and if it's not this year, keep at it! As the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

  • May 5 '10

    Just called......all letters will be mailed out by FRIDAY and all ACCEPTANCE letters will be mailed! No ifs ands or buts this is the only way as far as the admissions department at OHSU is concerned. Now enough with the rumors etc

  • May 5 '10

    I just called to clear this up, and it was just as I thought--only a few, not all, of the accepted applicants were notified by e-mail due to specific circumstances, and not all decisions have been made, and letters will be posted today, so should be received tomorrow or by Friday. There's also a fair amount of applicants that are placed on the wait-list, and many of those spots open up as people apply to more than one school and not all will accept OHSU.