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  • May 8

    Guys, Can we be a bit more mature please? I don't need to be lectured on what to go to school for and what not to go to school for, That was no where in the question, If you can't answer the question then please don't post, There have been four answers so far (from when this is posted) and only one person has truly answered the question, Lets stay on topic, I am not looking for any type of debate, I am just looking for a simple on topic answer, please respect that, thanks.

    - Reminisce

  • May 8

    Quote from morphed
    Maybe, but the first question is would you be able to get into a CRNA school? Actually, I guess that's the 5th question...1. getting into BSN program, 2. Getting an RN position, 3. Getting into ICU 4. Scoring well on the GRE (or whatever test your program requires) 5. Getting accepted to CRNA school.

    I'll be the first to say it is smart to think of how much money you can make within a field before you commit yourself to it. It's good to do research and ask questions. But so many people that start nursing school, whether ADN or BSN, start with the idea that they're going to be making 150,000 in a few years because they're going to do the CRNA program. I'm sure your whole nursing class will talk about this. Maybe 1 or 2 out of your whole program will actually do it.

    Don't get into nursing because you're counting on making $150k/yr...let alone $300,000.
    Thanks for the information I DIDN'T ASK FOR! If I go into nursing for the money then it's my business not yours.