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    Quote from Johnny1414
    which one pays more and works less??

  • Sep 19 '17

    Quote from Susie2310
    If a nurse had asked my husband whether he wanted me to be present with him when he had been medicated with morphine or dilaudid, he may have given a different answer to the one he would have given when he was not influenced by a mind altering medication.

    I do of course recognize that not all patients want their spouse/family members to be present at certain times or any of the time they are receiving medical care, and that legally and ethically the patient's wishes must be respected.
    That is exactly the problem though. How could I, as the nurse who has not met the pt before, know that his hypothetically verbalized desire to be alone in the room is influenced by medication and is not the answer he would have given when non-medicated? If it is your word against his expressed desire then I will choose his expressed desire, as I am advocating for the patient first.