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  • Apr 1 '16

    Nursing school is hard, but being a new grad nurse is probably not going to be much easier, at least in the first year. Depending on your specialty, you might have to take specialization courses (ACLS, etc), you might have classroom time all over if you get hired into a new grad program, preceptorship, and of course all the private studying at home that you will have to do to become proficient in your job and that nobody will pay/acknowledge you for. If you are passionate about nursing though then stick with it.

  • Mar 25 '16

    I would get multiple penlights, mine have a tendency to stop working, so I always have two in my pocket. Uhm, no help on the shockingly pink scrubs, but I would hold off on those, most schools have uniform policy regarding the kind and color of scrubs you can wear. Also a note of caution on the deodorant, many places will not allow you to wear any kind of perfume or scented deodorant. I second the poster who suggested a watch, this is vital, and find one that either has a hand counting seconds or can show seconds (if digital), in case you do your vitals manually. Get some pens you can clip on that won't spill ink and ruin your uniform. Hand cream because your hands will dry out from gloves and washing. Sturdy, closed, comfy shoes, but check your school's requirements regarding type and color.