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    Cox branson.. im still thinking about it.
    I dont know anyone who has been in missouri and i have not been to that state yet either.

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    It went well.. i just want to know more about the hospital and the place..

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    Hello everyone.

    I dont know exactly where to post this.

    I just passed the nclex-rn two weeks ago and still waiting for the official results. I am fully aware that SSN is required for a license to be issued, but Im still wondering if there are states that issue the actual license without a SSN?


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    I just got scheduled for an interview later this month for Cox health for a Hyperbaric/wound care unit.

    I was hoping i can get more information about the hospital itself, pay, workload and experience of nurses working or have worked for Cox Health.


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    My test will be at the end of this month. I am really freaking out.
    I only have uworld and have been getting scores ranging from high 50s to 70. I still have over 1000 questions more to go and I feel like i am running out of time with so much topics to still go through.

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    Im taking the nclex end of July and Im freaking out. I feel like i have so much to study more and barely scratched the surface.
    Right now i focus on uworld and still have over 1000 questions more to go.
    I want to get this over with, but part of me feels unsure if im ready.

    My scores in uworld ranges from 60% 70% to as low as 55%. I try not to focus on my scores but all i do is read the rationales. I have nclex mastery too but i feel like uworld has more indepth rationales and wode range of questions that require critical thinking while nclex mastery questions are mostly content based... so

    I worry coz i feel i dont have much time to study since i work full time and just feel exhausted by the time im home.

    I have not taken any review course and doing self study now.

    I am just freaking out too...

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    Hello everyone, im currently waiting on my ATT before I can get a schedule for my NCLEX but Im currently planning to sit for the test late July or early August. That leaves me about 2 months to study. I have barely studied yet and just answer questions most of the time, and I tend to jump from on topic to the next without thoroughly going through each diseases or meds.

    I have NCLEX mastery and just came across UWORLD (still considering if I should subscribe to this or not). I also have the Saunders Comp Review 6th edition. I also have audio lectures on my phone from Feuer which my friend shared with me years ago. Are these enough?

    Currently NCLEX mastery shows 66%. What percentage should be my goal?

    When I read Saunders, i get overwhelmed with the amount of information i need to go through. I graduated 2006 and its been a while now since I last took a major nursing exam like this. I work and i live alone, so now its not the same as studying for the board exam I took in my home country, where all I had to focus on was preparing for the test and did not have to worry about working or even prepare meals for myself.

    Im just scared and stressed, and barely get any studying done especially after work because I come home tired everyday and have to do chores.

    I dont know where to start or how to organize topics or plan my study time. Can anyone share any pointers or topics to focus on for the test.

    im just in distress. Help

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    Studying for my NCLEX-RN.

    Does hepatitis B virus cross placenta?

    Saunders book states that it does but WHO website shows that its a large virus so it doesnt cross the placenta.

    Im confused. Help.

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    I am applying for the NCLEX now and yet to get my ATT.
    I have been trying to answer some review questions but I feel like none of the items I study are retained, and I dont seem to have the motivation to really study, and dont know where to start. I am just extremely overwhelmed by the amount of information that I need to remember. Its been almost 10 years since I last sat for the license exam in my home country, so I have no idea anymore as to the current trend of the nursing exams. Also, working as a nurse focused in adult medical surgical meant that peds, maternal & child, and psych will be my areas of weakness. I dont want to sign up for review classes, but I have my reviewer on hand.

    I need advice and tips. help

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    Ive been working in a wound care and hyperbaric unit in my hospital, so now i do both wounds and drive chambers. Im looking to get certified, but our hospital would only fund for Certification througg IIWCC international Interprofessional wound care course..its a year long online course with class hours for about 2 weeks in the beginning and upon completion of the online modules.. i dont know much about it, i was wondering if this course is accredited..

    Ive been thinking of doing APN in wound care like be a CNS. But I just dont know where t start and which programs are accredited.

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    Im aware this is an old post. But I have the same questions in mind now. Did you get to pursue your wound care education? How was it?

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    How does a nurse become a wound care APN or a CNS in wound care? What are the pathways?

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    I currently work in the Middle East as a staff nurse, and posted in a Hyperbaric and Advanced wound care unit. I have no certification on both specialization but have been working in this unit for the past 2 years. I am looking at getting certified in the near future but I have other priorities for now. I have no idea which steps to take and what certifications are available, and which school to go to. I plan on doing it online since I work full time. I have a BSN and a RN. Any suggestions?

    I was also wondering if wound care clinics in the US hire nurses without certifications?

    My nurse manager is a CNS wound care. I am considering that path someday.

    Any advice/info would be great. Thanks everyone.

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    Where do you work as a wound care nurse? In our wound care unit, we use either normal saline or a cleaning solution form a company I cannot "advertise" here. We usually just irrigate the wounds, and soak the wound bed for a few minutes with a piece of gauze and saline or wound cleanser. We can gently wipe the wound and lift some loose slough and fibrin layer, but we never scrub.

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    I moved to the middle east for my fiance. When I meant having to deal with admin/HR, it pertains to paperworks that needs to go through them; They move so slow, the word urgent doesnt even exist in their vocabulary; Policies and protocols that change more frequently than a fickle minded woman; appraisals that remain on paper and has nothing to do with pay raise; the local's mentality of being superior over everyone else; patients and patient's relatives who think they are VIPs (not everyone, but most do); colleagues who have this idea that assuming a charge nurse position means they get to boss people around and avoid work; and the restrictions especially towards unmarried women.

    Perhaps i may just seem like I am complaining, but it makes me wonder if the problem is me and my expectations and perspective toward certain circumstances, or is it really my current work place.