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    Thanks P RN. I have one that was doomed for the dumpground that I rescued when I was an EMT/FF. We had just got our new hare traction splints. I lost the bag of triangle bandages that went with it. My niece's oldest son just passed his EMT state exam and he can't believe some of the stories we tell. He is the 4th generation EMT. I remember getting up to date dial-a-flows because IV pumps didn't work that well in the back of a moving ambulance. Vehicle extracation was done mostly with hand tools and hand operated hydrolic pumps. Nurses in the ER were allowed to wear all white scrubs because of the environment and possibility of making emergency transfers in the back of the ambulance. Choppers were rare and only at big cities. Most of the EMS instructors were Vietnam vet medics. Male nurses either failed out of medical school, could not make the grade, or were army medics or vets. At least in this area. 8 track playing Abba in the ER on a slow nite.............!!