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    I work with Franciscan-CHI, in one of the 8 hospitals. The south sound is pretty much dominated by either Multicare or Franciscan. You have a choice of St. Joseph in Tacoma, St. Claire in Lakewood, St Anthony in Gig Harbor, St. Francis in Federal Way, Harrison in Bremerton or Highline in Burien, and lastly St. Elizabeth in Enumclaw.

    Other Tacoma area hospitals are Madigan. If you want a bit of a commute, you also have St. Peters in Olympia. St. Peter is NOT Franciscan.

    Multicare: Good Samaritan, Auburn Regional, Tacoma General, Mary Bridge (peds).

    FHS hospitals do not require a BSN, but it will help get you in the door. They also have residencies though I do not know when they are.

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    Quote from SpelaD
    I am starting my Capstone TODAY! How did you guys come up with a topic? I am really struggling with it and hate losing time not knowing what to write about. Worse comes to worse, I will just focus on hourly rounding, but I was just curious if any of you had a better idea.
    I too wrote what was interesting to me. At first I was going to do HF in the community setting, but when I took spirituality, I wrote a paper about my burn out and compassion fatigue. Ironically, that was my best paper because it was something I could relate too. Even the professor who was a hard a$$ commented it was the best he had read. I was so interested in that topic that I decided to learn more, hence my capstone.

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    Someone mentioned unionized hospitals having the same contract language. That is not necessarily true. You can always check your union website and look at other contracts. You most likely will find similar language throughout, but for the most part, your contract is individualized to your hospital.
    What nurses need to realize is your union works for you. My union seems to understand that, and we have pushed our agenda on the table even though the union didn't fully back it.

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    Before you blame the union, remember that management is the one that also drives the contract as well as your FELLOW NURSES. Yep, that is right. If you don't like what your contract says, then get on the negotiation team and change it.

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    Quote from mrphil79
    When I hear Grand Canyon University, I automatically think "EXPENSIVE!"

    I have a BS in psych from a small state school that offered an online program.
    I have a friend who was working toward a psych degree at GCU at the same time.
    I paid around $180 a credit for my degree.
    She paid almost $480 a credit.

    Was her degree worth almost $40,000 more than mine?
    Not by a long shot.

    I really don't get why people look at these phenomenally expensive schools and get drawn in and ignore the price - when there are SO MANY schools that have an accredited RN-BSN for around $200 a credit:
    Fort Hays State University - $194 per credit.
    Minot State University - $211 per credit.
    Western Governors - about $3000 for as many classes as you can cram in in 6 months.
    GCU - $470 per credit.

    GCU wouldn't even crack the top 25 of schools I would want to even look at - based on their insane tuition alone.
    I didn't even pay close to that with tuition reimbursement, and grants. I echo what Flames said. This program worked for me. I wanted an online Christian school with an actual ground campus. My choice.
    I'm glad you are happy with your results, just as much as I am with mine.

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    Quote from lillian08
    Hi gcu alum and students,
    I'm in community/ public health now and trying to figure out this clc. We are supposed to do a functional health assessment on a community of interest. With 4 group members in different states, how the hec do we approach this? It's due in a week and I'm having anxiety because no one in my group has started even thinking about the assignment. Ugh. Do we pick a general community- like a south Asian or Hispanic immigrant community or a community where a particular religious sect lives in? Any suggestions? Am I going in the right direction ? I don't even know how to divide the work since it's all about the particular community we choose and everyone is in a different place. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks !
    You come to an agreement of where that city is. I befriended someone here and we went through GCU together. She is from the Windy City, I'm from the west coast, and the 2 others in our CLC happened to be from NYC. We went with their chosen city from NY. Thankfully, you can glean most anything from the internet. We did have to make some phone calls and Google was our friend.

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    I did try, but my internet connection is such that searching usually times out. But thanks.

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    Call me crazy, but I'm kicking around obtaining a MSN. I have a few questions of there is anyone around here that is in the program.

    I'm wondering on approximate cost, time and what the classes look like.

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    Quote from smusher83
    I just signed up for a 2 week break between classes. Planning a move from Hawaii to the mainland and I just don't have the time and energy for both school and all the headaches of moving across an ocean. So sad I have to push finishing farther away
    You'll get there soon! I wouldn't want to deal with a move and school either.

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    There is power in numbers. If everyone goes to the HN and you get no results, go to HR. Starting completing incident reports for her behavior. They will have to pay attention if you start a legal paper trail.

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    Quote from oldandintheway
    I am not nor ever have been a union member in healthcare, but have been a union member and on the negotiation team for other unions. I feel this is a VERY bad idea, one of the reasons for the existence of unions is to represent all of its members fairly. By creating a division of benefit i.e. pay differentials your union may impact solidarity and cohesiveness. ADN vs BSN differentials are much different than trade boundaries. Please consider pay and benefit packages for the whole workforce, a divided Union is worse than no Union.
    Those issues have been addressed for the entire nursing staff. The BSN was the ONLY thing that was not.

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    You can't work as a CNA if you have an RN degree. Not in my state anyway

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    Yes, that is correct. I had a power point, executive summary, pre and post survey, and a bulletin. I had the most fun with the power point, lol.. It turned out very well, IMO!

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    A company logo badge reel. The same ones all new employees get.

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    I married one, so I'd say I'm pretty ok with them.