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    I hear you OLD DOG. My spirituality instructor was difficult. He knit picked at everything. As I said in the other GCU thread, I was barely made an A-. I knew going in that it would be a class that could sink people, because it's totally underestimated. The professor in spirituality deducted points that other instructors did not.

    Every instructor is so different. My ethics prof would not accept any paper that was written at a 9th grade level. So not only did we have to be APA proficient, but we had to constantly check the grade level and aim for 12th grade or higher.

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    Quote from krystalized58
    Flames Thank you for the response! I guess I will try stats with spirituality and see how I do with that. Out of the group projects I have had three have went super well, one not so great. I just want to finish ASAP because I feel like all I have done for the past five years is school! Do know who is a good instructor to get for Nursing research, patho, and the capstone? PM if you can!

    Thanks again!!
    How is it going? I had the spirituality instructor from hell (no pun, lol) but he was HARD. I came out of that class with an A- and that was doing a lot of tedious editing.

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    What is the problem?

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    Some patients will strain to the point of passing out and falling off the toilet (google Valsalva). Some people will stand up and pass out. Others will trip and fall. As noted above, the nurse ALWAYS takes the blame if a patient falls and injures themselves. We know you can't poop with an audience, but we can't take the risk of leaving you alone without checking on you.

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    Franciscan has tuition reimbursement for any education. Doesn't matter if it's an ADN or doctorate.

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    I'd take you in a heartbeat as my provider. You most likely have some years behind you as an experienced nurse on top of the 10 years as an ARNP.
    I actually worked with a young nurse, who worked the floor (and not a very high acute floor) for 2 years. She went on to work one year in an ICU. She is now practicing as an ARNP. Even though she is smart, she sorely lacks experience. Part of accurate diagnosing is the experience one has, IMO.

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    I do. I never intended to stay in med/surg, but I always found my way back. I've worked same day, mother baby, GI, and did brief stints in ED and PCU. Even though I liked those departments, I became bored with them. Med/surg offered variety without the intensity of ICU.

    I finally realized that I was a true blue med/surg nurse and embraced my decision, lol. I became certified in med/surg and now fight for med/surg nurses, which is a specialty!

    One thing before I go...and I'm getting on soapbox... Med/surg is NOT a bad place to work. What makes it suck is the management that short staffs the department, therefore burning out the nurses.

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    Quote from vetnrse
    When you say GU, are you referring Grand Canyon U or Western Governers U? And ido you mean it's worth signing up with ANA to get 10% off.? Do you know the current status ofthe school u are referring to since your original post is 3 yrs old? Thanks
    Grand Canyon University is GCU.

    I do believe it's worth signing up for ANA to get a discount, but that is just me.

    The school is alive and well. I get alumni stuff on occasion. I read the campus newspaper, and somewhat follow the sports teams. I did read they are thinking of dropping the for profit status and going back to non profit because of the negative association.

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    Quote from OLD DOG
    Hi Tokmom
    I don't know if you have seen any of my recent posts ,but any help you can offer I am open to. I have been talking with Flames _9 she is awesome. Looking for some insight to the electives I guess the only ones we can take is HLT 300 level classes from what I can make out. Any way I'm thinking I want to take different ones that they are offering me this 308 and 314 class do not look very appealing to me any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
    Hey old dog,

    I can't help with the extra classes. I only had the core to contend with. Flames is the expert on that one.
    I do agree to contact someone higher than your advisor to get help. I never had a problem and had my questions answered.
    One tip is to buddy up with a fellow AN'r and go through as many classes as you can together. I did just that with a fellow poster. We were in the CLC's together. It was nice to know someone had your back.
    I'm going to send you a pm in a sec.

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    University of WA is excellent for anything nursing related. They also have satellite campuses.
    Welcome to WA!

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    Many contracts are being renegotiated this year.
    Last I heard Swedish is the highest paying hospital.

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    Yep, cascade or lifetek are good

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    Quote from BenjaminsMom
    I am starting at GCU on Monday and I've read most of this thread LOL thanks for all of the info!! I have looked all over Facebook and can't find a group for GCU RN to BSN program so I started one. Here's the link for anyone who wants to join, figured it might be a good way to keep this type of info going! Log into Facebook | Facebook
    Good luck to you! I hope your FB works. I think having support is crucial, especially when you want to quit, lol.

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    Quote from howlee
    I am currently a student at GCU and starting my 3rd class. The last few months have been extremely rough. The amount of articles and chapters in the book to read is over whelming with a paper due almost every week. Two group project were terrible with me spending my weekend doing the work for others who did not participate. The discussion questions are very involved and ask multiple question. My post are not Substantive when they are several sentences long (with comments and questions) but students with a short two line note of agreement get a medal. Each teacher wants something different. Are all programs like this? I'm not sure I should keep going! Does it get any better?
    There seems to be a steep learning curve for some through the 3rd class. After that, a person seems to find their sweet spot and be ok.
    As for all that reading? I didn't read every last word. Skim and focus when needed.
    Don't over think those DQ. Don't write a book. I could answer many of those in a paragraph.
    Are you getting full points and contributing appropriately? If the answer is yes, then you are good.

    The group is a killer. You will consistently get those that don't have a freaking clue, and others that are strong. I signed up and took the lead, because I'm OCD like that, as was a friend.

    Is there someone you can buddy up with? I found someone here on AN and we went through the program together. She is from Ill. and I'm from WA, but we made it work. It also took a lot of the pressure off in group assignments, because we had each other.