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    Go to the WSNA website for wages. The nursing contract should be listed.
    I did a Google search, and it looks like WSNA took Peace health to court over missed breaks.
    Now with that being said, I know of a couple nurses who worked there and were happy.

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    Any place in the Bellevue, Eastside, Seattle will be expensive. It's cheaper south of Seattle.
    With experience I'd say your chances are pretty good for employment.
    There is no mandated ratio in WA. We run 5 pts on a med/surg tele unit. Step down is typically 4 pts

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    I would contact the board of nursing and go from there.

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    Quote from Zoom9
    Thank you for all the suggestions. I found the list of approved out-of-state nursing programs.
    Just in case anyone is looking for online programs here is the list.

    Thank you everyone
    I find the list confusing. It mention's a lot of graduate programs, but not RN to BSN?
    My school is there for MSN, approved programs, but not RN to BSN? Seems odd.

    Wait...this list is for approved school practicums. it makes sense.

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    Welcome to the herd!

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    Wow..not one out of state program offered. That's crazy! Do you know when other schools will be accepted?

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    Quote from pinkpetunia
    Ok, I have put this off for 2 years. Grieving that I did not just jump in.
    I think I want to ride donkey down into the canyon for school. lol.

    If I do go back, should I do a 3 year RN to MSN? or just a BSN?
    Hey pink,

    What is your end goal? That should help you make a decision.

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    I am in a Masters/Doctorate program at Frontier Nursing University. Applied during my last class with GCU. Finished GCU Jan 1, 2016, started FNU April 1.
    Hope that helps.

    How is this program put together compared to GCU? I think about it every once in awhile.

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    I agree with you about nursing needing to have a voice. United we stand, divided we fall. I have started with my union and hope to network out to the state capital.

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    Do you see neglect that is reportable? The Department of Health is a great place to start as well. I'd at least see what your state WAC's have to say about your type of work place.
    As for your paycheck, I'd go back to payroll and have them explain your paychecks to you so you have better understanding of what they should be looking like.

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    Has any GCU grad decided to go for their MSN with GCU or elsewhere?

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    I too enjoyed the capstone and I'm proud of my paper. Going from 5 weeks to 10 would be less stress, but I have to echo flames. It really wasn't bad at 5 weeks.

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    Over the years I have worked in large teaching hospitals to my now critical access of 22 beds. I was surprised how acutely ill my patients are and we have to care for them without all of the "ologists", resident docs, IV teams, code teams etc, We pretty much have one of everything when it comes to people. It has it's own challenges where we are forced to think outside the box. Every nurse that has come to work with us thinks they are going to be working in a small hospital and sort of kick back. Yeah right, lol. Same sick people, just less resources to depend upon. My skills have grown exponentially.

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    My certification was up for the five year renewal and of course I drew the short stick and was audited, lol.
    I learned some important things I wanted to pass along to those that maybe audited by MSNCB.

    1) keep your tracker current on MSNCB. You have to prove what is on the tracker.

    2) keep as many ceu as you can through AMSN. one is allowed 30 a year. You don't have to submit them as they automatically count.

    3) if you are claiming schooling, keep an official copy of your transcript at the ready.They will ask for it.

    4) if you have outside ceu, take the time to scan and upload. When MSNCB asks for them, you have them ready to go.

    5) You get approximately 2 weeks to pull this information together.

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    I studied for 3 months, however I took a 16 week study course that was very good.
    I took the CMSRN which I hear is more med/surg compared to the ANCC which supposedly dabbles more in ethics.
    My books came from the AMSN website.
    Good luck!