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    I was told by the boss that I could use my PTO, because that's what it is for. I reminded her that PTO is actually for vacation. NOT to pay bills.

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    Can I ask why hiring newbies is union busting? Curious on your thoughts.

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    Quote from Castiela
    We get floated to different units if we are overstaffed but we are Union so they can't send us home unless we agree. I would also find another position.
    How did you win that in your contract? We have call offs and can't do squat about it.

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    Every department is its own specialty. That wasn't aimed at you, OP, but that comment drives me nuts.

    If you can stick it out for 6 months just to get the background. Even psych pts get sick suddenly.
    After your six months then leave.
    Having 7 pts is crazy. We max at 5.

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    Why wasn't management physically in the department?

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    Quote from NayNaeRN
    STEER clear of the spiritual class. My instructor was TOUGH. lots of philosophical back and forth. Not something I was into at all.

    I wonder if we had the same person. I struggled with that class.

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    Quote from Deadpool619
    Hello everyone!

    1. I was wondering how online RN-BSN GCU graduates are doing after graduation? Is anyone having issues getting their BSN "recognized"? Has anyone had any issues getting into MSN, NP programs? I'm in California btw.

    2. I'm currently taking PHI-413V. Can I/Should I double up on the following classes? (Except for capstone of course).
    AMP-450V Leadership and Vocation
    NRS-440V Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care
    NRS-410V Pathophysiology and Nursing Management

    3. Capstone sounds like a lot of work from what I've read in these forums. My nursing research instructor advised that we keep our entire process on Quan, Qual and benchmark papers to help with capstone. Does it help?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
    No problem for me, because I'm grandfathered in. However, future GCU grads in WA will have to be IN the program now to be grandfathered in. Any future BSN wanna be's will not be recognized. Why? because the GCU BSN program does not have a practicum. WA has always been on the strict side, but still, it's annoying when I hear how "easy" the WGU program is and their capstone maxed at 5 pages, according to my co-workers. And yet, their degree is accepted.
    On a good note, the GCU MSN IS recognized and if I had money to burn, was younger and had a need for my MSN, I'd probably go that route.

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    I haven't seen less than 2 years either.

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    I'd give my eye teeth for a break relief nurse.

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    Quote from nps07
    i had a grades of 90% PICOT, 96% qual, and 98% quan; but only quan went over the limit by a couple hundred- in the last paper i went over by almost 1000 words

    this waiting is killing me
    Usually you are not docked too much. I don't think I was ever under.

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    Quote from Kimmity
    Hi Tokmom!

    I'm about to start Grand Canyon University for the online RN to BSN, when I came across your thread!

    I was wondering if you still had the teacher's name of who to avoid?

    I was also wondering if you still recommend this school overall.

    Thank you!
    I do still recommend the school. However, check with your states BON to make sure THEY accept it.
    I thought the program rigorous without being crazy. I did learn a lot and I had profs challenge my writing ability and made me think outside the box. If GCU wasn't so spendy, I'd do their MSN.

    I never had the list of profs to avoid. What I did was get into the classroom on Friday and check out the syllabus, classroom rules, etc. If something looked off, I'd call GCU and get switched. I think I only did that twice though.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    Ya spill the beans..we all want to know,lol As stated before, I found the 5 week class very doable as it was a topic you chose and hopefully had some interest in! I think it was 1 of the few classes were I didn't have to drag myself to do the weekly assignments.

    I was actually done in week 4 because I had prepped myself for this class and started early. And.. like you Flames, I liked my topic. I could have skipped out of week 5, minus the DQ, but stuck around. I think hanging around for additional weeks would have killed me, lol.

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    I think I would like you as a manager, because you came from the trenches.

    I wish my manager would come in at night shift to see how things are.

    I wish my manager gave us praise, instead of saying "The EXPECTATION is"

    There is no asking...there is only telling..

    Busy day the other day. NO staff took a lunch. The only ones eating the pizza the manager bought was one CNA and the manager.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    I think many BON could be run a lot better..not that difficult to update a web site

    I know! Totally irked me. WTH.

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    Quote from krystalized58
    Ok so I am about to start my capstone and am confused by this "Contact your BON" thing going on. Is that only about moving on to get your MSN or are you saying that my state (NM) may not recognize me as a BSN RN because I got it from GCU?
    Some states are not recognizing BSN's from certain schools. MY state will no longer accept a RN-BSN from GCU because there is no practicum. Those in the program will need a waiver.

    Flames keeps bringing up the link, but I haven't looked. I called MY BON and they did verify this information to be true. If I were you, I would contact your BON to make sure you are ok.
    My state has NOT released any information or links. NOTHING. The BON stated it's the student's responsibility to check to see if their program is accepted. Not the school, nor the state BON.