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    Quote from smusher83
    I just signed up for a 2 week break between classes. Planning a move from Hawaii to the mainland and I just don't have the time and energy for both school and all the headaches of moving across an ocean. So sad I have to push finishing farther away
    You'll get there soon! I wouldn't want to deal with a move and school either.

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    There is power in numbers. If everyone goes to the HN and you get no results, go to HR. Starting completing incident reports for her behavior. They will have to pay attention if you start a legal paper trail.

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    Quote from oldandintheway
    I am not nor ever have been a union member in healthcare, but have been a union member and on the negotiation team for other unions. I feel this is a VERY bad idea, one of the reasons for the existence of unions is to represent all of its members fairly. By creating a division of benefit i.e. pay differentials your union may impact solidarity and cohesiveness. ADN vs BSN differentials are much different than trade boundaries. Please consider pay and benefit packages for the whole workforce, a divided Union is worse than no Union.
    Those issues have been addressed for the entire nursing staff. The BSN was the ONLY thing that was not.

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    You can't work as a CNA if you have an RN degree. Not in my state anyway

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    Yes, that is correct. I had a power point, executive summary, pre and post survey, and a bulletin. I had the most fun with the power point, lol.. It turned out very well, IMO!

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    A company logo badge reel. The same ones all new employees get.

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    I married one, so I'd say I'm pretty ok with them.

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    Quote from lillian08
    Statistics question. I am not great with Math, is Statistics going to be killer? What book is used for it? I'd like to get a head start if possible. Thanks!
    The problem with stats is the class starts off mid book, instead of the beginning. The book isn't a lot of help, IMO. What helped me was the book Statistics for dummies, as well as Googling YouTube videos that explained terms. I also took the course description and googled those terms.

    With that being said, my husband helped me ALOT, and we would work on homework together. He has a better math head. I did pull an A- out of the class.

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    Tok= Tons Of Kids. I have 7 of them.

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    What is happening to you is what scares me. It's one of the biggest reasons I won't move out of my position. Too bad you cannot prove they are discriminating against you.

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    I'm curious if any of you are union hospitals and on negotiating teams? I'm looking for your language. Thank you.

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    You can't pay cut union nurses unless the negotiation team would allow.

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    I lost a ppt and 2 health assessments after my brand new lap top crashed. Geek squad was able to extract one assessment. I had sent a rough draft of the ppt to another student, so I had a very rough draft. It was crazy. I learned after that to drop box, email, thumb drive everything, lol.

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    Good advice, Flames! I emailed my papers to myself, just in case of a crash.

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    Yeah, get those articles NOW. Take a few hours and get them printed out and ready. I recommend printing so you can have them at your instant disposal and can write highlights in the margins. It sure made things more organized. Once you get past the literature review, the other papers go pretty quickly.