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    Not that I know of, but I'm curious if someone has.

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    I don't think Auburn is a great place, but that's my opinion. I just heard over half are travelers.

    St. Anthony in Gig Harbor does dialysis, so I'm assuming they have a neph floor. I know FHS continually hires in the larger, Tacoma hospitals. Our floor is always short, and we are hiring at this time. We don't do neph though. If you want more information pm me.

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    You are correct verene. No Kaiser that I can think of in South King or Pierce anyway. I'd think they'd have a rough time getting a certificate of need for South King and Pierce county. The area is saturated with hospitals. I'd think they would have to buy out someone, but not sure who.

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    Lots of new people! Welcome everyone!

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    Yes they can. It's not required by law. However, I think units run smoother with an effective charge.

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    Does anyone know how to get to the end of the thread without scrolling if using their phone?
    This thread is huge!

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    Wow, thank you for the recommendations!
    I need a brush up that's fun, lol.

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    Oh, just up the road is the Issaquah campus at Swedish.

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    Critical access, that relies heavily on swing bed patients to survive.

    What did you find out?

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    Thank you! That second link was helpful. I also talked to DOH, who answered a lot of questions for me.

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    Our drips used to go to icu, but will now be on our floor with a 1:5 ratio. I guess if we titrate they go to the unit. Placing these pts on the floor with no option of titration means we will be playing musical beds. Ugh.

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    I had a couple do their own DQ thing. Some good and some iffy. Whatever. Like Flames, I followed the rubric and read between the lines. I'd send them a lot of pm for clarification. I had one call me at home to answer my question.

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    If you hang dobutamine, dopamine, nitro, and cardizem on your floor what is your nurse to patient ratio?

    Do you titrate?

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    I'm confused on what you mean by "If you were trained, are they going to absorb you?' Usually if a facility is going to train you, they do so with the intent of keeping you. It costs approx. 40k for a person to go through orientation.

    Lastly, if I read your post correctly, are you wondering if you get paid for being in a residency program and the 14 week termination.

    Yes, you will earn a wage for going through the residency program. Once through the program or probation period, an employer can let a person go. This time frame gives the employer an out, if they think the person will not be adequate.

    IMO, I'd go to a hospital (sounds like a state job if you are an RN3), over a SNF. For starters, a state job gives you better benefits and you can transfer within the state. A SNF doesn't pay as well and getting out of a SNF into other areas of nursing can be difficult at best.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    i deleted the sheet that had the good/bad profs.....not sure how accurate it I had a prof from the "avoid list" and she was fine. Best of luck
    You know Flames? I agree with the deleting of the good and bad list. Some of my favorites were hell for other students.

    What I tell people is to get into the classroom on Friday and look at the class expectations. If the instructor looks nutty, then get out of the class and do not post. When Pandora and I went through in 2013, we were the only two on AN who actively posted. Therefore, we had no way to know who was tough other than looking at the class expectations. Overall, we did really well with who we chose..