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    I think I would like you as a manager, because you came from the trenches.

    I wish my manager would come in at night shift to see how things are.

    I wish my manager gave us praise, instead of saying "The EXPECTATION is"

    There is no asking...there is only telling..

    Busy day the other day. NO staff took a lunch. The only ones eating the pizza the manager bought was one CNA and the manager.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    I think many BON could be run a lot better..not that difficult to update a web site

    I know! Totally irked me. WTH.

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    Quote from krystalized58
    Ok so I am about to start my capstone and am confused by this "Contact your BON" thing going on. Is that only about moving on to get your MSN or are you saying that my state (NM) may not recognize me as a BSN RN because I got it from GCU?
    Some states are not recognizing BSN's from certain schools. MY state will no longer accept a RN-BSN from GCU because there is no practicum. Those in the program will need a waiver.

    Flames keeps bringing up the link, but I haven't looked. I called MY BON and they did verify this information to be true. If I were you, I would contact your BON to make sure you are ok.
    My state has NOT released any information or links. NOTHING. The BON stated it's the student's responsibility to check to see if their program is accepted. Not the school, nor the state BON.

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    The MSN is recognized though.
    My state also accepts other for profit. In fact all of them except U of P.

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    Quote from lanoneus
    Tokmom, have you heard anything else about this? I'm trying not to flip out, since I've only got research and capstone left. I've been searching state website and looking for news about a new law but haven't come up with anything. I'll call GCU tomorrow, but I don't really trust them to know or give me the truth. :/
    If you read the GCU website, there is a disclaimer for people to check with your BON.
    I'd call the BON in your state and check. I know in my state, those IN school will need a waiver to be considered eligible to be recognized as a BSN.

    I couldn't find any news on my BON either. No WAC or anything. I did tell the BON person that the new regulations really need to be advertised!!

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    Quote from 4mranch
    Tokmom, I looked on the Illinois BON site and could not find any kind of "list" of allowed schools. I would have to echo flames's assessment regarding a clinical component for two reasons - one, the clinical requirements in the ADN program I was in had a lot more hours than the university BSN program, and two, if they are concerned about clinical hours how about requiring a certain amount of time practicing as a nurse before being allowed into a MSN program - that make more sense. Of course, that means if it makes sense then the exact opposite should be done! It amazes me that one can go from ADN - BSN - MSN/NP - DNP and never touch a patient outside of clinical experience.

    Mimmiemc, I had been looking forward to the Community Health class but it was nothing like I thought it would be (sadly that has been one of my least favorite classes). Yes that last project was a bit of a bear - hope you have a good group.

    There actually is a list for Ill. A former AN poster, who went through the program with me found it and noted that GCU wasn't on the list. She did call the BON and the BON said that GCU was ok for Ill. So far my state is making stricter standards. Again, I have no idea what other states are going to do.
    This post wasn't to start a riot of any kind or mass panic. Just check with your BON if there is going to be a Federal crack down for online schools. I personally thing there should be.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    Not too concerned at the moment..ty for the info..back to football
    No, you shouldn't be, Flames. You graduated. This is for the 2016/2017 folks. This is why I posted. A simple heads up.

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    What is the average cost of the MSN program if one already has a BSN? I'd like to get it done in a year to 15 months.

    Can someone give me a breakdown of what the program is like? Do you have to prepare a capstone (how many pages) and or a defense and interview in front of professors?

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    Quote from SentinelTruth
    For what it's worth, the State of Michigan has this guide of allowed schools for the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (Our form of the BON):

    LARA - Nursing Education Programs

    I've been looking at various schools myself... unsure if this can help people in other states though.... Grand Canyon University is listed under the NCSBN and is in effect allowed by Michigan as an official degree... as is Chamberlain, U of Phoenix, etc., etc.
    And U of P isn't even on my states list. They all vary.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    Just curious do u have a link to this new regulation?
    No, I have an email stream from my state BON/regulatory folks.. MY BON said it was Federal, but she did not give me a link. She echoed pretty much what the AN poster said under my state forum.
    I guess you can try to Google if you'd like. I don't care what the other states are doing, so I did not look for the link.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    Every state is different, so who knows....Yes when I do the online verification, under education it states baccalaureate in nursing under education.
    Yes, every state is different and some slower than others with this mandate that is new. You have already graduated.
    Our license in my state does not list our degree, nor certifications. Only our license number, name and any action taken.

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    Quote from Flames9_RN
    Quick search on the Maryland BON does not show any "approved" RN to BSN programs....When I check my license, it now states BSN....
    There is no list? I know states are slowly adding this mandate.
    Your license actually says BSN?

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    Go to your state BON and see which online programs meet their approval. It may save you a lot of heartache later on.

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    Hey peeps, this is going to be long and probably not popular amongst you all. It wasn't for me. My goal is to save some heartache along the way.

    As I was cruising my states nursing forum, I stumbled across a post that mentioned a person having trouble getting accepted into an online school because they are not taking XXX state residents as students.
    Another poster chimed in and mentioned that a NEW FEDERAL LAW is taking affect and not all states are accepting GCU's RN-BSN program because it has no practicum. Yes, they want you to work as a nurse to get a nursing degree, even though we work as nurses now.

    The original poster went to our BON and found an online list of acceptable schools and GCU was there (yay!), however, ONLY the MSN programs were listed, not the RN-BSN. As you can imagine, I went into panic mode and emailed the BON. I also sent a text to a buddy I went through GCU with me who lives in another state. She checked her list of schools and GCU isn't listed at all now.

    The good news for us, after a couple of sleepless nights is we are grandfathered in because we graduated close to 3 years ago. However, we MUST go to an MSN school on the list for our states BON if we wish to continue. Otherwise our BON will not recognize the education.
    Those that are in the program currently will need to be waivered but may still have issues with licensing.

    So peeps, go to your state BON and make sure that GCU is on the approved online school list.

    I know the intent is to cut down on diploma mills, but there are a TON of online for profit schools listed on my BON website. (rolling eyes).