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  • 9:58 am

    Quote from Bellaisla
    Comes a time....when the federal bloat has to be reigned in. The time has come, the time is now. Party's over, we broke, folks. Can't just keep printing money.
    So we are going to give up on science, healthcare, the environment, and give massive tax cuts to people in the 200K plus salary range. Then we are going to increase the military budget that is already by far the largest in the world, and we aren't even worried that the DOD isn't going to follow their own 120+ billion reduction plan that wouldn't cause any reduction in capabilities or cause anyone currently employed to lose their job. That 120+ billion doesn't even take into account the the 500million the DOD could be saving every year just by combining medical services. So let's cut taxes on the top 1%, not require our top funded agency to have some semblance of efficiency and pander to conspiracy theories. That all seems like such great ideas....not.

  • 9:57 am

    While I am not a Trump fan (I vote Libertarian) I actually believe it's a bad idea to give out education loans willy Nilly is ridiculous. Why would we provide loans for nurses who want to work in glutted areas where they may or may not find work for two years or more. Give loans with 100% forgiveness to nurses who graduate and agree to work in underserved areas such as Alaska, the deep south, Indian reservations etc for two to three years. Makes total sense to me.


  • 9:42 am

    Ya spill the beans..we all want to know,lol As stated before, I found the 5 week class very doable as it was a topic you chose and hopefully had some interest in! I think it was 1 of the few classes were I didn't have to drag myself to do the weekly assignments.

  • 9:42 am

    I am actually halfway through it! This is week five! It is actually going pretty well. The fact that it is ten weeks spreads it out pretty good to where you don't feel overwhelmed. I am so ready to be done!!!!

  • Feb 18

    You sound like you are contentious which is a big plus. This is rudimentary but what I can offer as my experience with many NMs is the ones I respected the most and had the most staff support in return were the ones who had significant nursing experience. If someone doesn't have significant experience as a floor nurse in the specialty for me personally it would be difficult to gain my full support and respect because I'm weary of those who have no clue attempting to tell those of us on the front lines how much better things will be by adding another asinine task to our already ridiculous load.

    My favorite were those who had the stones to say "Look I know this new XYZ directive sounds ridiculous but its coming down the pike so we need to suck it up and at least try and then if a miserable failure as we suspect it will be we can bring that data back to admin". This approach really gained not only my respect but my loyalty. Forget attempting to put a positive spin on a stupid idea it either makes me think that you think I'm an idiot or that you definitely are an idiot for buying into the latest Florida Wetland Condo offer admin is selling.

  • Feb 7

    I think many BON could be run a lot better..not that difficult to update a web site

  • Feb 7

    Quote from roser13
    Aren't you are the brave one.
    Well it does take a certain degree of bravery to put it right out there so honestly

  • Jan 29

    Thanks for the heads up tokmom, no rioting here. The IL regulation site and BON info is like trying to navigate a never ending loop - no end in site, and can't find what you are looking for!

  • Jan 27

    Tokmom, I looked on the Illinois BON site and could not find any kind of "list" of allowed schools. I would have to echo flames's assessment regarding a clinical component for two reasons - one, the clinical requirements in the ADN program I was in had a lot more hours than the university BSN program, and two, if they are concerned about clinical hours how about requiring a certain amount of time practicing as a nurse before being allowed into a MSN program - that make more sense. Of course, that means if it makes sense then the exact opposite should be done! It amazes me that one can go from ADN - BSN - MSN/NP - DNP and never touch a patient outside of clinical experience.

    Mimmiemc, I had been looking forward to the Community Health class but it was nothing like I thought it would be (sadly that has been one of my least favorite classes). Yes that last project was a bit of a bear - hope you have a good group.

  • Jan 22

    Cost is $3250 per 6 month term. Projected program length is 4 terms but MANY students complete it in 3 or even 2. $0 for books (all included as ebooks)

  • Jan 21

    July really is a busy month for vacations, and if you're one of the newer staff members on the unit, I can see how you'd get denied.
    If the date were super-important to me, I'd probably resign before the wedding and look for work elsewhere after the wedding. If my job were more important, I'd pick a new wedding date.

  • Jan 21

    Your facility must have a strict PTO policy if the sign up periods are bi-annual. Any other facility I worked in, it was monthly, with summer vacations limited to 2 weeks.
    You were aware of this restriction. You should have gotten your time off, then planned the wedding. Management does not give a rat's patooty what the time off is for. They do not care about employee work-life balance, they care about their staffing balance.

    I would bail before the wedding, but that's just me.

  • Jan 19

    I think we're still our own worst enemies. Missing breaks and not billing for the time, charting off the clock, etc. are some ways we continue to do this to ourselves. Not speaking up in staff meetings (or keeping silent while one vocal person goes out on a limb), coming in on one's own time to complete "mandatory" education modules. Not belonging to the union.

    I used to encourage my coworkers to be better advocates for themselves; one martyr hurts all of us. It used to show up on my evaluations that some people didn't like my "conversations".

    We can publish all the studies we want. Most of us don't need studies because we already know how we are affected. Most administrators don't care. We're seen as overhead, not profit. Until we're ready to step up and speak up, nothing will change. Patients will have poorer outcomes and we'll get admonished for not smiling enough. The public sees us as angels, not professionals. Advocating for ourselves is seen as unacceptably mercenary. We have a long way to go, baby.

  • Jan 19

    Sometimes doing "nothing", is actually everything. (It reminded me of this article I wrote about withdrawing care several years ago:

    This story brought tears to my eyes. It is patient-centered nursing care at it’s finest.

  • Jan 17

    I completely can relate to this, and I am not even a nurse...yet. I have been a teacher for almost 7 years now and have been through most of the challenges described in the article. On average I have had 37 students to be responsible for, with never-ending assessments, tracking progress, lesson planning, PDs etc. I was expected to do more, more, and more every time my principal stepped her foot into my classroom. I would also eat through lunch, holding a lunch sandwich in my left hand while grading papers with my right one. Using the bathroom? Forget it! I would have to hold it for hours in a row, while allowing the students to use their bathroom every 5 minutes, hearing their constant complaints how bad it felt for them that they could no longer hold it! I can go on, and on about the nonsense that is abound in the teaching profession. But like other poster has noted, such nonsense exists pretty much in every profession. We need more unions, and laws across the country that will allow for safe assignments and reasonable nurse-to-patient ratios.