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  • Nov 7

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. There are lights above the doors, and at one desk you can see on the paging system what room is calling, but from a majority of the seats unless you get up you cannot see which room it is.

    I will start being more vocal about delegation. I'm new to this role and in addition I still work the floor so I have to work alongside everyone. I think before the next shift starts I will have a huddle and tell everyone up front they need to step up their game and help distribute the workload.

  • Nov 7

    Have you tried speaking up when the call bell goes off or the alarm starts beeping? "Hey Jill, that's your call bell." Or "Tom, do you hear an IV pump? I think it's coming from your room." If you're Tom or Jill, it's embarrassing to have someone call attention to an alarm you're not addressing. (I know this because I've been guilty of failing to hear my own IV pump alarming -- not ignoring it, just not hearing it.). I'm pretty sure if you're consistent about doing this, most of the nurses will be more vigilant.

    CNAs, if they aren't actually assigned to specific patients (as in our unit) can be politely asked if they'd mind getting that call light. If you're charge and they refuse, then they have to talk to the manager about insubordination. That is never a pleasant experience.

  • Nov 6

    Hello Everyone,

    Its been awhile. I graduated from GCU this last March & I absolutely loved the program.

    If any of you were wondering, it is possible to get into CRNA school with a BSN from GCU. I am posting this because I could not find anything on the internet indicating if any GCU BSN grads had gotten into CRNA school. I'm sure some of us have gotten into CRNA school, but there are no posts or threads of anyone indicating that they got in. It was very difficult and competitive to get in and it took a lot of work, but YOU CAN DO IT!

  • Nov 6

    Quote from Roseofshannon
    Thank you so much for this info! I am a diploma grad from 34 years ago and have no idea which online program to go with! The person from gcu that I met at the ed fair has been great about being responsive but that's her job right? She has made it very easy for me but I don't want to go with it just because of that! I don't want to go with it and find out it's awful! This is going to be a BIG DEAL for me!
    I think most of the RN to BSN online programs are very similar..all into writing papers, in APA format. I know my writing improved a great deal from the 1st course to the last....You get the hang of it, and can spit out a paper in no time,lol Tutors are available as well...student success center.....Never used them, so can't say if they provide any real help. 1 reason why I went with GCU was they did not hound me!! Some schools called..emailed and called some more. I'm in my 40s and a few of the people I connected with were older, 1 is in her 60s and I think it tends to be an older crowd. But that is hard to say as you not normally have a lot of real personal interaction. I started up a FB group, and most of them seemed to be my age or older. I'm glad I went to GCU, is it perfect, no, but I think they put out a good product. And I think price wise, they are in the middle....Some very $$$ and yes u can find less expensive as well. Many on here talk about WGU and lik eit, so you may want to look into it. My understanding is that 1 pays so much a semester and can take as many classes as you can, so if you can work quickly, can complete a fair # of classes each semester, of course if you go slow, thats another story,lol GCU classes are 5 weeks each. Each week starts on Monday and papers/powerpoint for the week are to be turned in at 2359 Arizona time! Best of luck!!

  • Oct 24

    I was given an awesome (sounding) job offer in downtown Seattle. When I did the math on housing vs commute times, I couldn't bring myself to accept it.

    Are downtown nurses having problems keeping up? Wage increases are minuscule while housing is outrageous!

  • Oct 21

    As well some profs enforce the DQ response rule..2 responses in 1 day for them to count...if u just post one a day, you will not get credit for that reply, nor can u just do all 6 replies in a single day.....but some profs do not care! The DQ replies by most student tend to be...u are so right.....i totally agree with you...u are awesome.....well not exactly like that, but add very little substance,lol And then u had the posters which plagarized..good times

    Capstone can actually be 1 of the more interesting classes as YOU get to pick the topic. Yes it is a lot of work, but each week feeds off the previous....and in week 5, ur mainly copy/pasting it into the format (example is given,showing where each weeks work goes) One still has to pretty it up so it flows well. The key to a successful capstone paper is 1) finding a topic u enjoy 2) making sure its a topic that information can be found 3) obtaining the 15 articles ahead of time (8 have to be research based) 4) Having ur PICOT ready

    Dont be afraid to use the librarians for resource help (that goes for all the classes) I found emailing them was the best as they would email u back plenty of resources.

    1 reason why having ur 15 articles ahead of time is useful...u have a rapid review of them due the first week..then a more entailed one due at end of week 2.

    Think my Capstone was around 40 pages...many of that was the reviews and reference pages

    Up until Capstone...many of the classes have the same its like groundhog day over and over,lol Write DQs..respond to DQs..write paper! Most classes have a group project (CLC) and they are usually a PowerPoint. Try and keep all dialogue in the Colour the prof can see the communication that takes place....

  • Oct 7

    Hello all,
    i just wanted to comment and say how thankful I am to have stumbled upon this thread.. I'm also commenting to find the end of it.. hahaha.. I'm halfway through GCU and actually doubling up on Monday eeeekkkk!!!

  • Oct 1

    what about those with AMS? they are the ones that fall the most. They are incapable of consenting themselves or participate in informed consent
    That is so stupid. Like we WANT our pts to fall???

  • Oct 1
  • Oct 1

    What worries me is that the RN will be legally responsible for any law suit that may come of a fall, heaven forbid the die from it. We presently use bed alarms, hourly rounding etc, this just seems a little fishy to me. And can someone with dementia even sign a contract???I feel like this is bad news and leading to the hospital pushing any legal ramifications off solely on the nurse.

  • Sep 26

    The best part is how everyone scatters like mice! OMG. And it takes a few minutes to get over the tears, and red faces from laughing so hard before you can return and be seen!

    1. Saw a doc like yours walking down the hall with a wire hanger still in the back of his lab coat he was wearing. There it was peeking out the back of his neck. I and everyone else just let him go...

    2. Was at the nurses station and the LOL in the room right in front with the door open called out to me right after her doc left her and was making his way around the corner of the nurses station desk (out of her sight), "Nurse, that doc is an idiot, he's just a boy and doesn't know a damn thing about medicine. Call me the other guy, the grown up one in here!" This doc ended up at my side as the LOL was finishing shouting her request to me from across the hall. I just looked at him, and ended up snorting in attempt to stop a laugh. His face started to show anger, and I just said, "OH. COME. ON. that was funny, there is no way that that was not funny!" Lucky for me, he then just shook his head and smiled.

  • Sep 23

    She is not an RN. You are an LPN. You took the test and passed it. She did not. She is an unlicensed assistive personnel. Perhaps a highly educated one, but still no license.

    You know your job and she is your assistant correct? You have the seniority.

    Anyway you you break it down you should be the senior one of this working relationship. You need to assert yourself. If that doesn't work you need to take your issues to a higher authority. If she can't adjust her behavior she needs to be replaced.

    For one thing if she starts acting in the role of an RN without a license it can be dangerous for the patients and open the practice up to potential lawsuits. It is not just a matter of senority. It is a matter of safety and legality. If she proves uncooperative she needs to be fired for the safety of all concerned. You need to form your objections in this way. Not that you can't work with her, but that this is dangerous.

    Assert yourself YOU are the nurse, not her. It is your responsibility to delegate and be an advocate for your patients. A diploma doesn't matter if you can't pass the NCLEX. Also I just looked recently and the dang thing has about an 80% pass rate for first time takers. She couldn't pass after 5 attempts? What does THAT say about her?

  • Sep 20

    Quote from pattychris6
    Hi 4mranch. I start next week. Glad you jumped in... I hope some other GCU students share their experiences here. I've been reading these for a month lol...and re-reading! Please keep us updated on statistics That one is my biggest fear. Many, many years ago I barely passed high school Algebra but I'm counting on my husband to tutor me!
    Lot of good online resources for etc...

    Module 1 HLT 362V (213) - YouTube She is (or was) a GCU prof...she actually would do all the Excel homework via youtube video....She was an excellent prof..BUT it wasn't a gimme pass..she made u work, would not accept last minute questions (so best be asking early in the week,lol)

  • Sep 20

    Quote from pattychris6
    Thanks Flame9...I signed the papers tonite so I'm taking the plunge NEXT week! Any ideas on a good laptop for all the paper writing??
    Im a desktop person myself.....just save ur work often...and in many places....thumb it to urself.

    PERRLA is a must!! APA PERRLA software helps students properly format papers in APA style and create citations and references - Whats nice about it saves ur refs up in the cloud..very handy....

  • Sep 16

    To the allnurses community,

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    Achieve Test Prep has demanded that allnurses turn over any personally identifying information in its possession regarding the users named in the Complaint. To the extent it has any identifying information, allnurses has refused to comply with these discovery requests and has not released any identifying information of any allnurses user. In response to allnurses’ objections, Achieve Test Prep has brought a motion to compel the disclosure of this information over allnurses’ objections. More information about Achieve Test Prep’s motion is available on the court ordered notice page here.

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