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  • Aug 11

    Quote from NayNaeRN
    STEER clear of the spiritual class. My instructor was TOUGH. lots of philosophical back and forth. Not something I was into at all.
    It's required, so can't steer clear of it Can you pm me your instructor's name? I think I am going to take this one by itself so I don't have any distractions.

  • Jun 23

    Many people dont understand unions or have been fed garbage about them.

    Organized nursing labor is very important or nurses will get shafted.

  • Apr 24

    That sounds like a great idea! We have been working so short, so breaks are impossible (Sadly a common issue that many nursing units face).

  • Apr 24

    I suggest you start looking at the weeks ahead and looking at all thats required......I believe in week 5 under RESOURCES, then course material there is an example of the Capstone even tells you where to put what module where.....of course its not as simple as copy/paste..still have to make it flow nicely, etc etc. Yes, the capstone paper is the accumulation of nearly everything week 1 to 4..just follow the example u find in week 5. One can email the librarians and they will email back the link to find the GCU capstone papers. My paper was around 10,000 words(39 pages) I'm sure some are much more, some a bit less......My prof wasn't concerned about word count, and most prob are not...but there are some....GL.

  • Apr 24

    How'd it go?
    I didn't have professors that were strict on the word count, I'd just get a remark about "wow, you went over the word count but......" never got docked

  • Apr 24

    So got my final grades back today after hitting that submit button last Sunday night. I'm floored. It is over. I did it. April 28th I will walk across the stage and graduate like a BA getting a BA! It took me 12 months and fourteen days! I am so happy and cannot believe it! Thank you flames for all the guidance and help. I cannot tell you the difference it has made!

  • Apr 9

    How has the prof marked up until now? Have they mentioned being strict on a word limit? I found most marked very fair and no real surprises. I missed a whole section on 1 of my papers...which is a lot worse than going over the word limit and yes I got docked, but not a great deal..could have been far worse,lol I recall only 1 prof that I had that stated up front that 1 had to pay attention to word count, it sure does change how 1 tackles the paper. For Capstone i asked right away regarding word count. I'm sure you will be fine. And if you look in the rubric, it shows how much that portion of ur paper is worth (forget the section and I'm not at home) and its prob not worth a great %......Cheers

  • Apr 9

    Hey everyone,

    Just hit submit on my last paper for research. I'm kind of stressing since I have to get a B (3.0/4.0=87%) in the class and the minimum I can get on this paper is a 74% (the paper is worth 300 points)- I have a 96% in the class so I have some cushion.

    I did have one question- word limit- the final paper said max of 1750 words and I used 2900.. How many points do you guys think the instructor will take off?

    It was physically impossible to hit all the criteria for the paper and still come to only 1750 words.

    If anyone can PM me to calm the nerves it would really help...

  • Apr 3

    It probably isn't good, but those three days he'll spend in PICU will help his parents find some closure, hopefully, vs if he had never made it there.

  • Apr 3

    I drowned when I was 2. I thank god everyday there was somewhere there like you to do what you did. I wouldn't be here today if there wasn't. I know it might not feel like it but you did what you could but sometimes we can't win.

  • Mar 26

    Quote from Bellaisla
    Comes a time....when the federal bloat has to be reigned in. The time has come, the time is now. Party's over, we broke, folks. Can't just keep printing money.
    So we are going to give up on science, healthcare, the environment, and give massive tax cuts to people in the 200K plus salary range. Then we are going to increase the military budget that is already by far the largest in the world, and we aren't even worried that the DOD isn't going to follow their own 120+ billion reduction plan that wouldn't cause any reduction in capabilities or cause anyone currently employed to lose their job. That 120+ billion doesn't even take into account the the 500million the DOD could be saving every year just by combining medical services. So let's cut taxes on the top 1%, not require our top funded agency to have some semblance of efficiency and pander to conspiracy theories. That all seems like such great ideas....not.

  • Mar 26

    While I am not a Trump fan (I vote Libertarian) I actually believe it's a bad idea to give out education loans willy Nilly is ridiculous. Why would we provide loans for nurses who want to work in glutted areas where they may or may not find work for two years or more. Give loans with 100% forgiveness to nurses who graduate and agree to work in underserved areas such as Alaska, the deep south, Indian reservations etc for two to three years. Makes total sense to me.


  • Mar 26

    Ya spill the beans..we all want to know,lol As stated before, I found the 5 week class very doable as it was a topic you chose and hopefully had some interest in! I think it was 1 of the few classes were I didn't have to drag myself to do the weekly assignments.

  • Mar 26

    I am actually halfway through it! This is week five! It is actually going pretty well. The fact that it is ten weeks spreads it out pretty good to where you don't feel overwhelmed. I am so ready to be done!!!!

  • Feb 18

    You sound like you are contentious which is a big plus. This is rudimentary but what I can offer as my experience with many NMs is the ones I respected the most and had the most staff support in return were the ones who had significant nursing experience. If someone doesn't have significant experience as a floor nurse in the specialty for me personally it would be difficult to gain my full support and respect because I'm weary of those who have no clue attempting to tell those of us on the front lines how much better things will be by adding another asinine task to our already ridiculous load.

    My favorite were those who had the stones to say "Look I know this new XYZ directive sounds ridiculous but its coming down the pike so we need to suck it up and at least try and then if a miserable failure as we suspect it will be we can bring that data back to admin". This approach really gained not only my respect but my loyalty. Forget attempting to put a positive spin on a stupid idea it either makes me think that you think I'm an idiot or that you definitely are an idiot for buying into the latest Florida Wetland Condo offer admin is selling.