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  • Jun 15

    I especially like the doc who points out how fast a patient can deteriorate. He forgot to mention who is usually the one who would first pick up on that.

  • Jun 15

    Thank you, sister!! I appreciate you to take the time to hopefully educate. We need to explain to the young generation "Where would the middle class of America" be today without unions? Would there be an 8-hr day with overtime, minimum wage, Labor Day; I could go on and on with all the human rights we have?! To those who are offended, please do not respond before you educate or research Unions! I don't doubt there are fabulous hospitals in which the RN's and the management have a great working relationship without unions but, it's mainly the directors or managers with whom care. It is the higher kings: the CEO, the CNO that have never provided bed-side nursing. In this hospital, we had a fantastic CEO and CNO for 23 yrs who worked and negotiated with the union in a professional manner. I believe this is unheard of anymore, it's very sad that we all can't think of the pt first and care for the pt, not the all mighty dollar!! Sisters, Don't ever stop caring!!

  • Jun 13

    Have people not read the situations on this board and thought "where is your union?" I can't believe some of the stuff nurses are putting up with and I am so grateful I have a union. No, they're not perfect, and I don't like paying money for union dues when non-union workers get the same benefits. However, during contract negotiation we would have been thrown under the bus from administration if we hadn't had a union.

  • Jun 13

    Quote from Ruger8mm
    I will tell you guys what. The minute the unions do something that benefits me I will change my tune admit that they do do good. But until that point I don't foresee my opinion changing.
    Repeat this to me when you get to the top of the seniority totem pole when you get first dibs on vaca time. Or when you need to challenge some issue re promotions or transfers. Or some disciplinary action (as another PP posted).

    Unions do have a place. Question - do you receive a yearly increment? Many non-union facility nurses haven't received any in a looong time. How about a uniform allowance? I bet nobody screws up your payroll overtime/holiday time. A meal discount?

    I'm usually not very pro-union, but as I said, they do have a place.

  • Jun 13

    All I have to do is look at my paycheck to thank my local union.

    In "right to work" states I am paid 30% less, have no right to grieve and still have to wait my turn for vacation.

  • Jun 13

    Quote from Ruger8mm
    I hate, despise and detest unions. And I make no bones about it.
    Then why on earth would you work in a unionized facility? If you disagree with unions, it makes no sense to even apply for a job there.

  • Jun 13

    That union might come in handy if you ever find yourself in disciplinary action for carrying all of those anti- personnel devices.

  • Jun 13

    Quote from mrphil79
    When I hear Grand Canyon University, I automatically think "EXPENSIVE!"

    I have a BS in psych from a small state school that offered an online program.
    I have a friend who was working toward a psych degree at GCU at the same time.
    I paid around $180 a credit for my degree.
    She paid almost $480 a credit.

    Was her degree worth almost $40,000 more than mine?
    Not by a long shot.

    I really don't get why people look at these phenomenally expensive schools and get drawn in and ignore the price - when there are SO MANY schools that have an accredited RN-BSN for around $200 a credit:
    Fort Hays State University - $194 per credit.
    Minot State University - $211 per credit.
    Western Governors - about $3000 for as many classes as you can cram in in 6 months.
    GCU - $470 per credit.

    GCU wouldn't even crack the top 25 of schools I would want to even look at - based on their insane tuition alone.
    I can't recall the credit cost at GCU (graduated in 2015) but the whole program (12 classes) cost me about $17000 which was far less than many, and yes more than others. I did check others and dealing with some of their admissions staff, made me look elsewhere (and all those pestering return calls) Each their own, one has to find a school that works for them....

  • Jun 10

    @Jgg if price is a factor I have heard good things about WGU and I think the university of Texas?? If I go for my masters it won't be through GCU. The only reason I went through GCU was a nice discount from them partnered with the school i graduated from, one scholarship and 10k in grants.

  • Jun 4

    Quote from nursgirl
    After TONS of research on just about every online RN to BSN and RN to MSN program out there I finally made a decision and started at Grand Canyon University this week! Granted it's only been a few days but I'm already loving it. (Haven't had to turn in a paper yet though so I'll update after that haha) I decided to get my BSN first and my plan is to go directly into an MSN program after that [emoji4]

    If you're looking into going back to school I say go for it!
    Completed the RN to BSN program last yr at GCU....Found the online classroom very well laid out...Straight forward what has to be done each week.....Best of luck

  • May 30

    Thank you, k011408. The interview was with two assistant managers of the unit since the nurse manage was not there on that day. Some standard question like: Tell me about yourself. What do you expect you are going to be in five years? I think one thing you have to convey is that you really like this hospital and you are going to stay really long after the residency program. They don't want to invest money and time on a person who won't stay long. Just my 2cents.

  • May 15

    I worked for a non-union hospital system as a nursing assistant while in school where none of the hospitals were union and the BSNs got paid more that those with a Diploma or ADN/ASN and they own some Diploma schools! They are very education/certification focused (tons of alphabet soup after names!) and 3 of their hospitals are Magnet with others on the Journey to become Magnet.

    I work for another hospital system in the same region as nurse where 2 of the hospitals are union (including mine), one of their non-union hospitals is Magnet and I'm not sure if any are on the Journey to become Magnet and the BSNs get paid more. My hospital is not focused enough on (real) education much at all. I am not sure when or how it started but now I'm curious and I will let you know!

    I do think that BSNs should get paid more for their additional schooling. I have a BS in Education and taught for a long time but unfortunately no other degrees are recognized but Nursing ones which is why I'm back in school for my BSN.

  • May 15

    This topic, is literally over four decades old.....not meaning to be rude, but this June, I will have been a RN, for 44 years....

    depends on market demographics

  • May 13

    Quote from lillian08
    Statistics question. I am not great with Math, is Statistics going to be killer? What book is used for it? I'd like to get a head start if possible. Thanks!
    I definitely recommend using the tutors online to verify your work in stats! I had done all the work, logged on, and had them check it and walk me through those questions I didn't quite understand. I ended up with an A in the class that way!

  • May 9

    Kahn Academy on youtube helped me a lot in stats. Watched the video on the topic. Then watch the video while completing my problems (stopped, restarted, paused, restarted, stopped, restarted a lot, lol). Then did the same thing for the next problem.