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  • Sep 23

    She is not an RN. You are an LPN. You took the test and passed it. She did not. She is an unlicensed assistive personnel. Perhaps a highly educated one, but still no license.

    You know your job and she is your assistant correct? You have the seniority.

    Anyway you you break it down you should be the senior one of this working relationship. You need to assert yourself. If that doesn't work you need to take your issues to a higher authority. If she can't adjust her behavior she needs to be replaced.

    For one thing if she starts acting in the role of an RN without a license it can be dangerous for the patients and open the practice up to potential lawsuits. It is not just a matter of senority. It is a matter of safety and legality. If she proves uncooperative she needs to be fired for the safety of all concerned. You need to form your objections in this way. Not that you can't work with her, but that this is dangerous.

    Assert yourself YOU are the nurse, not her. It is your responsibility to delegate and be an advocate for your patients. A diploma doesn't matter if you can't pass the NCLEX. Also I just looked recently and the dang thing has about an 80% pass rate for first time takers. She couldn't pass after 5 attempts? What does THAT say about her?

  • Sep 20

    Quote from pattychris6
    Hi 4mranch. I start next week. Glad you jumped in... I hope some other GCU students share their experiences here. I've been reading these for a month lol...and re-reading! Please keep us updated on statistics That one is my biggest fear. Many, many years ago I barely passed high school Algebra but I'm counting on my husband to tutor me!
    Lot of good online resources for etc...

    Module 1 HLT 362V (213) - YouTube She is (or was) a GCU prof...she actually would do all the Excel homework via youtube video....She was an excellent prof..BUT it wasn't a gimme pass..she made u work, would not accept last minute questions (so best be asking early in the week,lol)

  • Sep 20

    Quote from pattychris6
    Thanks Flame9...I signed the papers tonite so I'm taking the plunge NEXT week! Any ideas on a good laptop for all the paper writing??
    Im a desktop person myself.....just save ur work often...and in many places....thumb it to urself.

    PERRLA is a must!! APA PERRLA software helps students properly format papers in APA style and create citations and references - Whats nice about it saves ur refs up in the cloud..very handy....

  • Sep 16

    To the allnurses community,

    As many of you are already aware, allnurses is the target of a lawsuit by East Coast Test Prep, LLC which operates Achieve Test Prep. allnurses has and continues to vigorously deny the allegations in Achieve Test Prep’s lawsuit and will continue to fight this meritless litigation. The lawsuit claims that certain comments on allnurses regarding Achieve Test Prep were defamatory and Achieve Test Prep has sought to name those users as defendants in the lawsuit.

    Achieve Test Prep has demanded that allnurses turn over any personally identifying information in its possession regarding the users named in the Complaint. To the extent it has any identifying information, allnurses has refused to comply with these discovery requests and has not released any identifying information of any allnurses user. In response to allnurses’ objections, Achieve Test Prep has brought a motion to compel the disclosure of this information over allnurses’ objections. More information about Achieve Test Prep’s motion is available on the court ordered notice page here.

    We at allnurses understand that the ability of our members to post anonymously under their usernames is critical to allowing the nursing community to discuss important and contentious issues openly and honestly. allnurses values and will continue to defend the First Amendment rights of its users to engage in protected anonymous speech and will protect from disclosure any identifying information to the fullest extent possible.

    allnurses has become the world’s leading nursing community based on the contributions and efforts of its members and we are extremely thankful for all that you do. The interests of the allnurses community has and will continue to guide us in responding to this litigation. allnurses is confident that the rights of its users, and the broader internet community, to engage in anonymous speech will be protected by the court just as they have been protected by other courts throughout the United States. allnurses will continue to defend the rights of its users to engage in constitutionally protected speech and to openly discuss issues of concern to the nursing community at large.


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  • Sep 10

    My main issue has been just trying to find consistency with classroom requirements. For example the first stats class i was placed in the instructor wanted the two DQ posts and then five FIVE 5!!! student responses per DQ. Just reading it overwhelmed me (especially doubled up like I am) so I traded into a different class and it has saved me! I am treading water while taking Stats and Ethics together. I really appreciate all the help I have gotten through this thread! I am trying to just keep trucking...

  • Sep 10

    I am actually doing a masters in...statistics. Right after LPN school I was in an LPN-RN program and took dreaded stats. I hated it. I just didn't get it. Ended up dropping the course and not finishing the Lpn-RN program, but that was my introduction to stats and it prevented me for a long time from getting my bachelors in anything.

    Fast forward to now ,and I am getting my masters in Statistics. #1 is just realizing how useful stats is. #2 is finding great resources. 15 years ago - My textbook was dry. My professor was dry. I also lacked confidence. I was a math phobe after all.....

    How did I end up loving statistics? I had to take a stats course for my masters program. I was fearful of the course and decided to read up on stats a few months before class. I must have bought the right materials because when I entered dreaded stats finally........I LOVED IT SO MUCH, I dropped out of that masters program (or shall I say I switched!) and entered an MS in stats. I was older, wiser and I had much better resources at my disposal. I now tutor people in stats while I pursue my masters degree. Heck, this LPN has even tutored Rn students in passing stats!

    Here are some GREAT resources I recommend for the people I tutor to start to get comfortable with the idea of stats. Yes, you can get the Dummies and Idiots books. They are helpful. I actually prefered other sources. Below is what I used prior to taking the stats course. The people I tutor also REALLY love these resources! (especially the manga book!)
    1.Read- Naked Guide to Statistics

    2. Buy or get from the library - Manga Guide to Statistics. (a FUN read and there is EVEN a love story in this math textbook!) My 11 yr old who loves Manga even read this "math textbook" and enjoyed it. He now wants the whole collection of math textbooks! Linear Algebra manga anyone????

    If you read #2 you will feel comfortable with statistics and I dont' doubt you will want to actually do more stats for FUN. This is what happened to me.

    3a. I also borrowed "Mastering Statistics" mathtutor dvd's from the library. I loved them so much I ended up just buying the first DVD to own. (Highly recommend his dvd's. He keeps things simple and to the point without alot of fluff to bog you down) And you will master the MATH if you go through the set!

    3b. While watching the stats vids I worked concurrently through -Statistics for Dummies 1001 Practice Problems

    Bonus- it might be expensive but if you can get it through the library or a used copy on Amazon, this DVD is really helpful -"Meaning From Data: Statistics Made Clear." From the great courses. I also got this from my public library. Liked it so much I bought a used copy on Amazon for $4.00. Retail? Over $200.By the time I got through 1- 3b, I felt confident but at the same time I couldn't get enough stats materials!!!!

    After you go through the above you''ll probably want to show off your stats skills in front of the proctor! (and I am pretty sure you can still use a calculator for stats. I admit I try not to, but it's allowed for most courses. Much of statistical analysis is done by R, SPSS, SAS,etc and not by hand anymore anyways!)

  • Sep 10
  • Aug 29

    On tele/stepdown: we take nitro, Lasix, dobutamine, dopamine, insulin, heparin, milrinone, Cardizem, amio. We'll titrate heparin and insulin according to results, all other drips usually get rate changed by LIP approval.

  • Aug 29

    Eeek! At my facility, cardizem is titratable and it goes to PCU. Same for nitro. Dobutamine also goes to PCU as long as you don't have to titrate. Other drips include heparin, lasix, bumex, nicardipine, and nipride. Heparin is the only one that is okay for med-surg. Lasix and Bumex is questionable. Nicardipine and nipride go to ICU.

  • Aug 29

    No cardiac drips or IV cardiac meds on our med/surg floor. Either a tele unit for IV cardiac meds or ICU for cardiac drips.

  • Aug 29

    My experience is that the cardizem drips aren't too bad and very few have to be transferred for titration. I'd take a cardizem drip over an insulin drip any day. Now those are time consuming. :***:

  • Aug 28

    We only hang cardizem and we don't titrate it. Ratio is 1:4.

  • Aug 28

    0:0 because that patient is getting transferred to ICU. Any patient on any vasoactive drip automatically buys a transfer to critical care. The only drip that doesn't require ICU is Breviblock.

  • Aug 27

    Quote from krystalized58
    My main issue has been just trying to find consistency with classroom requirements. For example the first stats class i was placed in the instructor wanted the two DQ posts and then five FIVE 5!!! student responses per DQ. Just reading it overwhelmed me (especially doubled up like I am) so I traded into a different class and it has saved me! I am treading water while taking Stats and Ethics together. I really appreciate all the help I have gotten through this thread! I am trying to just keep trucking...
    I never had a prof make 1 do extra DQs.....Most just cared if you did your 2 DQs and then had 6 responses in total...but some followed the rules where u had to post 2 responses in a day for them to count. Best prof I had, had written a lo ton her expectations, her policy on cheaters, she sounded like she was going to be strict, which she may have been, but she was awesome. She had actually done the RN to BSN program at GCU so she was well aware of the problems most faced,especially the slackers in the group projects,lol

  • Aug 27

    Quote from Sour Lemon
    He's essentially stealing from these businesses. Not only are they out the amount of the check, but banks often assess additional fees for the privilege of depositing a bad one.
    Few people stop to consider that the business owners may have health issues of their own that they require funds for. There are millions of people in the world who live tragically at at least some point in their lives they all get a free pass to victimize others?
    When Big Pharma and For Profit hospitals charge $47 for 50mg of Benadryl
    for inpatients, and inpatients don't even have a say in the matter because nobody KNOWS the price until they ask for and itemized bill...or outpatients cannot make informed choices because you cannot ' shop around ' for the best price, or even a fair price for an MRI because nobody at the front desk even knows the flat rate for imaging - or the flat rate is price gouging so that between the insurance companies and the deductible patients are faced with a coercive monopoly...THAT kind of profiteering is well beyond a $3500 bill. I'm not talking about small business....for that, I certainly agree. I am talking about big healthcare, the kind that woos doctors and nurses with gifts and gadgets to pedal their drugs to patients. Those are billion dollar companies whose CEOs are running off with the steak and leaving the bone and gristle for the rest of us. As patient advocates, we should all be angry.
    Small businesses, as you said, often struggle, and no, not everyone should get a free pass.