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  • Feb 21
  • Feb 17

    Quote from pinkpetunia
    Ok, I have put this off for 2 years. Grieving that I did not just jump in.
    I think I want to ride donkey down into the canyon for school. lol.

    If I do go back, should I do a 3 year RN to MSN? or just a BSN?
    Hey pink,

    What is your end goal? That should help you make a decision.

  • Jan 31

    Quote from Flames9_RN
    I really have yet to find my passion in nursing. I only worked for a short while, then had a 2 yr break from nursing, then only recently started back up. Hell, I don't even know once I get back to the USA in 2016 or so, if nursing is something I will continue to persue,lol
    I'm curious then why you are pouring blood, sweat and tears into this program. Well, maybe not tears. But you get my gist.

  • Jan 31

    PICO is a question. KNOW your PICO, cuz you revisit that baby in the Cap. It will drive your thesis, yet one of the easiest thing to do, lol. This is mine for compassion fatigue and burnout

    P: Population or people affected (Nurses who work in hospitals)

    I: Intervention (monthly support program)

    C: Comparison, though you don't always have a comparison, but I could say (Compare to those with no intervention)

    O: Outcome (What am I looking for to happen?) To decrease nurse burnout and compassion fatigue

  • Jan 31

    Quote from Flames9_RN
    sorry, a pin does not excite me,lol Just looking fwd to turning in my Pico statement tomorrow and then taking a few months off! Down to my last 16 days in Nicaragua. Looking forward to chilling in Rhode Island for a few months, then head to Quito Ecuador. Not sure when I will start up again, Maybe August. I have 2 classes I can test out of, so will do it over the summer. GL on the Capstone.
    To each his own. It may offer an incentive to others when they hit that proverbial wall.

  • Jan 31

    LOL, love that avatar!!

    I think we are all tired of Word-land. I think I can say it isn't the happiest place on earth like another place is, lol.

    Watch your email in the next few classes about getting a pin and applying for graduation, because one day it will be you!!

  • Jan 31

    And if anyone needs an incentive to get through this program, check this out...

    Attachment 14241

  • Jan 31

    That is the kind of instructor you nag with questions. Do you want this...or that...what about this?? I pester the heck out of them. Ask Pandora, how many questions I have asked .

    Patho, overall isn't a difficult class, too bad she is making it this way for you with the APA stuff.

    Capstone:'s going ok. This Professor likes GOOD APA and will knock off a point or two for errors, however she corrects them for you (if she can) and all you have to do is click accept changes on Word and they are fixed. She seems pretty fair and gives EXCELLENT instructions, so she makes this paper heavy class (as is to be expected) doable. Pandora and I are spinning our wheels trying to keep our heads above water and keeping it organized though. Just when you think you are on top of one paper, you realize you have another one in the wings that needs to be written and all those extra pieces to do. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the volume of work. The papers themselves are not difficult though people seem to be struggling with their research articles.

  • Jan 31

    Quote from Flames9_RN
    always something to learn! I don't brag about not doing all the reading,lol I find myself reading more and more. But I also do a lot of online research about the topic.
    I do a lot of online reading as well, if I can't get the info from the book, or not enough to support my cause. There are times, the book piques my interest that I want to read further, so I will Google.

  • Jan 31

    Yes they are Flames, and they seem to ramp up toward the end. I also want to say that there is a lot of really good stuff in the reading. There have been times I have thought about doing some serious skimming, but thought the best of it and delved in a bit more. I read some stuff I never would have known otherwise, even with being a nurse for well over 20 years and having the leadership exposure that I have, along with my certification. I love it when people brag about not reading yet become angry when they aren't learning anything... Think about that.

  • Jan 31

    Quote from morningland
    I think I will be able to pull it off... I don't mean to brag (because I barely passed nursing school, lol) but my world record is writting a paper, from first looking at the signment to turned in in just 90 mins... and I got an A! lol. sorry,

    I was honestly wondering if this school is just too easy because I hardly have trouble pulling in A's... except in statistics. How has everyone else's experience? Getting good grades is hard work, but do you think the school is a little easy sometimes?

    You don't have to apologize for writing quickly. I could pound out a paper too if I didn't have 5 kids at home, work 40 hours a week and have housework and tending to one kid that is special needs and needs help with basic ADL's. I'm also just very meticulous and like to have things worded the correct way.

    Are the classes easy? It depends on what you think is easy. Some of the 'easier' classes for me are those that I have had previous exposure to somewhere in my life. The leadership and management class was easier for me, but I also have a lot of experience in that area with LEAN, executive summaries, etc. Others who have never had that exposure might be very befuddled with those classes, never having exposure to them. Still, those easy classes were a hell of a lot of work for me. This school has taken a lot of time away from my family. I'm also one of the rare ones here that actually reads most everything because I want to EARN my degree and LEARN something, not just do the minimum and have a diploma handed to me. That is doing disservice to myself and the profession.

  • Jan 31

    Quote from RNdynamic
    This thread reads like an infomercial. Did the OP receive compensation for this piece?
    Oh I'm sure she is making MILLIONS on her post. Seriously? Can you not pot stir for once?
    Maybe she has had a good experience at her school and is sharing that experience. Gee, what a concept!

  • Jan 31

    30% would be nice. We were required to have less than 20 and very paper intensive. I hope someone I'm the msn chimes in

  • Jan 31

    Papers, how many? Do they have to go through turn it in and what is your plagiarism score that is acceptable?

    I'm kicking around the idea of a MSN through WGU. I just graduated with my BSN, and it seems one can get through courses relatively quickly and not have to spend 5-8 weeks in a class.

  • Jan 30

    Thank Goodness!