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  • Mar 4

    Another update.......I talked to my Internal Med doctor who cares for all my health issues except cardiac....I have a excellent cardiologist......and he too was upset with my decision to not call 911. He says that low blood sugar can indeed cause chest pain due to metabolic changes as the blood sugar drops and he wonders if I maybe dropped into the low 40's or 50's before I ate. The symptoms did come on very quickly and progressed even quicker. He said it was a life threatening situation which should have been evaluated by an emergency room doctor and both he and the cardiologist should have been consulted at the time. If the blood sugar had continued to drop, I guess I could have had a major MI.
    As for my cardiologist...I love him to death. He takes very good care of me and I think I owe my life to him. In the past year and a half I have had 3 cardiac caths with placement of med-alluding stents for 2 95% blockages. I know that I have a very agressive form of heart disease and I see the cardiologist every 3 months....more if I am having problems or just feel the need to talk to him.
    It is my fault that I have had these complications for being non-compliant with his instructions to seek help when I need it.
    I am still learning. Its different somehow, looking at your patient and giving them advice for whatever medical condition they have and and being that patient and listening to advice from others. I need to look at MY diabetes and MY heart disease realistically from a patients point of view and follow the advice I have been given. Perhaps I am still in denial.
    Thank you all for the kind and wise advice YOU have given me. I promise I will heed it from now on.

    Take Care,

    Vickie :angel2:

  • Jan 28

    My mother, lying on her death bed, kept waving her arms in the air and pointing to the sky and saying "Aren't the Angels beautiful?" She passed peacefully early the next morning. She always told me she was ready to go home to Heaven and I believe this was for my benefit so that I would know that Angels were present at her passing.