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Walking Two Blocks

Walking Two Blocks Going to work for most people is probably an exercise in boredom. Not for me. My day in Dhaka begins with a slow awareness that the noise outside has sounded the alarm to awake. Banged-up autos at the intersection below my apartment blow their horns in urgent awareness that their drivers have no intention of slowing down. Most make it through without incident, leaving rickshaws, bicycles and motorbikes scattered in their tracks. After a quick breakfast, I head... Read More →

Learning From the Ancients: The Nurse Becomes a Shaman

I barely caught a glimpse of a blue and white polka dot dress as the medics entered the only available room in the Emergency Department. It was the usual busy evening and thankfully, she didn't seem to be in too bad of a shape. Walking quickly into the room, I glanced down at the bed to see an elderly black, well- dressed female clutching her purse to her chest. When I asked her what was wrong, she listed multiple somatic complaints and added that her pastor had, "tossed the bones and put a... Read More →

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