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  • Jul 20 '14

    Quote from SoFloRN
    I love when they say, " take the day off and get your paperwork done." haha! some day off. I do love my job, so what is the answer to avoid staying up late doing paperwork.
    What portion of your routine visit documentation cannot be completed during the visit? Why can you not complete it during the visit?

  • May 16 '14

    Quote from caliotter3
    I find it easier to keep a steady income doing extended care rather than intermittent visits. Often you can get 40 hours a week with the same patient and if your agency allows overtime, you may have the opportunity to work overtime.
    I concur with this.

    I wanted to share something else about the health insurance. I was told that after working a month full time, I could apply for insurance. What they failed to tell me is that I only have one month after I establish full-time to apply. So when I persued insurance, I found that I was blocked from getting it through any avenue because I didn't apply on time. I have to wait a year before I can apply again. Nobody told me that and of course, the agency would not take responsbility for this miscommunication. After all, they orient lots of people and perhaps in their recollection, they did say this. I would have remembered that, but it is my word vs. theirs. I know because it wasn't in my orientation and I specifically asked. Also, I can't afford to engage them in some heated confrontation at this point because I needed this job.

    I known this litte post is now buried here. I surely would never have seen it being new or seeking solutions. But. . . It is important because if you have a past medical history of anything, which I did, the regular insurance companies won't take you either.

  • Jun 12 '09

    to everyone getting ready to start galen, dont buy any books , until they tell you the ones you need for sure. i graduate july 16, evening lpn, and when i started they gave me a book list, i ordered every book, spent $1000. and only ended up using 3 or 4 of them, and some of the books they ended up changing on us and we had to go and buy different ones again.. so wait!!!!!!!! be patient!!! and order them online, dont use edmap, its costs a lot more.. good luck to you all!!!!!!!

  • Jun 6 '09

    Hi Acorne! I had my financial aid appointment on May 19th and I haven't purchased anything yet. I still have to get shoes, uniforms, and equipment. Also books, but they will not put the new book list on until sometime in July.
    I did purchase one book though. I found the new edition of the Medical Terminology on ebay, brand new with the access code and cd for $30, so I went ahead and got it so that I could learn some of the information before classes start.

    Anyways, you are fine. There is really nothing that you can do until you get through your financial aid appointment and make sure that everything is going to work out there. I don't think that any of us has had any
    problems at the fin. aid appt., so it should be fine!

    I think that the medical stuff is a pain myself. If you have your childhood records, then you are good.
    Good luck at your appointment! :spin:


  • May 8 '09

    While I am not over 40, I am 35, so close enough, right?! Going from accounting field to nursing is a welcome change for me. I couldn't have handled nursing school in my twenties, I had too many things to do and people to see! Now that I am a little older and wiser and have a child to support, I am much more confident I can handle whatever comes my way! I'm actually paying for my education now, so I know I HAVE to do well!

    We've had enough life experiences to realize there are harder things in life than nursing school, right? I've been through a terrible, terrible divorce:angryfire, had a child born 16 weeks premature, and a whole host of other things. So, I'm trying to look at it like nursing school is NOTHING compared to what I've already endured! I realize I haven't started yet, but this is how I am going to think of it!

    Good luck!