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    Quote from JellyDonut
    Getting in is the easy part, but getting out takes some work...
    Why would anyone want to leave the ICU? I guess it's one of those moments when the grass is not greener on the either side because I am thinking of the patient to nurse ratio and the mere fact I can have more one to one time with the patient

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    Quote from renae0404
    I am wondering if you can work in the ICU immediately after becoming an RN or do you have to get further education? Or do you have to get a completely different education other than an RN degree?
    The feedback I am getting is that unless you are hired directly into the ICU you must do at least 1 to 2 years in Med/Surg or some acute care setting that would relate to the ICU. Currently my goal is to make it to either the ICU/ER/OR but right now I am an Neuro nurse and that helps a great deal. We deal with high acuity patients, seizures, strokes, telemetry, multiple med pass, and at any given time I can up to 6 patients.

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    Honestly, I can say for me to have my current first nursing position I work with a wonderful set of people. There are times when they get on my nerves but I can see I am not experiencing the "nurses eat their young" curse. My preceptor had over 10 years of experience, he was patient, kind, and a great support system and still is when I am on the floor and need assistance. I can still stop him and ask him for help even when he is busy.

    Also, I genuinely enjoy being a nurse and making a living. Do I understand why nurses feel unappreciated, get burnt out, need more pay for the crap we put up with and have to do? Absolutely!!! But I love what I do even when I am at my wits end I just say my prayers and love the patients that appreciate me and what I do

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    Quote from Mayday#1
    I just completed the Nurse Refresher Course at Montgomery College in Maryland. It is Maryland Board of Nursing approved. It is a 3 1/2 month program. You can take the theory and clinical or just theory. I think it is a little more difficult to take the clinical alone.
    Thanks for this I appreciate the comment really I do. I am an RN but have no clinical experience. I literally graduated, passed the NCLEX the first time, and spent months being denied or not called back for new graduate nursing positions in the area (and I did not count out nursing homes either). My only issue with going to Montgomery College is they are extremely expensive and I would be frustrated again if I don't find work even though clinical will be at Holy Cross Hospital

    Did you feel it was worth it

    And how long did you have to wait until you found work

    Did pay for it out of pocket or did you get loans and/or scholarships

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    Thanks so much for the advice what steps did you take to acquire your contract? Do you still work with this company and do you recommend this as a possible option for new graduate nurses? I am trying to find as many alternatives as possible as it is hard to acquire work as a new graduate nurse.

    Quote from Suzeekay
    Hi, I worked there on a contract, and it depends on where you will be working, I guess you might be considering Sidra Medical Center. This one is an upcoming new Hospital, state of the art. The salary is great, plenty of vacation time, lots of travel opportunities around the middle east, asia and Africa as the country is in central location.
    It is expensive to live there, cost of living is high however depending on your purpose of going there, one can save a decent amount of money. ( that is one reason people go to any middle east country I think) There are no cultural restrictions - as you don't have to cover your face being a female as in the case of working in Saudi Arabia. You can drive, The city of Qatar is small, limited entertainment. Local arab population is smaller than other nationalities. Overall a great experience if you are looking for good work experience, good money and travel opportunities.

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    I am also interested in nursing in Qatar and this is the first time that I actually considered going overseas. Doing some research it looks as if you will need to apply for a license overseas and then pass another medical licensing board for particular hospitals and that is if they consider you

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    I just took NCLEX examination on Thursday and received my unofficial results that I passed. To be honest with you the best advice that I would and could give to anyone is to not make it complicated when it comes to studying. Honest to God, I spent 3 to 4 months preparing myself using the following. First, my school had us sign up for Kaplan online tests and reviews. At the end of the program we had access to the Kaplan RN Prep for the NCLEX. It helps a great deal to go through the entire Q bank for testing all areas and their question trainers. Their question trainers consist of 7 tests that get harder in content and the last two are the closest to what the NCLEX examination will be like with Question Trainer 7 being 6 hours and 265 questions. Take your time when going through these and review the rationales and make sure you understant. Second, I recommend that students invest in Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX. I purchased mine over a year or so ago and used it to help me understand pediatrics and maternity nursing and Medical/Surgical I and II. It really is detailed takes you through most if not all the medications, major disorders, legal and cultural aspects, and breaks everything down. It comes with a CD Rom that can easily be uploaded onto any computer or laptop. I spent days on end going through chapters a day and doing the questions on the CD Rom. Any given day I went through upwards over 150 to 200 questions a day. Finally, I recommend getting a Kaplan NCLEX-RN Medications You Need To Know for the Exam and Handbook for Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing. They both came in handy when I wanted to focus on certain medications, diagnosis, s/s, assessments, interventions and evaluations.

    Also, do not go in there cocky. I prepared myself to sit for an entire 6 hours and utilize my time. If I needed to I would take my time no matter what and if necessary I would just guess and move on. Do not be afraid to spend some time on a question to get it right and think it through. There really are no tricks to it. You will need to dedicate yourself and time to get a passing score. And yes it is hard. I found myself not getting as many select all that apply questions but more questions recognizing signs and symptoms, necessary interventions, and prioritization questions.

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    Great thanks for the information that is what I am doing now. But if you are not doing consistently well on the Kaplan Review online is that an indicator of how you will do on the NCLEX. I tend to find the NCLEX Saunders Comprehensive Review book to be more helpful than Kaplan and the best scores that I get on my own are 66%. The highest I received was a 78% when doing the unused and incorrect questions to do more review. I just took a RN Sample Test with 50 questions and got a 50%. I just feel I need to trust in myself more and I can pass on the first try. The time is coming quick so I plan on doing as many questions as possible with some breaks in between.

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    1. Why some of the nurses will leave the patient's room and ask me (because I am a still aide waiting to sit for my nursing boards) to get a urinal or a hat for the patient to urinate in, instead of assiting the client to the bathroom themselves. Not to mention putting me in harm's way when lifting a heavy client who they darn sure do not assist to get in and out of the bed or on or off the darn stretcher.

    2. Body able people who I understand may or may not be in pain but insist on lying in their own filth and not washing their own behind. I will never understand people who lie in bed all day and do not wash themselves for days at a time. Then complain that they are not being offered bed baths and a.m. care by the staff when they can clearly do it themselves.

    3. Pts who are discharged within a matter of days after having nothing or barely anything done along with the patients who have had major surgery. I understand that a lot of procedures are going same day surgery and if you can be discharged within 48 hours they are going to do so. But goodness unless the pt is complaining or refusing do something besides a few minor medications they can get at any local cvs or walgreens and IV infusions.

    4. Finally, studying for the NCLEX and not understanding why some questions will tell you that a particular diet must be maintained and followed for a certain disorder and then in a matter of a few questions that same disorder has a completely different diet and ingredients that are the complete opposite of what you were originally told should be the adhered to diet SMH. Even now I find myself wondering why I am choosing the answers that I am choosing and getting some of these scores when I know the answers.

    What baffles me more is the simple fact they ask questions about medications with very detailed side effects of what to and not to expect and I have not heard of half these medications or even some.

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    Congratulations and these do help a lot. Please send me notes as well at or

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    Quote from kenyapatricia
    NYC at a major hospital is 15-18 starting. Night differ 1-2 dollars. I'm a PCA and I do EKG and phlebotomy. It depends on the hospital if they train you for it.
    Yeah most hospitals in NJ/NYC pay more than what I am getting paid but hey I can live with it. I am on day shifts so I wont see any differential until I work a major holiday and get time and a half.

    Just curious as a PCA what exactly do you do in phlebotomy and EKG? What would they need you for to set up and clean up afters? Do you do any of the procedures and are you certified as a phlebotomist because I wanted to do that

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    Quote from LM NY
    Are you in NY?
    Close LOL I am in New Jersey and those who get paid better as I mentioned in my post are also working in local New Jersey hospitals

    I hope to oneday work in some of the top NY hospitals or move back home and look for work

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    Where I work at I am known as a Patient Service Associate and our job is a union job. The first three months at my particular hospital is $14.12 then once you pass the probation period (God willing you do) then you are tapped out at $14.82.

    Now the other people in my class get paid on average $16.00 or more because they work at night and at bigger hospitals

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    My professors have always put at least 1-2 numbers behind the decimal point...they usually just round up once you hit a .5 or better.

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    If I have already answered this forgive me I have been so tired lately. My dream job would be to work in mother/baby as a labor and delivery nurse or neonatal nurse.