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  • May 23

    Find a new job, you're being taken advantage of

  • Apr 23

    You are preaching to the choir.

  • Apr 23

    I hate nursing, never thought I would say that but after 1.5yrs of working as a floor RN I know this crap is not for me. This job will suck the living life out of you. Your emotional, physical and mental health will suffer along with your family life. I have finally decided to leave the bedside and I've never felt so happy. At only 25 I felt like I was going to be stuck in this state for the rest of my working life but I found the courage to finally make the decision that saved my health and my marriage. I went into nursing with the intention of helping people and being the one to make a difference to those who may feel hopeless. All my intentions were quickly shut down when I started working on the floor. We deal with some unappreciative, sarcastic, rude, egotistical, ******* (patients, family members,physicians,coworkers and managers). There is no care in nursing just bottom line concerns. My first nursing job was ok, I worked in ND at the time, I moved to FL and that gave me the green light to officially leave floor nursing. I hate the anxious feeling before every shift, the nagging family members, pts who are rude self entitled, coworkers who throw eachother under the bus, physicians who disregard concerns, and a whole lot of other things I can elaborate about that is just downright aweful. I'm glad to say my degree didn't completly go to waste as I am now a RN case manager. I believe being away from the bedside will renew my interest. I refuse to live a day dreading having to go to work, nursing has literally changed how I respond to people, before I use to smile at everyone now I walk pass people with my face looking like a pit bull ready to bite. Whenever someone would tell me to smile I though, "wow I have changed for the worst" I refuse to be a martyr for this profession. Taking care of myself is more important than risking it for people who **** on theirs.

  • Jun 14 '15

    We never discharge straight from PACU. All patients go to our short stay observation unit, where those who are ready to be discharged are sent home and those who are felt not ready for discharge can spend the night without having spent most of the day in PACU, where visitors aren't allowed. Also frees up PACU slots for fresh post-op patients.

  • Dec 7 '12

    It does get easier, thats the good news but it does take time.. just remember you are never alone even when off orientation.

  • Nov 24 '12

    That was nice to hear. It is a nice reminder that we all need to remember to thank those around us.... Even for the smallest things they do, because it all matters. Everyone on the team matters.

  • Nov 24 '12

    Yesterday was a busy day and I had two patients who took a lot of my time and I needed a lot of orders for both of them. A young doctor I didn't know well was covering for one of the docs, and after he listened to me describe each problem, ask for orders, and then put in the orders, he walked away down the hall and I called out "thank you!" because he had been very helpful to me. He turned around in the middle of the hall and called back (in front of a lot of other nurses) "No, thank YOU because I know that you nurses are the ones WHO DO ALL OF THE WORK. I come in for 5 minutes a day, but you are here all day. So thank YOU!"

    We all applauded.

    He's my new favorite doctor

  • Sep 10 '12

    Being a new nurse is freaking scary. All the time you spent binge drinking coffee, cramming for tests and memorizing lab values seem so heavenly and pleasant in retrospect, for once you pass your state board exams and set off into reality, thats the actual tough part.
    After 2pm tomorrow, I have officially 3 more shifts at my job before I hang up my stethoscope, and try some new adventures for a bit. This doesn't end my nursing career by any means, I am just taking a small hiatus to travel, and enjoy being young - for if this job taught me one thing, it taught me to enjoy life while you can, because getting old and sick is super lame. This also means that my last day will mark one year of employment with one of the more challenging nursing facilities in my neck of the woods.. One year may not sound like much, but to me it is a major accomplishment, as I had found days where I wanted nothing less than to crawl into a soft cozy blanket cave, and stay there for days, eating ice cream and crying in the dark.
    In this year I have learned SO Much. Things that school was completely wrong about, and things that were spot on.
    Here is what I can tell you from my experiences:

    Doctors aren't all total A-Holes! In fact, as long as your efficient and nice, they're usually okay, Its the mean tired nurses you gotta worry about, they do eat their young, but not before stalking the hunt for weeks behind the victim's backs, then shredding them into pieces out in a desert safari.

    There is never enough time in your day. Ever. and you will never finish all your work. so quit trying. You will probably forget to drink water, eat, use the bathroom, or stop running for like the first 9 hours of your shift, and whatever youre scheduled to work, expect to stay about 1-2 hours past that, and you still wont finish. Oh and your scheduled "Days off" will be filled with calls from work, trying to take away your day off.

    You should probably get a sleeping pill prescription. Ambien is a beautiful thing, but the $2 "Sleep Aid" works just fine.

    Poo Happens. Alot.and Puke and Pee and Bedsores and Skin Tears and G-Tube intestinal fluid explosions.

    Many-a- Laughs will be laughed,
    so lighten up and retain your humor with every day. It will get you very far.

    Many a tears will be shed, so dont wear mascara, and dont think it's a bad thing to breakdown into a waterfall of sobs to your boyfriend at 12AM, hopefully he's nice like mine

    They can try and try, but Nursing Home food will never taste good. Especially Puree Ham Sandwiches.

    Sometime's your patience will wear so thin, that you need to step outside and breath, or shout into a pillow, or smoke a cigarette once in a blue moon, even if you dont smoke. Call me crazy but sometimes all you need is Three Words: After Work Cocktail.

    Death isn't as scary and sad as you'd think it to be, in fact, at times, it really is a beautiful release and a happy thing for many. I have experienced so many eerie, magical events happen before/during/immediately after a patient's death that it's made me reconsider alot about our existance on earth. and when people say "I just dont wanna die alone" Trust me, chances are you probably will, I think some people end up choosing it that way, and its not necessarily a bad thing.

    Buy good shoes. The uglier the better!!! Just do it. Those ugly shiny clogs are just perfect. Pink Snakeskin, Breast Cancer Ribbons, Whatevs! Your knees, back and feet are about to be sore and ruined for the rest of your life, so try to slow the process a little bit.

    Just Listen
    . Over and Over again on NCLEX questions, class exams, lectures, They told us, when a patient is talking, the best thing you can do is just listen. It sounds easy enough. Just do it! Even if your rushed, which you wil be, dont scramble for quick answers to problems, or ways to solve their emotional hardships, just sit down and dont say a word. They will do all the talking for you. They might cry, or yell, or whatever, but sometimes all they need is for one single person to just give them time to sort things out.
    and lastly:

    TRUST NO ONE. Seriously. Friendships in the workplace can ease the pain, but when there is a bunch of high stress women in a big room together, it is a big recipe for drama. Dont trust anyone else with your keys, dont tell anyone anything personal, dont add any coworkers on facebook, just do your work thing, and keep the rest of your life separate. It has been the best decision I have made this whole year. I have seen employees get girls "they dont like" fired, Narcotic Diversions, Marriages have split up, Cat fights have happened in the middle of the hall. All things I have had the pleasure of staying way out of. As if your job isnt hard enough, you dont need that extra Bologna. Just do your job, and leave.

  • Aug 18 '12

    Quote from RNsRWe
    "Are the nurses who complain just plain lazy..." ROFL....

    Excuse me while I go make some freshly-popped popcorn and hunker down to watch the self-hanging continue...
    Especially starting off with "I have no healthcare experience" and "I'll be starting nursing school soon."

    OP get a job as a aide so you can see some of what we do every day. There's a reason a job that only requires an associate's degree pays as well as it does.

  • Aug 18 '12

    After you've been through school, passed the NCLEX, received your registration, AND worked for at least 6 months, then you'll have a better idea what a nurse deals with. Nursing wouldn't be as demanding, except most places are understaffed with too many redundant forms. So yes, nursing is that hard.

  • Jul 25 '12

    What if you're awesome?

  • Jul 24 '12

    Which do you prefer...

    1. High patient satisfaction scores OR semi-private rooms?
    2. Staff clocking out on time OR bedside report?
    3. Quiet at night initiative OR filling the unit with admissions all night long?

    Because when you change "OR" to "AND", it doesn't work. You can't have it all. Thank you.


    Night Shift Floor Nurse Who Works Her Butt Off But It Never Seems Good Enough.

  • Jun 30 '12
  • Jun 29 '12

    One way to organize your report is to go through your information by systems (neuro, resp, cardiac, etc) making sure to include lines/drains/tubes where important. Then you can add any important events that happened that shift (Xrays/extra labs/procedures/changes in condition)

    You can have an outline that you follow when giving report that reminds you what system/category to talk about next, until you become more comfortable giving an organized report!


  • Jun 13 '12

    Nursing is still the most admired profession in public polls. Folks generally see nurses as overworked, underpaid, and selfless in their devotion to patient care. As a 30-year veteran, I have seen nursing make many transitions, mostly for the good. What disturbs me now is the overmarketing of the profession by schools who see nursing programs as a cash cow. I see many men and women entering the profession because they see it as a steady job with good money. Nursing is still a calling.... folks who think they are getting an easy ride to quick success need to stay out of nursing. I'm tired of hearing students say that they have chosen nursing for the job market or money (let's face it- where else can you come out of a 2-yr college program and enter the market making $50K to start?) We need to leave nursing to the folks who are ready to accept it as it is: hard work, poor working conditions, long hours, and underappreciation from management. The nurses who can't take the heat are dragging us all down...