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  • Feb 3 '12

    It's totally appropriate to say "sorry to wake you, I'm calling about .." We're not saying we shouldn't be calling, or that the Doc isn't expected to get called at night, we're just expressing basic human decency. If I'm calling a Doc that left at 2300 and has to be back before 0600 for rounds and then be in the OR all day, then I am sorry to be waking them at 0200, what type of person wouldn't? There is the rare Doc who really doesn't think they should be called at night where I might be careful about admitting any wrongdoing by apologizing, but for the other 99% it's just a basic courtesy between co-workers, plus it gives them a few extra seconds to wake up before I get into why I called.

  • Feb 3 '12

    Little bit of a rant about a particular pet peeve of mine here. I was taught years ago in nursing school--don't apologize to the doctor for calling him/her. So many times I hear other nurses, especially new grads, do this, and it makes me just cringe! Who told them they need to apologize for doing their jobs and taking care of their patients? It just brings down the entire profession, in my view. We are not making social calls when we call the doctors, we are notifying them of things that we, in our professional, trained opinion, feel they need to know in order so that they can do their jobs correctly as well and, most importantly, to protect the well being of the patient. It just irks the heck out of me!

  • Feb 2 '12

    My heart really goes out to you!! WOW. I agree with another post if you did not tell your employer that you were in the psych ward, someone has violated HIPAA!! Your employer did not need to know that you were in a psych ward just that you were out sick, but now that is all "water under the bridge". The attorney was correct you should have contacted her first before even going to the BON. Remember one thing IT IS NEVER HOPELESS!! Remember the story when Lazarus died and everyone thought it was all over. Here Jesus comes on the scene and raise him from the dead!! When Jesus says it is over it is over!! and for you it is NOT over!!!
    As someone said earlier you must take care of yourself first!!. Continue to see your therapist if possible, since money may be a problem have her refer you to some other counselor who can see you free of charge, there are many places available for mental health services that can assist. After that maybe try working as a jail nurse. All you are doing there as new inmates are brought in they are seen by a nurse to be sure they are ok,if they are on medication you give meds. I did that in a small town, right out of nursing school and I was not afraid. Actually once the inmates know you are a kind person they will treat you that way, that was my experience, others may be different. If it is a violent inmate you are never left alone with them not even for a second. LTC, Doctor offices, small clinics, may be places to check out. I know of several nurses who take anti-depressants and still work, and I am sure there are hundreds more out there who do.
    For me The best thing I can do for you is PRAY!! GOD BLESS!!

  • Feb 2 '12

    Who disclosed your inpatient status to the board of nursing? There is a major loop hole in this story, and depending on your answer could be grounds for a HIPPA violation lawsuit. If you weren't inpatient at your place of employment, had not disclosed your need for psychiatric treatment to your D.O.N., but instead had taken a personal leave of absence someone obviously disclosed your private treatment to your employer. Either someone or you disclosed this information.
    Now, with your present situation I would try to schedule a committee review with the BON in your states, disclose your traumas, concerns, and that you are now in good mental health. I think the miscarriage(baby-blues) will work out in your favor, if you have the documentation to prove this to the B.O.N.. I would also attest any Dx made by the B.O.N. employed psychiatrist.

  • Feb 2 '12

    Dear fellow RN,

    Your story breaks my heart. However, you are competent. You would not have made it through nursing school so soon and done so well if you weren't. Tell yourself that. I know what it feels like to be lower than low and on top of that, you own mother puts you down. I wouldn't be writing this if it didn't feel like there is hope for you. Another user said that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. This is very ture. Here is my advice, take it or leave it. 1). Place yourself first. Continue with the counseling if you can so you have an outlet with someone who can help you. Find a hobby or something small that gives you personal joy. I realize you work a lot. This may be reading, going for a walk or jog now and then, getting a pet (a nice, low-maintenance one) or joining some sort of club. You need to feel good and believe in yourself again. 2). Ask yourself, "Did I go through the hell of nursing school and all that involves to give up?" I don't know you, but I am pretty sure that answer is no. I hear that things are hard and you are down, but for your own good, stop letting all the negative self-talk and the nay-sayers take up rent in your mind for free. Yes, easier said than done, but each day replace one negative thought with something positive. 3). Try applying to states that don't have a lot of nursing schools or states that aren't possibly the most desirable for nursing. Remember, this isn't forever. It's just till you can get your feet back under you. 4) Find something that makes you laugh everyday. Find something funny on you tube. Rent a comedy. Act immature. Whatever it may be, you need to laugh. Instant feel-good which is what you need. And last, please don't give up on yourself and your dreams. You are all you have, and if you give up on yourself, ain't nobody gonna come by and scrape you off the ground. You have a functional brain and depsite all the hardship you are goung through, most people don't even have that. I believe in you and hope you get everything you want. You and your husband will be in my thoughts.

  • Feb 2 '12

    have you tried Dr. office/clinics or possible admissions coordinator in LTC or case management?

  • Feb 2 '12

    I hope you get a job soon. Keep on fighting.

  • Feb 2 '12

    I agree that your mom is a total witch with a b and stay far away from her. Don't pick up the phone, ignore her. It seems like you don't have the strength right now to deal with her utter nonsense and pure selfish manner.

    Yeah, long-term care might be a good place for you to get your restrictions off. I am so sorry that all of this has happened with you. I wish you well.

  • Feb 2 '12
  • Feb 2 '12

    Have you considered inpatient hospice. I have found luck there.

  • Feb 2 '12

    My advice is you only get one shot at get tough for everyone. Someone else might be in a worse situation then you right now. So don't give up, this time will pass too..pray/have faith and believe you will overcome this. Good luck, I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Feb 2 '12

    How about a lawsuit for violation of the ADA? You were disabled and were fired d/t your disability!

    Anyway, I also have depression. There are times when I haven't needed meds and have gone years without them. With a recent change is state and getting a Med/Surg job, it reared it's ugly head. I sought treatment and am doing fine. You can be a nurse with depression.

    Like a PP, try LTC. LTC was the only job I could get as a NG. Although it wasn't for me, it did give me the exp to get the hospital job! Have you thought about relocating? Texas is hiring! (I sooooo loved Texas when I lived there!) Also, there are a ton of folks from Ohio here in the Charleston, SC area. Many of the hospitals and LTCs are hiring. There is one here that pays great for the area, is rampant luxury for the residents and for 45 residents who need skilled nursing, there are 3 nurses (2 med nurses and one supvsr) and 10 techs!!!! Most LTC folks would scream hallelujah for such working conditions!

    Have you tried going back for a Masters to show that you not only want to improve yourself, but your depression has improved and you are succeeding...yadda yadda?

  • Feb 2 '12

    How would the BON and your employer find out abotu the overdose? I also am not sure how you can be fired for being treated for depression and going to a therapist...if this is the case, an attorney should still be able to help you as this would be, from what you have written, a violation of the disabilities act..or similar. I also have never heard of a diagnosis of immature personality....either you were not aware of the problems at work or something is missing from your post because if its as you say, your employer would be in trouble - you can always contact the labor board and a labor law attorney for advice..I'm also not clear on how an attorney could get your restriction lifted and you can't. You said you licensed is restricted so you cannot work in home health care - but you posted you were working in a hospital - right? So this also doesn't make sense to me and if you are on medication for anxiety I am really surprised your drug screen was negative. I don't mean to sound harsh but something doesn't sound right here - your employer and the BON have not acted appropriately based on what you've written and I'm not certain legally from your employer stand point.
    It sounds like you are still having a stress time w/the losses that are going unsolicted advice is to stay working where you are, let all these other issues settle down, like the house, etc, continue to concentrate on your therapy and medication regeim and you will be close to having your restriction lifted. Also, the job marekt is tough right now overall so some of this is not you - it's the economy and the healthcare facilties being lean in the process. Keep applying, you can provide prrof your license is restricted when asked - there are many nurses who work on restricted license and for various reasons. This may make things a little more difficult but it can be done. Also, have you thought about leaving healthcare for awhile? Taking a break and just taking care of yourself.

    I wish you much luck and peace.

  • Feb 2 '12

    GotoGirlRN: You are not alone! Please know that others have walked your walk and support you!!

    It's been 2 1/2 years since this happened, and yet you're not through it yet! I'd go to the BON (or have your attorney do it, if she won't charge you). It seems to me that she didn't make things better for you, by suing the hoispital for its action, and the BON for deciding against you based on heresay. BON turnover might have brought others to their helm now, and they could reverse the "sentence" on appeal.

    You have financial damages from lack of income, that should allow the lawsuit to be heard and won (with damages awarded to you), and that would get you in better shape in the wallet. First, though, evaluate what the attorney you hired originally has done for you. Then, if the result is nothing, get another one. The nurses in Texas who were sued by a physician they reported for abominable conduct, won their lawsuit but have to work far from their homes as the small community in which they were employed before all that, is unforgiving (probably because the physicians there bring in business for the local hospital, and they feel more vulnerable because a colleague lost the case against nurses...... That is in another thread here......

    Remember AA's serenity prayer, "God grant me the.........." (oops I've forgotten it! google AA's serenity prayer, and you'll have it)

  • Feb 1 '12

    Have you considered working in long-term care? It can be very stressful and it's certainly hard on you physically, but it's also opened up a lot of doors for nurses who are otherwise hampered in their careers by restrictions on their licenses. You say you have no narcotic restriction, so working off your probation shouldn't be as difficult as it might be if you were trying to find work in acute care or a specialty area like pediatrics.

    A word of caution before you rush off and start putting in applications: You can't take care of others unless you're taking decent care of yourself. I hear so much self-recrimination in your original post that it makes my heart hurt for you.....Nobody asks for things like mental illness to happen to them. Who ever would believe that if you'd had a choice in the matter, you would have chosen to be depressed? Nobody does please, don't think that this condition is your fault.

    And for goodness sake, stay away from that toxic mother of yours until you are stronger, or until she realizes that it's wrong to kick someone when they're down. She is only adding to your self-doubt and your anxiety; that's the last thing on earth that you need right now.

    If you can possibly access a free clinic, see if they offer mental health services on a sliding scale based on income. Talk therapy is highly underrated; meds often aren't enough to control such serious symptoms as you've described here. And please.....keep us posted on your progress. Your struggles to stay sane are shared by more than you know.