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  • Mar 9 '16

    So to make a long story somewhat short, I was working at a hospital, full time, night shift ( I have been a nurse for 5 years) and also going through a lot of issues at home, husband with MS, taking care of 3 of my sisters kids for over 6 months, driving my husband to get Solumedrol treatments and then coming home, putting on my scrubs and going to work. I was also in the process of seeing a psychiatrist for the first time in my life because I guess I finally felt like I couldn't "hold it all in" anymore (long history of sexual and physical abuse) on top of everything that was going on at the time.
    I thought I was doing the right thing, my job at the time didn't make it very flexible for me to switch shifts or call off (no-one wanted to switch with me I worked nights) SO I kept going to work, doing my job, until one night my supervisor pulls me off the floor (with a security guard) searches all of my stuff, drug and alcohol test me, sends me home...... Days later, everything came back normal, no drugs or alcohol in my system. The complaint stemmed from a "anonymous coworker" reporting that I was "acting strangely", "appearing tired in report". Well I was to go back to my job and the day before I was to go back they callled me in and basically forced me to resign or be terminated. They gave me a wonderful reference letter by the way.
    I move onto another job, have been working their for almost a year, then a few months ago I receive correspondence from the board that my case in being investigated. I comply with them (knowing I didn't really do anything wrong), well then I end up being sent a consent agreement, putting my license on monitored probabation, with restrictions (such as not being a nursing supervisor, manager , etc) I do not have any drug or patient care restrictions. I have also hired an attorney to get the restrictions lifted (or try to).
    Problem is, my current job, which I have been at for almost a year has had me on paid leave for 4 days while they "figure out what they are going to do with me". I have been their for almost a year, full time, great evaluations... And here I am sitting at home wondering If I am going to get a phone call and get fired!
    I got kinda down on the world, like , can we not be RN's , nurses, whatever and be human beings also. YES, I was seeing a psychiatrist, I was tired, my body was adjusting to the medications he prescribed me but at no point did I make a med error, harm a patient or call off of work.
    I find a lot of posts about drug and alcohol rehab but I cannot find anyone to talk to about this, or anyone who has been in a similiar situation. ANY bit of advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Love ya!~