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    My first job was on a med/tele unit with an inordinate number of patients with heavy psych co-morbidities. We were not an official med psych unit per se, but it turns out we were a dumping ground for these kind of patients because other med surg units refused to take them. Found out some of the doctors at the hospital nicknamed our unit "The Abyss" because of our reputation. It took a toll on the staff, working with these patients was tough and naturally the turnover was incredibly high.

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    Age is just a number. It should reflect physical and mental capability. Some 60 year olds still run circles around 20 somethings.

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    I don't feel sorry for you people that lose $200 in an attempt at instant gratification. Take test and forget about it, do something more fun with your time. The $200 could have been spent celebrating that the test is over!

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    This is the best 2nd career I could have ever found!

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    I know this thread is old, but I would like to say THANKS for all the insight. I have THREE ED interviews this week, two tomorrow and one on Tuesday. I am transitioning from travel nursing (MS Tele) to a perm position to change my specialty. Very excited! As always, allnurses comes through, thanks again!

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    Quote from Aprillwone
    I am in my 50's. I could never get a job at a hospital med/surg. I graduated with honors at 48. Any suggestions? A BSN.
    You keep trying and never give up. Someone will hire you. My classmate was 62 when she was hired as a MS tele nurse and has since successfully transitioned to case management now at 67. Networking is also the key!

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    Good luck with your transition to nursing! I moved to Florida about 5 years ago with intentions to enroll at Palmer Chiropractic in Port Orange. Changed my mind after realizing that nursing was a better calling for me. No regrets!

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    I agree with this poster above. I have 4 years of ms/tele/stepdown experience and took an intro emergency nursing certificate program on my own dime to demonstrate commitment to the new specialty. It is on my resume and I have been getting interviews. They are scheduled and pending. Let's see if they blossom into a job. You have to demonstrate a commitment to the new specialty beyond what skills you already have. If that means getting some new certifications, do it! The investment is worth to make you stand out.

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    Clearly there is something wrong with your interviewing skills. If you're getting callbacks, your resume is not the problem.

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    Quote from CT Pixie
    There are only 4 hospitals in the state that are magnet (see the box below. It give the name and when they got magnet status). There are many hospitals that hire ADNs. My hospital is part of Yale. We still hire ADN nurses however, an ADN nurse will only be considered if they have proof currently enrolled in a BSN or higher program at the time of the application. Other hospitals don't have that requirement but do require that you will enroll in a BSN or higher within a certain period of time after being hired and will complete the degree within a certain amount of years after hire. St Vincen'ts is a magnet hospital, but even they do not only hire BSN. They have the stipulation that you will enroll and complete your BSN within a certain time frame.

    ADNs are still hired pretty much everywhere. However my best suggestion to all entering nursing..just do the BSN. If you can't for whatever reason, do the ADN and be prepared to go back for the BSN.

    Middlesex Hospital Middletown CT [FONT=Arial]2001[/FONT]
    St. Vincent's Medical Center Bridgeport CT [FONT=Arial]2012[/FONT]
    Yale-New Haven Hospital New Haven CT [FONT=Arial]2011[/FONT]
    There are now FIVE Magnet hospitals in CT ... Stamford Hospital earned recognition in April 2016.

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    Quote from smusher83
    I have two questions.

    1. Do I have to mail the "Request for Transcript" form to the schools that I have attended, and have them return the form and my transcripts to the CA BON? Or can just go online to the schools website and have them sent directly to the BON with out the "Request for Transcript" form.

    2. Do I need to have verification sent to the BON from the state (Colorado) I originally got my license in or just the state where my license is current (Hawaii)?

    Thank you so much for any help!!
    1. I remember my nursing school did not include that form with my transcript. They were actually clueless about what to do with it despite my explaining it. So California never got it with my transcript but it didn't cause a problem.

    2. California I believe needs verification from all your licensed states. But I may be wrong as the only other state I was licensed in when I applied to California was New York. I'm now licensed in 6 states (travel nurse).

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    Please disregard, I found my answer through other channels. Administrator, you may please close thread, thanks!

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    Quote from PacoUSA
    I'm lucky to work where I work, where EVERY single CNA on my unit (day, eve, and night) is plain AWESOME! Not one of them is lazy, and they work well with us nurses. And there are a good mix of men and women CNA's on my floor. We treat them with respect and they don't huff and puff when we ask them to help out. Everyone knows their scope, and no one thinks they are above the other. When I did clinical there as as student, they even treated me awesomely. Now as an employed nurse, I embrace their value. Without them, my job would be much more intense.

    So, not so unfortunately, I have never met a bad CNA.
    I recently noticed this post I made in August 2012 and was like WHAAAAT? I was clearly in a honeymoon phase here, and I must unequivocably retract these words from my mouth.

    It is now April 2016. YES, I HAVE met several bad CNAs, including at the job above where I no longer work. Let's start off with the one that made up vital signs on my patients and entered them into the patient records and I proved it by asking each patient individually whether their vital signs had been taken within the last hour and they all said no. Then there is the CNA that consistently hid in the supply room texting her boyfriend when she should have been rounding. Then there is the other CNA or two that would push a Dynamap into the room while you are with a patient and say "as long as you are in there..." These all became apparent during the years I was there. At another hospital where I worked a contract, there was one CNA who agreed to help me change a 300# female bedfast patient and her bed linen after she had spilled coffee on herself. I ended up finishing the job by myself and right after I saw the CNA sitting at the nurses station browsing the internet!

    I would like to add that 95% of the CNAs I have worked with so far have been wonderful and I could not do my job without them. But 4 years later, I realize that my judgment was clouded back then as a new grad and now I know better. I was so naive! LOL!

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    If you work in the Johns Hopkins ED, please send me a PM. I have a question. Thanks!!

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    Quote from gonzo1
    med surg x 1 year, ER x 8 years and now 4 years in ICU. At my last job we had 2 nurses that were 70 and working in ICU. They rocked it. I'm wondering if you think ICU is too much for "old" people or what?
    I want to be you when I grow up .... in my 40s BTW