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  • Jul 22

    Quote from IGOTMYBSN28
    I dunno why people keep saying to wait 24 hrs...smh! I had 8 friends take it. All of them did the PVT within 1 hour. And all of but one got the good pop up. I did it 30 mins after taking mine and got the good pop up. I don't want to be a debbie downer, but if it took your money...yea, that's not a good sign. But I could be wrong.

    Good luck!
    I dunno why people keep saying to wait 24 hrs...smh! I had 8 friends take it. All of them flipped a coin within 1 hour. And all of but one got "Heads". I did it 30 mins after taking mine and got Heads. I don't want to be a debbie downer, but if it took your money...yea, that's not a good sign. But I could be wrong.

  • Jul 18

    You GAVE it your money - voluntarily. Nothing was 'taken' from you.

  • Jul 11

    "Your eyes are so dark, you look like the devil. Are you going to make me possessed??" ( I work in psych!)

  • Jul 11

    What's the rudest thing that's been said to me by a patient or family?

    A patient called me a black ___ (rhymes with 'witch,' but starts with 'B') and told me to "go back to Africa." I told him I was born and raised in the US, as well as the preceding six generations of my family.

    I also ended the interaction and turned his care over to another nurse who belonged to the same racial group as him. Life is too short to deal with people who stereotype me and do not want me around.

  • Jul 11

    "You're no nurse! Where did you go to school?" I don't even remember what that one was about. At my hospital we all get a lot of these... our population has a lot of people with mental illness, poor coping, poor social skills, unreasonable demands, etc.

    For the most part I either ignore the comments or say something along the lines of "I'm sorry you feel that way" and leave it at that, which sometimes they don't have an answer to but sometimes irritates them more. But I don't think I have ever "won" a power struggle with someone who says, for instance, "You aren't doing anything to take care of me!" and then I try to list the things I've done.

    However, as a charge nurse, if another nurse asks me to step in and diffuse a situation, I sometimes do get through to a patient by pointing out the good things the nurse has been doing. I think trying to do that when you stand accused just puts yourself in the wrong and gives the patient or family member more power.

    "If you would prefer to have a different nurse we can arrange that" is our statement of last resort--you have to be sure your team really will support you in saying that. The patient/family usually seems a little bit ashamed and drops it.

    Once a nurse with decades of experience came to me when I was in charge, holding a lovenox shot, and said "The family doesn't trust me to give this shot, will you do it?" I laughed, because this is a nurse I look up to enormously and always go to when I have questions. The nurse was matter-of-fact and casual about it; she wasn't going to let it bother her. Rather than argue with the family, I just went in, gave the shot, and left. I made pleasant conversation with them and also asked if there was some problem. They said "Well, I think she probably just isn't very experienced, I'm sure she's very nice"--I told them pleasantly that she was the best and most experienced nurse we had and they could trust her completely. I think there was an element of racism/xenophobia to that situation. The nurse was from another country/race and has a very thick accent; the family volunteered that "the nurse we had last night was so great!"--this was a nurse with two months of experience, a pretty young white woman. That's another thing we deal with a lot because our staff is very multicultural.

  • May 18

    Thanks Pacu, I've just posted this in a new thread, but I certainly appreciate your advice. I'm hopeful that I someday get to that point where I'm confident and that "I do get it".

  • May 16

    sounds like someone had a few too many select all that apply questions on their nclex

  • May 15

    To be good at nursing role in clinic, one needs to have bedside experience, IMHO. Maybe not long years of it, but it is still necessary.

    Where I live, options include home care and chronic dialysis (may be place dependent, but at least Davita takes new grads without experience in Midwest - strictly for outpatient, though) and some mental/behavioral health. Another way is to go straight to Masters' for NP or education (last one is more complicated for first job search).

  • Mar 29

    I didn't even start nursing school till I was 45. Went to ICU age 55.

  • Mar 29

    LTC is turning into acute care. Unfortunately, the patient: nurse ratios do not reflect that change. I don't blame any nurse who wants to avoid that.

  • Mar 26

    In my experience, it seems that men are offered management jobs sooner in their professional career than women.

  • Mar 22

    Quote from amoLucia
    For ANY OTHER post, I'd make a crack about parabens. But this child's situation is too sad to make such a comment.

    I'll do it. Something something parabens. Thats probably the real reason her surgery went so wrong.

  • Mar 22

    Quote from NutmeggeRN
    And please DO NOT EVER apply to where I work or may have family or , actually ANYWHERE in nursing. I think you would be better off filing papers somewhere.
    Geez that was overkill. You do not have to be proud of your job in order to be a good nurse. Some people find a better fit outside of LTC. I think shame on you for telling her she doesn't belong in the nursing profession. She has the right to her opinion as you do yours, and she shouldn't be shamed for harmlessly stating she'd rather work elsewhere. Chill out.

  • Mar 22

    Sounds good. If you don't have NIH stroke scale certification (free online) get that too. It will most likely be required.

  • Mar 22

    Quote from Janey496
    Didnt see it. Oh well, now theres two
    Yeah, well, this means war. My post is better, Janey!