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  • May 9

    It's NOT a dead end. Initially, I had feared that too, but my friend and former NS classmate proved the both of us wrong. She had worked at a nursing home for 9 months and during that time she kept plugging away with applications to hospitals all throughout the state and a few out of state. She did get 3 job offers (2 of them were in the same hospital but different units. Now she is working in a med/surg unit and also took a per diem job in a step down ICU floor. So, it can be done with time, patience and perserverance!

  • Jan 12

    I am glad you shared this. You sound a lot like me actually, but you really stuck to your personal beliefs and stayed genuine with who you are and did not falter despite what other people may have thought, especially when you stated,

    Some uninformed people insist that real nursing only takes place inside the walls of the acute care hospital setting.
    I admit that I fell for this false belief and that's why I'm still working in an acute setting and miserable! I tried to convince myself that working at a more prestigious hospital is what I want, but it's not. Unlike you, I haven't really contemplated what I want and actually stick to it and stay genuine. I get too caught up in what other people think of me--parents, friends, other nurse colleagues--if I were to leave the acute care setting and "settle" for something not fast paced or a hospital with a big name.

    I'm going to really take an introspective look at my own personality and beliefs in order to feel content and happy with my work because frankly, I have a hard time leaving work at work. I think if I don't make a change it'll just continue to bleed into my personal life and I can't have it affecting my patient care either.

    Thank you for sharing.