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  • Oct 7 '16

    All things considered: State regulations and practice acts, academic program reputation, local climate for NPs/PAs, etc, one friend broke it down simply for me: PAs will always need to have a "supervising" MD, as opposed to the trend with NP legislation of having "collaborative" or fully autonomous relationships with MDs, and in his words, "as a PA, I will always be an 'assistant' to the physician on some level, whether in primary care, surgery, etc." (This of course varies based on location). As advanced-practice nursing is being considered more of it's own medical discipline with designated sub-specialties, the model for NPs/CNMs is trending away from being a "second rate provider" to an MD, or "mid-level". This is not always the case with PAs. NPs likely won't ever have as thorough of an education as MDs/DOs, but the overall trend of the last 25 years indicates that NPs are gaining more autonomy than PAs, especially in primary care...just my 2 cents.

  • Jul 29 '16

    One of the problems is that there is no regulatory body for nursing can't hold them accountable, nor can medicine, for using false claims. the only people who can legally sue them for fraud is.....drumroll.... the patient. This is why we *HAVE* to keep our patients educated on what to expect and from whom...

  • Jun 26 '16

    Here at VCU/MCV (Supposedly the #1 Nurse Anesthesia school in the US), we have PACU nurses that get accepted often!