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  • Jun 3

    When a staff member says "here comes the death lady" or "palliative care kills people" or "I am not going to take morphine because everybody knows that once you are on it you are basically dead" --- pointing to misinformation, bias, and uninformed populist announcements.
    I like to say that while everything centers somewhat around end-of-life and serious illness, it is more about quality of life, how to deal with serious illness and how to take control over your life and the time left.

  • Jan 10

    Yes! Casa de la Luz is fantastic. Hospice family care I've also worked with but not as impressed. Emblem is also good.

  • Aug 22 '15
  • Jun 6 '13

    Man....I gotta tell you by the end of a 12 hour shift this thing weighs a TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mar 17 '13

    Don't worry. With all the body fluids we encounter, they'll be colorful soon enough.

  • Feb 6 '13

    I never understand questions about weaknesses and "where will you be in 10 years?" If I were an interviewer I would know these questions are unfair and will almost never yield a truthful (truly) response.

    If I were to answer this question I would say I will come in every day and work very hard, but I am not going to suck up to you/coworkers, I will probably not add you/coworkers on facebook, and I will probably never go out with you/coworkers outside of work.

    I personally don't view this as a weakness, but it sure has given me a lot of flack over the years I've been working.

  • Dec 12 '12

    All I want for Christmas is a New Elf Care System

  • Nov 14 '12

    It's time to quit arguing about who gets to be the Indian next, you can trade places tomorrow. Now please, lets go back to your room so I can finish my med pass.

  • Nov 7 '12

    What do you call someone that craves HIPAA policy.

    Hungry, Hungry, HIPAA

  • Oct 30 '12

    A must watch movie trailer Get a bowl of popcorn, but make it a small, it's only 1 minute long Please click the like button if you enjoy it

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  • Oct 23 '12

    You don't want to know where they found Dr. Smith's stethoscope this time!

  • Jul 5 '12

    when you believe every patient needs tlc: thorazine, lorazepam and compazine

  • Jul 5 '12

    eating microwave popcorn out of a new bedpan is perfectly natural

  • Jul 4 '12

    I hope this attachment works. I took a diabetic resource nurse course last year and for my project, I made cards regarding types of insulin and their actions. They fit in a plastic sleeve to wear with your name tag. I refer to mine a lot! I gave them to all of the nurses in the ED. It has been most useful! If this attachment works, you are more than welcome to use them.

    There are good resources out there that can be made into pocket cards for quick reference.
    Attachment 11259

  • Jun 27 '12

    "It's a hard knock life." from the movie Annie, lol.

    Felt like that my last shift and didn't know I was humming it out loud until my co-worker asked if I needed help with anything.