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  • Jul 28 '13

    This old lady came in with her daughter once and when I asked what brought her to the ER, she said,"It all started in 1993 when I performed oral sex on this man...." I stopped typing, started smiling like an IDIOT and had to apologize.
    The lady was almost 70; it was a moment.

  • Jul 28 '13

    We had a pt come in with a STEMI. Young guy but a terrible history. He coded between changing him from our leads onto the cath labs machine. Shock, compressions, epi, shock again and he woke up. His response, "Did you have to do that thing? Like in ER?" The doctor responded, "yes, because you're in the ER"

    He ended up with a very long hospital stay due to complications but did recover.

  • May 27 '13

    When the newbie says "I know," more than five times a shift during orientation. And then does it wrong anyway.

    When they say "I'm ready to take my own trauma," and they've seen only one.

    When they look confused, but don't ask questions, or say they don't need help.

  • May 27 '13

    Anytime I hear " this is place is crazy" and the person looks unsure of themselves rather than smiling/happy. Any time someone tries to do a head to toe on an urgent care patient and finally, whenever someone complains its "too stressful" to make all these decisions for patient or that the md is providing too much autonomy or not enough direction. Seriously? Go back to med/surg, lol. No one is here to babysit you.

    Also I recall an ob nurse who "felt sorry" for a crack addict and wanted to let her sleep it off and then contact the rejected boyfriend when she awoke so he could try and get her back on the wagon. She was all involved and I thought "she won't make it. She can't let go of these larger social work issues to work er."

  • Apr 30 '13

    Wear the one you want!! And if one of those evil pts hurts u. Well...fight back!! Just make sure no cameras can see it

  • Feb 26 '13

    I am confused...I don't know why......I had a hard time understanding your post. Why is any information being released to the relative? If she over hears it that's one thing. A patient has every right to hear their's the relative that doesn't when you think of HIPAA. Unless this relative is healthcare proxy....with a signed LEGAL healthcare proxy...she has no right to dictate anything about what is, or is not, told to the patient.

  • Feb 19 '13

    Well it's not me, but I do very closely resemble my avatar

  • Feb 18 '13

    I'm not an ER nurse, but unfortunately I've had to go in a couple times when I've had kidney stone pain beyond what I can cope with and the urgent care is closed. The second time I told the nurse "The only thing that seems to help this kidney stone pain..." and at this point I can see the shoulders slump, the eyes beginning to roll, and then I continue..."is Toradol". Her whole demeanor changed! Once I was not writhing in pain we shared a good laugh about how sure she was that I was going to say Dilaudid or Vicodin or something. Truth is, hydrocodone does not touch my kidney stone pain and just makes me feel awful. Torodol is a wonder drug for me. I actually declined a script for vicodin the ER doc wanted to send me home with. No thanks.

  • Jan 28 '13

    I had someone tell me the other day that he had such a bad "allergic reaction" to pain killers that he needed a shot of narcan. I'm just like, "Oh, glad you're okay."

  • Jan 28 '13

    Quote from sapphire18
    Except for the time I found out a coworker was taking 5-5.5g of Tylenol a day (non-nurse). :/
    Holy hell.

  • Jan 28 '13

    I try not to. My mom mispronounces H. Pylori and it erks me to no end. She says h. Pyluuuuraaa. If that made sense.

    My mom is also a hypochondriac and I demanded she stopped watching Dr. Oz.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~

  • Jan 28 '13

    Quote from madwife2002
    No I never give advice, if asked and it is something simple I will educate. I do my very best to stay away from it, what I found in the beginning of my nursing life was that people ask you for advice then never take it so what is the point

    HOWEVER it drives me crazy when I watch TV and see all the mistakes made in a show or a film.
    I have been known to shout at the TV on occasions
    Speaking of tv shows I recently saw one where a family member came in and disconnected the ET tube from the ventilator tubing in an attempt to kill the pt. the pt was still intubated but immediately "flat lined" and died. I started laughing hysterically and the person I was watching it with did not think that was funny at all.

  • Jan 28 '13

    Quote from mclennan
    I only ever correct the term "stomach flu."
    This one really bugs me for some reason!

  • Jan 28 '13

    I feel like I am constantly explaining antibiotics. You likely don't need an antibiotic for your self-diagnosed sinus infection, and you really shouldn't be taking the left over bactrim for it from when your wife had a UTI. And your wife shouldn't have left over Bactrim. I certainly wouldn't correct someone when they were telling someone what type of cancer they have. It's their disease, let them own it.

  • Jan 28 '13

    I only ever correct the term "stomach flu."