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  • Oct 15 '16

    I had a patient just the other night bring a welcome mat and put it at the entrance of the room. Not even kidding.

  • Feb 29 '16

    Your "rambling" makes me think you'd be a GREAT ER nurse. I'm a lot like you. I dont go out of my way for small talk, in fact i hate it more than anything. I found that ER nursing is what i was born to do because of that fact. i like to keep busy and i like to learn a lot...and most importantly, i dont like seeing the same person and changing their linens 3 days in a row. I know that may seem mean, but the thing I love about er nursing is the fact that I dont see the same people days in a row. I may see the same people...but most of the time it's because they're not sick, they just need their fix. I think ER nursing is perfect for you...