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    All the symptoms that seem to cause paralysis in a child (requiring the school nurse to run as fast as the wind with the wheelchair because darling just cant walk).

    1. Spitting up phlegm
    2. Superficial abrasion to knee
    3. Slammed finger in locker
    4. Actual vomit
    5. Nausea
    6. Spilled milk on pants (not made up, I promise)

    C"MON NOW!!!!!

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    I had one that was out for a "really bad concussion". Could not attend any classes but came to the 3.5 hour dress rehearsal and 3 nightly performances thereafter. Yet, missed 2 full weeks of all classes, then came 1-2 week for a few weeks. Now on half days.

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    Quote from BeckyESRN
    Yesterday they HELD A BUS for a student because he was really, really, really hurt and NEEDED to see the nurse...his foot was sore...since last Friday. They held a freaking bus for a 5 day old sore foot. I can't even, C'Mon Now!
    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!

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    What OldDude said x 1 million!!!

    I was a MA before I went to nursing school. Looking back, I didn't know what I didn't know!!! Glad I only worked in a Dr. Office then. I could not imagine being a school nurse without having a clear picture of the boundaries and legalities involved.

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    And we have talked about this too....

    "EVERYONE IS A NURSE UNTIL THEY SEE BLOOD OR VOMIT!!!" Same teacher that can diagnose Ebola is the very same one that cannot even hand a kid a tissue and tell them to pinch their nose. Selective diagnosing related to how annoying student is to teacher.

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    I have to agree, my medication kids take their medication right in front of me - no ifs, ands, or buts. I also would NEVER give a second dose unless I had that first does in hand (or in sight at least). I would rather have the student miss a dose than get double dosed. This means a call to the parent to explain everything.

    In fact, I have a few kids that take ADHD meds at home but have a few extra at school just in case. The parent has to e-mail me (so I have something in writing) that student did not take at home and parent is requesting. This is how I cover myself. I don't want someone coming back later saying their kid had all these bad side effects because I double dosed.

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    On Friday, I had a SCIENCE teacher come down in a burst of panic (i thought I was going to need to get the AED at first) because student had something in his pocket that smelled like a chemical. He had not touched, eaten, licked or had any kind of reaction to this chemical. I gloved up and took a roll of what looked like old polaroid film that had been removed from the plastic casing and put into a plastic baggie. ANOTHER CHILD SAVED FROM THE JAWS OF DEATH!!!

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    Ink pen barely touched tongue!! Kid only asked for a drink of water and was sent to the nurse instead. She was embarrassed. I told her not to be, it is her teacher that should be embarrassed for making a big deal out of nothing!!

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    I always (in the nicest voice I can muster) say " I am so sorry, chances are I could have displaced it. I review a few hundred records every school year. I went through this stack (kept right on my desk until the last record is turned in) twice before asking you for it again." Usually works pretty good when they see how high my stack actually is.

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    The other problem is Cheeto Conjunctivitis, all of that cheese dust gets wiped into the eyes and the result ain't pretty!

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    I had one make a beeline to my clinic for 3 episodes of vomiting last night and 1 before school this morning. Mom told him to check in with me and then was angry when I called and told her he needed to be excluded!!!

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    Quote from PediNurseNYC
    Wait. How about the staff member that wanted to see a doctor through Worker's Compensation after she bumped her knee on the door frame.
    Mine want to see one for every microscopic superficial scratch

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    Quote from BeckyESRN
    Ugh! I loathe the "Lice Doctors". The ones around here claim that they can pinpoint the day your dear child was "infected", ummm No, Brittany the wedding photographer, you cannot. I call bull...

    ^This was an actual phone call that I received. Mom insisted that "the lice doctor" told her that her dear child caught head lice on Monday, it was currently Wednesday. Mom sent in the propaganda from said "doctor" and the person's business card...Brittany's wedding photography. Just no

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    So, when a teacher has a lunch period and 2 planning periods - it is called a requirement!!!! However, when the nurse takes a lunch - it is called irresponsible??

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    I agree. Just do it!!! All you need is a concern/suspicion.