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    NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!

    The clinic during cold and flu season is not the place for a healthy child to nap in daily. Plus, what if you get called out of your clinic for an emergency??? Who supervises him then??

    This is not a medical problem, it is a problem that SPED needs to handle.

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    When you spend 40 minutes of your day getting the proper paperwork completed for a medication that is BID and should be given at home..........

    C'MON NOW!!!

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    I would rather give it daily in the morning than to get those "I don't think he had his meds today" calls and e-mails ALL.DAY. LONG!!

    This year I have one that mom brings to school in her car every day (usually 15-40 minutes late) and wants me to give it because he refuses to take it from her. Now, he also refuses to get up in time for school and refuses to put away his ipad and go to sleep nightly because mom lets him run her over. I don't have any problem with him taking his meds from me. I am firm and do not give him a choice!!!

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    No stock meds here!!! Only Benadryl and Epi for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

    With 1300 whiney whiners at my campus and teachers thinking everything needs immediate attention, I would be bombarded!!!

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    Mom upset at me because I was supposed to babysit her daughter's medication today. Divorced parents, dad dropped off kid this morning and mom picking up.
    Some med that needed to be refrigerated. Nobody called, e-mailed or made any prior arrangements with me so not my fault it stayed in the kid's backpack all day. C'MON NOW!!!!

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    I have had EMS tell me I really need to get a parent to provide an Inhaler for school. "Really, never thought of that!!! Only been calling this parent ever day for 5 months to try to get one. But thanks for your input!!!"

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    Quote from Flare
    honestly, i don't feel like it came across as harsh. I truly feel for those that work - my husband works, i work, at times i've worked 2 or 3 jobs. But i've always had a back up plan for times when my child was sick.
    I get down right annoyed when i call a for a sick or worse an injured or emergent situation and have to make 6-8 calls and end up leaving messages or get "this phone has a mailbox not set up" or the mailbox is full... I don't call because I wanted to discuss the Mets game. I am not calling because I want to ask what your views are on paper or plastic. I am calling because your child is not well. If i do call, i expect that there should be some thought that should have been given to a contingency plan. Not you acting like it's the first time you ever considered that your child may get sick at school. Especially when your child utters the phrase "Mom said if i don't feel well, go see the nurse." C'mon now...
    Took the words right out of my mouth Flare!!!!

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    Did somebody say "downhill slide to summer'??????????????????????????????????????????? ?????

    Now, that made my day!!!

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    Not all vomiting is created equal!!!! Although. we do have a vomiting exclusion policy - we have this as a way to exclude kids that are truly contagious. If a child has reflux, car/bus sickness, anxiety, etc. I do not exclude those kids. I feel that is why schools that have full time nurses are so lucky. We have the ability to use our nursing assessment and judgement to try to keep kids in their sets learning. Teachers, administrators see vomit as a black and white issue when truthfully, there are so many shades of grey.

    I rarely see a true puker, it is either unwitnessed in the bathroom or phlegm. When I do see a true vomiter - they have a certain look, a certain smell and some remains on their shirt.

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    In fact, do not even let a kid come to mind because Murphy's Law - they will come!!!

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    I agree about NOT putting that in writing. The key is to assess quickly and only keep them in clinic if absolutely necessary. I do this at both ends of the day as I get a mad rush as soon as 1st period starts also, straight from their mom's car. And sometimes, it is an actual fever so despite the silliness - at least we catch those.

    Yesterday, I was a little irked that the basketball coach sent me a kid at 3:57. School lets out at 3:30 and I leave at 4:00 so this was an after school activity. And it was for cold symptoms. Nobody had he common sense to have student call mom and see if she could pick up early since practice ends at 5:15. Which is all I did after taking a temp. Kid had the cold 2-3 days already so it was not even new onset.

    But, I was still here and it was within my contract time, so............................................

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    Thanks for all of the great ideas. I am going to document, document, document specific scenarios and go back to admin in a few week with that plus specific info about Ferpa,Hippa and examples of how things can get started on social media.

    I have been here a few years. Prior office staff were wonderful about stopping parents in their tracks. New front office staff that are always just "too busy" to do their own job and admin not wanting to make waves with them.

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    I hate to say this but these are the kinds of schools/district that need to get on the local news for some kind of good TB, influenza outbreak. Then let a little ole mass hysteria push them into putting better policies and procedures in place!!

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    I am quite a distance down the hall from the front office, I am actually in a suite with the counseling office. There is quite a bit of traffic in our area. So many kids, teachers, parents that look in my door and see and hear what is going on. Drives me crazy!!!

    The front office will send parents down who basically want a conference with me at the worst times (slammed busy, passing meds, on the phone with a parent.) These parents come in and expect me to drop everything for them. They will stand at my door and listen to my conversations even when I ask them to wait outside until I am available.

    I am not talking about parents here to pick up an ill child or to drop off meds. I am talking about the ones that want to talk to you 30 minutes because they are upset that their kid's teacher would not let them use the restroom or they got a letter about immunizations and they want you to explain it to them line by line.

    I have even passed the secretary in the front office to take a student out to their car in a wheelchair and will have a parent waiting for me in the clinic when I get back.

    I have asked my admin to at least have the front office call me to see if I am available before sending them down. It was poo poo'd by admin - front office is too busy to call me.

    Am I wrong in thinking that student care and confidentiality takes precedence over meeting with parents over non-urgent matters??? Parents aren't allowed to go in and out of classrooms while there is teaching but it is ok for the clinic???

    I have thought about keeping my door close but there is no window and with the amount of traffic I have, it would be nonstop opening and knocking.

    I am really not looking for solution, I just needed to vent a little.

    Everyone else in the building can be at lunch, or in another meeting or unavailable but the freaking nurse!!!!

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    Quote from JenTheSchoolRN
    Staff asks me for cold medication and allergy medication, despite the fact that I have sent emails that I stock neither of these things.

    And I get asked ALL the time if I have an ice pack handy when I happen to be out of the my office going to check my mailbox or something else of the like. Nope, I do not carry my office around with me, folks. I always get a sigh in response. C'mon!
    YESSSSS!!! I have been asked for q-tips while pushing a kid down the hall in a wheelchair. Now, I have a lot of stuff in my pockets but C'MON NOW!!! And these are supposed ADULTS??????