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    I had a student many years ago who would have a "seizure" in the hall or class, be fine in the clinic. Leave, have another "seizure" and be sent right back. Tried and tried to get a plan on file. Student always alert, oriented, good vitals, etc. Only teachers ever "witnessed" the seizure as he never had one in front of me. This was daily for months. Finally, mom told him she would not buy him a new toy unless he stopped having seizures. Lo and behold, miraculous cure - he never had another one.

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    Quote from OldDude
    This is too on the rise. I get many more SS requests for records now than I did 10 years ago. I often wonder how this affects these kid's future when they graduate and seek careers or other employment and carry this "disabled" status with them? I wonder if it disqualifies them from some professions?
    Half the time I get these requests, I pull up their file and parents have written "no known health problems." I get a kick out of sending a copy of that.......

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    Quote from Farawyn
    This. THIS is my issue. I had a parent raving because their child was in the same room as someone who was drinking a hazelnut coffee.
    I bet same kid has been at the mall with somebody drinking a hazelnut coffee in the vicinity. Did they sue the mall??? Did they even realize or care?

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    It is silly, the requests just continue to grow in absurdity. How can a school guarantee a peanut free facility?? Even if you made this a policy, other than checking every kid and every adult for contraband every day, how could you enforce??? And truthfully, aren't we all (especially parents) supposed to be preparing students for the real world?

    I hope these parents are prepared to have these kids living in their basement way into adulthood because I cannot see them becoming productive members in society.

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    I have found it easier just to say sure!! I usually then forget about it. It is not like the teacher is going to ask the student. "Did Nurse Fix All The Problems In The School call you down to discuss your farting problem????"

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    Quote from OldDude
    Wait until the "fit hits the shan" and you'll see how much you are valued! School nurses are easily taken for granted and frequently considered the "opposition" if you don't walk lockstep with each staff member's personal agenda. But, like children, setting limits and being consistent, over time will temper the attitude, and after a few years when you're not the new guy things will settle down.

    I still feel some staff think my only role here is to clean dog poop off shoes, unstick zippers, clean stick-on tattoos off faces, and similar advanced nursing skill tasks. But have some kid start flopping around on the floor of the library and all of a sudden I'm very popular on campus. I've had some good admin before and I've had some bad admin before. They've come and gone...I'm still here.

    YES!!! Well said.

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    I had one earlier today. HE had both ears pierced yesterday and they are a little sore.

    These kids really need to learn the difference between discomfort and pain!!!

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    I had a kid on Friday come to me because she forgot to put on her bra that morning!!! The C'MON NOW is she really had nothing to fill a bra in the first place.........

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    I can handle almost anything other than staff members going into full blown panic mode because a kid threw up in their trash can.

    I was on my second trip of the morning, loading an injured kid into their parent's car via wheelchair. Get back to the front office "the teacher needs you in room 415 immediately, a student threw up in trash can." I asked secretary to call teacher back and tell her just have student meet me back in clinic. On way down hallway, teacher flags me down "oh my god, she is vomiting A LOT." Go to classroom, ask kid if she can walk to clinic (I still have wheelchair, so....) she says she can. Get back and another secretary states "that teacher already walked to clinic looking for you, we told her you would be back in a few minutes." So basically, she went to every office in the school to have me tracked down even though she knew I was busy..........

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    Started school on 8-21 and barely took a breath today to check in!!!

    Already had a few CPS cases, an emergency 911 call on a staff member, and a few arguments over shot records.

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    I would suggest a math review for this teacher. 2 kids out of a class of 20-25 does not equal 100%.

    Since lice is not a health problem, only a nuisance and teachers seem like they are much more interested in the subject than we are - why do they not just go ahead and take ownership of handling it themselves at the classroom level????

    That would be so funny to watch......

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    Several years ago I had a student with chicken pox - during STAAR testing. I was at a small school at the time and only there 2 days a week. I found out after the fact, the principal had a staff member do one on one testing with her. I was so mad!!! Kid hung out in the cafeteria with other kids before testing started and tested with a female of child bearing age.

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    I received an e-mail from a "concerned" mom a few weeks ago. Her daughter had just texted her some names of students that supposedly had lice. She sent me 6 names (only first names, she did not know last names). Now, for me to pull up kids by first name only with 1300 students on my campus - you can imagine. No way am I pulling 14 Chloe's just to see which one "MAY" have lice.

    I just sent her an e-mail thanking her and I would take care of it and reminding her I could not share any info with her due confidentiality.

    I took care of it right way by deleting the e-mail and moving on to more important tasks.

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    You are not being petty at all. This irks me to no end. Fine, you want to save money as a district by hiring MA's, go ahead!!! However, do not misrepresent that you have a "nurse" in every building. Own it, say you have an aid in every building. Oh and be prepared to spend all that money you save by not hiring RN's on the lawsuits that occur as a result.

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    I had one just come a few minutes ago. He said he had an air pocket in his shoulder, his friend popped the air pocket for him and now he has absolutely no pain at all. Not sure what he meant by air pocket or how his friend went about popping it and I don't care because it is Friday with only 30 minutes left until the last bell with only 9 more days until summer break. Since he was waving affected arm in air the entire time he was describing this, I figured nothing was all he needed. I told him, glad you are better - here's your pass.